Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 12: “Bitter Sweet Symphony”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 12 last night, I’ve realized how dangerous it can be to live in the moment.  Decisions have consequences but it can be tempting to push them aside and worry about them later.  That is until they show up again, threatening everything that matters most to you.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Twenty-Five:  The Wicked and the Divine,” Veronica announces her Catholic confirmation, which seems to be more of a substitute for the spotlight to be on her in front of an adoring crowd.  Penny is back and is looking to seek revenge on Jughead for how he treated her and Archie gets an exclusive invite to Mr. Lodge’s poker game.   Meanwhile, Betty tries out “webcamming,” Jughead comes clean to her about the past, and Alice begins cleaning…literally, to cover up something beyond appalling.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 12 are:


Jughead comes clean to Betty about his past with Toni.

Jughead and Betty have pretty much avoided having a serious conversation since their breakup until now.  Whether it was too hard to talk about or they were concerned with hurting each other in the process, their breakup has been somewhat of a smooth ride.  However, when Jughead and Betty are face to face in the beginning of the episode, Jughead feels the need to tell her the truth about what happened with Toni.  He reveals that they did have a fleeting moment but that’s all it was.  Betty is offered the chance to reveal any secrets she may be keeping, but decides not to tell Jughead about her kiss with Archie or her new scandalous life of “webcamming.”  Jughead offers to “shield her from darkness,” but Betty has already gotten a taste for it and is spinning a complicated web of deception without realizing the consequences just yet.


Veronica’s Confirmation.

Veronica really knows how to do absolutely everything in style.  She turns her Catholic Confirmation into more of a Debutante ball.  Veronica wants to sing The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” at the event with Josie because it was from the film, “Cruel Intentions.”  I was excited for the reference but also a little saddened that this is the only way Veronica knows this epic song.  Either way, her performance with Josie is beautiful as Veronica walks down the aisle of the church in style, rejecting Satan and making her family proud.


Penny is back and seeks revenge on Jughead.

After Jughead turned Penny away from the Serpent’s gang and had her tattoo carved off her arm in a brutal way, it was no surprise that Penny would be back at some point.  She wants “blood for blood” and demands that Jughead be kicked out of the gang and that she be able to remove his own tattoo.  Jughead continues to make excuses but his father ominously reveals to him that he “will be the death of us.”  Jughead is always reacting and needs to take the time and patience he puts into his writing and apply it to everyday life.  Without realizing it, Jughead is taking a turn down a very dark path and it may be too late for him to find his way back unscathed.


Archie is invited to Mr. Lodge’s poker game.

Archie is thrilled when Mr. Lodge begins to take notice of him and actually commends him on what he did to Nick Sinclair.  He invites him to his poker game which Archie ambitiously accepts, knowing that some major players will be in town and it will be a great time to provide Agent Adams with the inside scoop.  However, when Archie learns that one of the players was found dead, he has second thoughts about coming clean about what he found out.  He lies to Agent Adams, which begs the question, is Archie in over his head?  Have his feelings for Veronica complicated his mission to bring down Mr. Lodge?


Betty and Alice Cooper embrace the darkness.

In the beginning of the episode, Betty is sporting her femme fatale black wig, turning away from the computer with newfound passion and excitement.  While her deception may initially seem harmless, Betty is not ready to abandon it just yet.  She begins keeping secrets from those she loves without even the slightest hesitation to suggest that she has no guilt or second thoughts about her actions.  While Chic opened the door to the darkness, inviting Betty in, she is making her own decisions.  Later in the episode, Betty and Jughead reunite and share a passionate kiss as Jughead tells her that “he wants all of her,” but what will he do when he finds out that he needs to share Betty with the rest of the cyber world?  Whether intentional or not, Chic has also brought out the darkness in his biological mother, Alice as well.  At the end of the episode, a man appears at the door looking for Chic and Betty walks into her mother cleaning up a mess of blood with the lifeless body spread across the floor.  Alice quickly tells her daughter to close the door, implying that she is not about to let her actions reach the surface either.  Who is responsible for the death of this stranger?  Is Alice covering up for Chic or did she do the unthinkable?

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


“Charmed” is Back for a Reboot! Ranking the top 5 couples from the original “Charmed.”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  I have been recently re-watching one of my favorite television series of all time, Charmed for the 7th time through and I was very interested to find out that the CW has requested a pilot order for the reboot of the show.  It has been about 20 years since the show premiered and ran for 8 seasons with the magical Halliwell sisters portrayed by Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, and Shannen Doherty.  Holly Marie Combs is openly opposed to the reboot but Shannen Doherty is trying to stay positive.  It’s understandable for there to be controversy around the reboot, as the original story and characters can never be replaced.

The original Halliwell sisters of Charmed still represent strong female characters to look up to and root for even re-watching today.  That can never be replaced, but it would be exciting to see something similar for the new generation and something nostalgic for the rest of us who remember the series so well.  90210 had a reboot years later and even had special appearances by the show’s original cast, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the original series and never will.  Other shows featuring TV witches such as The Secret Circle and Witches of East End didn’t last for very long airing after Charmed was off the air so it’s hard to predict if the reboot will be able to have a successful run.

Similar to the spinoff proposed series of Wayward Sisters from Supernatural, the Charmed reboot has a real chance to capture an audience in desperate need of strong and smart female leads who can save the day from demons and deal with everyday problems.  While I don’t know much about the pilot, it doesn’t seem like it will follow the lives of the next generation of Charmed ones, but may be set on a college campus with three new witches coming to power.  Either way, I am all for giving the show a chance.  How about you?

The attention around the Charmed reboot sparked my interest in discussing some of my favorite moments, episodes, characters, villains, and ships.  For today, I will be discussing the most memorable couples/ships from the series.  While some couples on the show do find their fairy-tale happy ending, others end a passionate bond in tragedy, breaking the hearts of our beloved Halliwell heroines along the way.  Either way, their love was inspiring, fiery, and memorable.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  My top five ships from Charmed are:


Paige & Kyle aka Agent Brody.

Kyle and Paige 1 30

When Paige is introduced as the half-sister of Piper and Phoebe in season 4, she has to learn about her powers and new destiny very quickly to keep up with the rest of the Charmed ones.  Paige steps into the role of the third sister seamlessly and really captures the sisterly bond, but her ultimate destiny focuses more on helping others through Magic School rather than on a romantic relationship.

Paige does have her share of relationships over the seasons, but the most memorable one for her would be with Kyle aka Agent Brody.  Portrayed by the charming Kerr Smith, Kyle came to the sisters seeking revenge on the new big bad, The Avatars, who he believes are responsible for the death of his parents.  Paige and Kyle instantly have a spark and move quickly into a romantic relationship.

One of my favorite moments is when they get trapped in a 1930’s novel set in black and white and need to solve a mystery to get back.  They embrace the world, costumes and all, and end with a very passionate kiss, letting fans know that this is the start of something lasting for sure.  Sadly, Kyle’s quest to take down the Avatars leads to his untimely death, separating him from his love, Paige.  While Kyle does become a white lighter and implies that they may see each other again, the series ends without them together, as Paige finds love with Henry instead.


Prue & Andy.

Prue and Andy 1 30

In the first season of the show, Prue is handling a lot.  She moves back in with her sisters, basically has to represent the mother-figure as the oldest sister, gets attacked at her new job, and is reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Andy.  As if that isn’t enough, Andy is an Inspector for the police and is desperately trying to figure out why Prue is connected to so many of his unresolved cases.

Prue’s love for Andy is pure and true, but she tries to keep her distance from him to protect him.  When Prue thinks that she may be able to trust Andy with her secret of being a witch, she casts a truth spell that lasts for 24 hours.  To her dismay, Andy reveals that he would not be able to continue a relationship with her.  At the end of the season, Andy sacrifices himself to protect Prue and her sisters.

Prue has a fleeting moment with him in limbo before he is gone forever and it’s now clear that he would have accepted Prue completely, secret and all.  He just needed more time to fully process what she shared, which is completely understandable.  Sadly for Prue, she has to say goodbye to Andy forever and is never really able to find anyone as worthy again.


Phoebe & Coop.

Phoebe and Coop 1 30

Out of all of the Halliwell sisters, Phoebe has gone through the most relationships.  Toward the end of the series, fans were wondering who she would ultimately end up with and immediately spot the romantic tension between her and Cupid, Coop.  Coop is there to lead the way for Phoebe to open her heart again and find love; only he ends up falling in love with her in the process.

Coop is funny and charming and is really the only worthy candidate for Phoebe to end up with since Cole is gone forever.  While they don’t necessarily have the same passion she had with Cole, Phoebe does learn to truly open her heart again with Coop and finally get the family she has been dreaming of.


Phoebe & Cole.

Phoebe and Cole 1 30

This list would not be complete without including Phoebe and Cole.  Cole is introduced in season 3 and is a demon who is half-human.  While he initially tries to use his budding relationship with Phoebe to worm his way into the house to steal the Book of Shadows, Cole falls deeply in love with Phoebe, jeopardizing his cover and bringing his humanity to the surface.

Phoebe and Cole’s love is the most passionate on the show.  They have this almost magnetic pull toward one another, which does lead to some rocky moments, however.  Cole eventually becomes the source of all evil, even luring Phoebe to darkness for a while, but his love for her never fades.  It seems like Cole has been vanquished several times, but he always finds a way to return, holding on to the hope that he can be with Phoebe.

When he is finally vanquished for good, Phoebe says that maybe “it wasn’t meant to be.”  However, fans still cling to the idea of Phoebe and Cole ending up together.  The downfall of Cole was too much, however; leading to his demise, but their connection to one another has always been undeniable.  Cole leaves a goodbye letter for Phoebe that reads:

Dear Phoebe, 
If I’m dead right now, 
I know it was at your 
hand. No one else in 
heaven or hell had 
Power over me. Please, 
don’t cry. I was dead 
Before I met you. I was 
Born the day you loved 
me. And my love for you 
will keep me alive… 

This letter is one of the most resonating moments for me on Charmed.  Cole brought new life into the show and was one of my absolute favorite characters.  While being one of the greatest villains for the Halliwell sisters, he is Phoebe’s ultimate weakness.  Even when they were apart, Phoebe knew that she may never love anyone the same way again.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one ship are:

  • Paige & Henry
  • Prue & Bane
  • Phoebe & Jason
  • Piper & Dan
  • Prue & Jack


Piper & Leo.

Piper and Leo 1 30.jpg

My number one ship has to go to Piper and Leo as if there was any doubt!  At the beginning of the series, their blossoming relationship is charming and real.  Phoebe even initially competes with Piper to win Leo’s affection, but it’s always been clear where Leo’s heart lies.  As Piper’s white lighter, it is forbidden for them to be together, but they cannot deny their connection.

Piper and Leo have been through so much together and Leo is even ripped away from her during their first attempt at a wedding.  Ultimately, Piper and Leo are meant for each other.  However, they go through quite a lot on the way and are tested constantly.  Piper and Leo have two beautiful sons, Wyatt and Chris, and form a beautiful family together, constantly trying to keep this priority above all others.

While Piper is known for her quick temper, Leo balances her out and always keeps her calm.  When they are apart, it’s truly heartbreaking, as fans recognize the selfless love these two have for one another.  Piper and Leo do get their happy ending and keep their friendship and love strong in the process.  There is something so believable and undeniable between Piper and Leo, still holding the test of time and reminding us what true love is all about.

I hope you enjoyed my list and feel free to post your own comments and thoughts about the ships on Charmed along with your thoughts on the new reboot.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 13 episode 11: “Breakdown.”

Happy Friday TV fans! The weekend is almost here, but my day would not be complete without discussing our favorite brothers:  The Winchesters.  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 13 episode 11 last night, online auctions have a whole new meaning for me, as Sam and Dean dealt with something well beyond the routine bidding on eBay.  You may want to think again about how badly you want to procure that collectible item.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Breakdown,” Sheriff Donna returns when her niece, Wendy has gone missing.  Even though it doesn’t initially seem like anything supernatural is going on, she is still relying on the help of Sam and Dean.  We are also re-introduced to Donna’s love interest, Doug, who is quickly thrown into a world of monsters and mayhem which may be too much for him to handle.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 13 episode 11 are:


Dean explains the importance of pancakes.

Sam is clearly still in a rut after everything that happened with “The Bad Place,” learning that their mother, Mary is still trapped with Jack in another world.  Sam tosses and turns in bed, refusing to wake up until after 10am, worrying Dean, who is typically the one you would imagine to sleep in on a rainy day.  Dean refuses to let his brother stew in his own misery, however; as he tries to distract him and cheer him up, even making a breakfast complete with pancakes.  When Sam tells him he isn’t hungry, Dean feels the need to go into a big brother lecture on the importance of pancakes, keeping the vibe light, but also reminding Sam that he is there for him and won’t give up.  While it seems like a small gesture, Dean knows his brother better than anyone else in the world, proving to be a good friend and an even better brother.


Dean has a heart-to-heart chat with Doug.

When Sam and Dean show up to help Donna find her niece, they seamlessly embrace their familiar identities as FBI agents looking to do the right thing and help their…cousin.  Dean senses that the FBI agent he is talking to my check up on him so he backs off and lets him take charge, explaining that he is there for moral support and to get to the bottom of what happened to his family member.  Doug proves not to be the sharpest tool in the shed when he believes that Donna and Dean are actually related, comically inquiring about the recent family reunion.  Doug innocently seeks out some advice from Dean about Donna and Dean even teaches him “that’s how we do things in the FBI,” bringing him along for the ride to track down the killer.


“It’s like eBay…kinda.”

Once the Winchesters stumble onto the Butterfly’s website, they are appalled by what they see.  There is an online auction going on while a victim is strapped to a chair, as the bids climb higher and higher, competing over body parts.  Sam realizes that they are chatting about the parts as if they were food…leading to the conclusion that it’s basically “take out for monsters.”  They discover there is something supernatural at play here after all, re-thinking their strategy on how they will rescue Donna’s niece and stop the evil in the nick of time.


“Bring it Twilight.”

Once the tables are turned on the Winchesters and they realize they are dealing with vampires, Sam is taken hostage and Doug is turned into a vampire to Donna’s horror.  Dean is not afraid of the vampire cashier boy in the slightest, whipping out his blade and giving fans a catchy pun we can all appreciate, “bring it Twilight.”  While there is hope for Doug to get a cure before he is permanently changed, our attention quickly shifts to Sam’s safety when we learn that the bids are hitting some new records.  Vampire and monster bidders everywhere relish the idea of snacking on the hunter, Sam Winchester and are looking to win the auction no matter what the cost is.  The FBI agent reveals that he was the Butterfly killer all along, spinning a horrifying story about how he actually thinks he is saving lives by keeping the vampires occupied so they are not roaming the streets.  Sam’s heart gets auctioned for an impressive $500K but the show is over and Dean comes in to save the day, shutting down bids everywhere.


Doug can’t handle a life with monsters.

While I was relieved to see that Doug was alright, something in my gut told me that we wouldn’t be seeing him again.  While he has a sweet and loving relationship with Donna, he could already feel the void as if she had been keeping something from him.  When he gets tossed head first into the horrifying world of monsters, it’s too much for Doug to handle.  He clearly cares for Donna, but he wants something normal and routine…something that Donna can’t give him because this is more than a job for her, it’s a calling.  While this sets the path for Donna to embrace her new destiny with the “Wayward Sisters,” I can’t help feeling incredibly sad for her.  Donna deserves love and happiness but understands his decision.  Sam and Dean are all too familiar with a life on the road away from attachments, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be there for emotional support, helping each other along the way.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural  below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 11: “The Dark Education of Betty Cooper.”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 11 last night, I’ve realized that there is a very thin line between heroism and villainy.  Whether it stems from the need to dive deeper into what lurks beneath the surface or to protect someone we love, our decisions can get us caught up in a web of deception that may not be so easily unraveled.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Twenty-Four:  The Wrestler,” Betty and Archie fall further and further away from grace, clinging to the hope that they can discover the truth no matter what the cost is.  Veronica and Jughead become immersed and blinded by their new worlds, sugarcoating the consequences, and Cheryl learns the wretched truth about her ancestors.   Meanwhile, Pickens Day inherits a new tradition, Josie takes a stand against Veronica, and Hal Cooper’s anger gets the best of him. My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 11 are:


Hal Cooper is pushed to the limit.

Even though Hal helped an injured Chic, he is having second thoughts about letting Betty’s brother stay with them, especially since he is sleeping in Polly’s old room, bringing up some unhealed wounds for Hal.  His concerns are dismissed by Alice and Betty who tell Chic that he can stay there as long as he likes.  Alice’s need to connect with Chic is the most important thing to her right now and she refuses to let her husband ruin it for her.  Hal snoops around the house and discovers that Chic is into “webcamming” and has a unique set of clients, infuriating him beyond reason.  He confronts his family at Pickens Day, which Cheryl’s mother takes note of.  Does Cheryl’s mother view this as a possible new business opportunity?  All signs point to “yes” as she strategically offers to take Hal out for a better dessert, hinting at her intentions.  Will Hal throw away his marriage over Chic’s arrival?  It’s no secret that Alice and Hal have had their problems in the past, but this may be what ultimately pushes him over the edge to no return.


Cheryl learns the truth about her ancestors.

In the beginning of the episode, Cheryl gives a history presentation about Pickens Day and talks about the important part the Blossom family played, even suggesting that they rename the day in history to include the name, Blossom.  When the truth comes out that General Pickens was responsible for the massacre of innocent people and stole land, Cheryl is unable to maintain the cool front that her mother does.  She sheds a tear, horrified by this revelation.  Is this enough to turn her to action, however?  At the end of the episode, we learn that someone beheaded the statue of General Pickens and everyone is ready to point fingers at the Serpents, but could this actually be the handy work of Cheryl?


Jughead uncovers the real story about General Pickens.

When Jughead is researching his own history presentation, he learns a lot from Toni’s grandfather who is the oldest Serpent still living in Riverdale.  Jughead is horrified that the town is honoring General Pickens rather than trying to make amends.  While it is clear that Jughead is angry by this, does he cross a line?  Toni is clearly upset about his article and explains to Jughead that “it’s not his story to tell.”  It certainly gave Jughead the ammunition he was looking for against the town, but he recognizes that Toni is right and the Serpents take on a different approach on Pickens Day to truly make a point.  The Serpents show up with protest signs and some have tape over their mouths, representing the dead and silent from that massacre.  Toni courageously gets up on stage to talk about the importance of them being honored and remembered, but Mr. Lodge deflects the issue and takes over the microphone with his empty promises.  While this may temporarily prevent the town from erupting into chaos, it’s clear that this is not the only secret being covered up.


Betty tries to make it right with Chic.

Betty is thrilled that her brother is staying with her family, but he does not warm up to her instantly as she had hoped.  Chic is unsure of her motives and Betty tries to win his trust.  After Chic is upset that his laptop and web-cam equipment were taken by his landlord/pimp, Betty gives him her old laptop as a peace offering.  Chic lets his guard down and begins providing some answers as the two start a real connection.  Betty admits that she has a darkness brewing inside her and she desperately wants to get to the root cause.  She is hoping that they can both connect to this on some level and she is right.  Chic admits that he did spy on her that first night and that “webcamming” provides him with an escape.  It’s a way to get away from the darkness, sparking Betty’s immediate interest.  Chic is clearly winning Betty’s trust but is she ready for what’s to come next?  Sure Betty can put on a wig and pretend to be someone else, but is she really going to be able to compromise her image of goodness and perfection in the process?   Is Chic actually manipulating Betty into getting exactly what he wants?  Could she become the accomplice to the real Black Hood?  Time will tell.


Archie vs. Mr. Lodge.

Archie realizes that he needs to get closer to Mr. Lodge if he is going to truly help Agent Adams with his investigation.  Veronica explains that her father loves wrestling and was even on the team when he attended Riverdale high.  Archie tries out for the team, expecting for it to be a cake-walk since he is somewhat of a jock, but is in for a rude awakening.  During the first try-out, Kevin schools him and Archie realizes that this is going to be harder than he thought.  Mr. Lodge makes some unnecessary comments about how it is OK to just be a musician, clearly testing Archie’s limits and mocking his manliness.  Archie reacts by kissing Veronica in front of her father, which is not the best approach.  In the next try out, Mr. Lodge decides to try out his famous wrestling headlock move on a volunteer, however; he ignores all of the volunteers and picks Archie to prove a point that he will always win.  He later reveals to Archie that wrestling is about “knowing your opponent.”  He tells Archie that he will tolerate him and that “boyfriends come and go while Fathers are forever.”  Archie is up to the challenge and does extremely well in his next try-out, but pushes the limits when he asks Mr. Lodge to be his mentor in terms of getting into business.  After ignoring a call from Agent Adams, is Archie in over his head or is he initiating a plan to truly outsmart his opponent?

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 13 episode 10 backdoor pilot: “Wayward Sisters”

Happy Friday TV fans! The weekend is almost here, but I find myself needing to discuss the backdoor pilot of “Wayward Sisters” via Supernatural before diving into any other shows.  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 13 episode 10 last night, I am pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly “Wayward Sisters” introduced itself to the world of Supernatural fans.  These are some “amazing women” and they have somehow managed to create a real connection and believable family in just under an hour.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, we are introduced to the “Wayward Sisters” and learn how they have all come together to fight the good fight to save the world…or at least Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Meanwhile, Sam and Dean take a time out in the “Bad Place,” leaving the demon fighting to the very capable Claire Novak, Sheriff Jody Mills, and the hilarious, Sheriff Donna, to put their sisterhood to the test and save the day.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 13 episode 10 are:


“D-Train” means business.

After the first twenty minutes or so of the backdoor pilot, I was getting a little antsy, waiting for that light and fluffy humor that Supernatural does so well to emerge.  Well I got what I asked for when Jody calls in back-up and Sheriff Donna shows up with the license plate “D-Train.”  While the girls are not really sure what to make of her, Donna does what she does best.  She jumps right in as if she was part of the family the entire time and brings the basics:  weapons galore and a wonderful sense of humor.  When the monsters from the “bad place” are surrounding them, Donna takes them out one by one as if she is Super Sheriff with a gun.  She quickly teaches Patience how to defend herself and adds a voice of reason when Jody is contemplating jumping through the open portal to protect her family.  Something tells me that Donna will continue to bring on the laughs and is the perfect addition to the “Wayward Sister” family.


“I think it just rang the dinner bell.”

While Sam and Dean take a break in the “Bad Place,” they refuse to sit by quietly on the sidelines.  After Dean enjoys some cooked lizard, they realize that they are about to become meals themselves for a very loud monster in the distance.  When they are attacked by the cloaked shadowy figure, a bell sounds and Sam and Dean brace themselves for the worst.  Even though the Winchesters play more of a supporting role here, the episode would not be complete without their commentary on being stranded.  While they seem more bored than worried for their lives, they still recognize the fact that they can’t find the door back to their world.  Maybe they had a plan…or maybe they knew they had left some great friends behind who would save the day.  Either way, we are happy to have Sam and Dean back in one piece.


Claire comes through…with a flame thrower.

“Wayward Sisters” seems to be focusing on Claire Novak as the main protagonist.  She is clearly bad-ass or “Biker Barbie,” but Claire needs to learn to think ahead.  Her plan of attack typically involves her busting through a door to get the bad-guys without really thinking about the consequences.  When Patience reveals her vision that Claire is going to die, she initially dismisses it.  Jody is constantly trying to intervene and prove how much she cares about her and Alex, but Claire thinks she is just keeping her from following through on her destiny.  Even though she needs to work on having a plan, she does certainly help out Jody and Donna when they are trapped in a car, surrounded by the monsters from the “bad place.”  She makes quite the fiery entrance with a flame thrower, proving that she is very capable of fighting her own battles.


Claire and Kaia go through the door to save Sam and Dean.

Jody comes to the realization that she can’t always be there to protect Claire and the other girls.  She learns to let go and allow Claire to prove that she can be the hero she so desperately wants to become.  In the beginning of the episode, Claire and Kaia instantly have a bond, comparing scars and revealing secrets about how abandoned and alone they feel sometimes.  Claire promises to protect Kaia who takes the jump with her, going through the open door to the “Bad Place.”  They quickly rescue Sam and Dean, but Patience’s vision takes a detour when Kaia jumps in front of Claire to protect her.  Kaia has made the ultimate sacrifice and Sam and Dean have to pry Claire away from her lifeless body to make it back safely.  Claire confides to Jody that she understands why she is the way she is now.  This teaches her a valuable lesson and gives her the motive to keep fighting the good fight…to protect the innocent and to avenge Kaia’s death.


“I saved Sam and Dean…WE saved Sam and Dean.”

Claire finally understands the importance of a team…or really more of a family.  She recognizes these “amazing women” surrounding her at the dinner table and truly sees the importance of sticking by the ones you love.  Claire says that her “family is her army,” and she is absolutely right.  Sam and Dean came together after they lost their father and recognize that their bond as brothers is the most important thing in the world.  They will always try to do good, supporting each other along the way.  Claire now also sees that this is the key to her destiny and that she is not alone in the fight.  She will stop the cloaked shadowy figure that ended Kaia’s life no matter what it takes.  The end of the episode gives us a surprise twist, however; revealing that the shadowy figure is Kaia, but what does this mean?  Does Kaia have a doppelganger?  Is this the real Kaia?  While we are not exactly sure just yet, it definitely leaves Supernatural fans wanting to see more of the “Wayward Sisters.”  Overall, the backdoor pilot did a good job of introducing fans to a familiar premise, a great music soundtrack, and some truly remarkable women that we can learn to root for just like the Winchester Brothers.  While we may not find out until May 2018 if we can expect a fall premiere of the spin-off series, I am hoping that we are able to give these ladies a chance to shine.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural  and “Wayward Sisters” below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 10 mid-season premiere: Dangerous Liaisons

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 10 last night, I am so beyond thrilled that one of my favorite shows on television is back with new episodes.  The episode did a great job of tying up some of the loose ends and unanswered questions from the mid-season finale.  Worlds collided and new characters and agendas were introduced, proving that the drama is nowhere near over for RiverdalePlease note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Twenty-Three:  The Blackboard Jungle,” Veronica happily embraces her new productive role within the Lodge family business.  Archie is approached by an FBI agent and Cheryl learns that her mother is happy being a “woman of the night.”  Meanwhile, South Side High is officially closed; bringing everyone together for a happy reunion at Riverdale High, but Jughead is not ready to conform just yet.  Betty decides to track down her last chance at family after a disappointing visit from Polly, which could be the most dangerous decision of all.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 10 are:


South Side & Riverdale High Schools collide.

In the beginning of the episode, it is revealed that the mayor is shutting down South Side High School because of dangerous fumes from a meth lab in the basement along with other issues involving drug trafficking.  Where will Jughead and the Serpents go to school?  You guessed it…Riverdale High School.  While some students don’t seem to care very much about the change, others take a stand on both sides, refusing to share their space with their enemies.  While this decision to bring all the students together created its own sense of drama and chaos, the real question still remains as to what the Lodge family has to gain from this?  Mr. and Mrs. Lodge clearly desire the land underneath South Side High School but why?  Are they making a play to take over the entire town?  Who will get stepped on in the process?


Cheryl crashes the Welcoming Committee.

Veronica eagerly steps up to lead the Welcoming Committee, hoping to make a good impression on her parents and the entire student body.  She even convinces Archie to help with it as well to keep the peace.  Everything seems to be going well until Cheryl and some other angry students storm in, refusing to welcome the South Side students with open arms.  Veronica comically refers to Cheryl as “Facist Barbie,” but Cheryl is unaffected by this, labeling the South Side students as “ragamuffins.”  She tells Archie that he is on the wrong side and even attempts to black-mail him, revealing that she witnessed the secret kiss he shared with Betty.  Cheryl proves once again to be the classic mean girl we adore, refusing to sit by on the sidelines.


“A Serpent never sheds his skin.”

You would think that Jughead would be excited to return to Riverdale High School.  Even though he and Betty broke up, all of his friends are there and it’s not like he has been gone that long.  When the Serpents cross paths with Cheryl and the jocks, Jughead is beyond frustrated.  After a student paints graffiti on the school emblem, the principal makes the quick and rash decision to ban the Serpent jackets from school.  Toni and some of the others are fine with the decision, happy to have new computer labs and a legitimate chance at a good education, but Jughead becomes more and more angry, refusing to comply.  After he refuses to take off his jacket, he gets in a fight and is suspended.  Jughead eventually comes around and decides to form a club so that they can still get together on campus, without revealing that they are a gang.  He explains that it will be their “safe haven” and that they will be “lying low in the tall grass.”  What exactly is Jughead planning?  Has he gotten in too deep with the Serpents?


Betty finds her brother.

Betty is surprised to find Polly in her bedroom, picking up a few things and nonchalantly sharing the news that she had the twins already.  When Polly goes back to the farm without even staying to say hello to their parents, Betty is feeling hurt and abandoned by her sister, causing her to put her Nancy Drew skills to the test once more.  Betty is not good at sitting still, always diving into a new mystery to solve, refusing to take a minute to actually deal with her feelings.  She tracks down the address of her brother, Charles Smith and lets her parents know that she wants to go and meet him.  While Betty’s father wants no part of this, Mrs. Cooper visits Betty later that night and confides to her that she does want to meet her son.  When they walk through the seedy motel to find him, Mrs. Cooper latches onto Betty’s arm, as if the infestation and filth will seep through their bubble of perfection.  After meeting Charles or “Chic” as he likes to be called, Betty and Mrs. Cooper are horrified by his lifestyle and surroundings, feeling somewhat responsible for his current conditions.  After Betty returns to check in on Chic, she finds him being attacked and stabbed.  Betty saves the day with Pepper Spray, proving once again that she is not one to mess with.  After taking Chic home, the Cooper family helps stitch him up and gives him a place to stay, but did they just “let another monster in?”  Clearly there is something not right with Chic, especially after we see him standing over Betty’s bed in a beyond creepy way.  Archie is not so sure they got the right bad guy…so is it possible that Chic is the real Black Hood?  I’m thinking yes, but we will have to wait and see what this new character has in store for Riverdale.


Archie begins spying for the FBI.

At the end of the mid-season finale, Archie was clearly being watched, as someone took secret photos of him.  We now learn that this was Agent Adams who works for the FBI and is seeking Archie’s help to be the inside man spying on the Lodge family.  While Archie is hesitant about this at first, he soon realizes the importance of protecting his father and his girlfriend, Veronica.  His first mission is to find out what really happened to Nick St. Clair, as the FBI has reason to believe that Mr. Lodge is responsible for his “accident” and is heavily involved in “organized crime.”  After Archie learns that Nick also tried to attack Veronica, he is beyond angry.  Archie proves to be the white knight coming to the rescue of both Veronica and Cheryl, paying Nick a surprise visit to get the check that Cheryl deserved.  Archie lets his emotions get in the way, however; punching and attacking the already injured Nick several times before leaving.  Archie is warned about this and realizes that he cannot let his emotions get in the way again if he is going to be successful with his mission.  He now feels ready to do what needs to be done:  to take down the Lodge family and assist the FBI.  Archie even comes clean with Veronica and tells her about the kiss he shared with Betty, truly wanting a fresh and honest start with his girlfriend and reminding himself that he will do anything to protect her…even if means bringing down her own family in the process.  Is Archie in over his head?  Most likely, but I’m rooting for him just the same.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

My top television shows of 2017 on Local Networks: Cheers to the CW!

Greetings TV Fans!  For today, I am going to be listing my top favorite television shows that aired in 2017 on local networks.  While some shows near the top of my list were no surprise for me, there were others that were a pleasant revelation, providing just the right amount of entertainment.  There were also some shows that I used to enjoy a lot which fell short this past year and are in need of something earth-shattering to happen in 2018 to get them back to the top of the pack.  While I haven’t gotten a chance to view all shows that aired new episodes in 2017, I did get to more than I initially anticipated.  Please feel free to include some of your favorites below as well.  Once again, I will be breaking the shows into 3 categories:  the best of the best, honorable mentions, and shows that have lost some steam.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.

The Best of the Best of television shows airing on local networks for 2017 in no particular order are:



The 100

The Mick

Prison Break Revival

The CW network had some real contenders for 2017 and proved that they are not just a network holding on to a few fan favorites to survive.  It is no secret that Supernatural has been the longest running show on their network, but I was pleased to see so much content in the episodes airing in 2017.  Sam and Dean continued to keep fans hooked with their charm and humor while dealing with the British Men of Letters and understanding why their mother is back from the dead.  The boys encountered new enemies and dealt with their own inner demons along the way, reminding us that they can be just as vulnerable as we are deep down.  The 100 proved to have another addicting season, which has been the perfect mid-season show in my opinion.  Clark and the others left us with a cliff-hanger, where they end up going back into space because the world is no longer habitable.  Will they survive?  Seems likely since we should have another season premiering soon, but all bets are off.  The most pleasant introduction for me on the CW was Riverdale, based on the Archie comic series.  While the series has just the right amount of bubble gum pop providing fans with a nostalgic feel from the comic series, it takes on a life of its own.  Riverdale gives fans the perfect blend of romance and mystery, providing more depth for some of our beloved characters.  Fox also had some great shows airing in 2017, including The Mick and Prison Break Revival.  Kaitlin Olson proved that she can be a starring lady for sure, stepping out from the shadow of her stars on It’s Always Sunny to provide fans with a raw and edgy new comedy balanced with some family values in-between.  Since I am a big fan of Prison Break, I was excited to see the revival air this year, providing fans with a solution to the ending that left so many of us wondering what went wrong.  Michael and Lincoln were back with a new prison to escape from, bringing some new and old friends along for the ride.  The series still had that same amount of edge-of-your-seat action that hooked us initially, allowing us to root for the brothers once again.

Honorable mentions for television shows airing on local networks for 2017 in no particular order:


Hawaii Five-0

Once Upon a Time

Modern Family

Grimm aired its last season in 2017 which was actually entertaining and brought everything full circle for fans.  While the series had lost some of its edge from earlier seasons, this last one proved that it would not go out without a fight.  While one fairy-tale show came to an end, Once Upon a Time started fresh introducing some new characters and story-lines along the way.  While some of our favorite characters are no longer around, it made sense to give the show a fresh chance.  Some of the newcomers have actually been quite entertaining, working nicely with fan-favorites, Regina and Hook.  Will they be able to keep the momentum going?  Time will tell.  Hawaii Five-0 and Modern Family are shows that I consistently watch that gave us just the right amount of consistent entertainment to satisfy fans.  While both shows have been on the air for a while now, they are still giving viewers what they are looking for, but may need to refresh every once in a while.

Television shows airing on local networks for 2017 that are running out of steam in no particular order are:



Lethal Weapon

I have watched all of the episodes from the three shows above and was somewhat disappointed overall in the seasons from 2017.  While Lethal Weapon started out promising, it has not had the same punch it initially gave us when it premiered.  Perhaps the show has run its course, but I am confident it still has a spark left to give us the action and laughs we enjoyed originally.  Elementary had very low ratings in 2017 and fans are still waiting for a new season.  While it looks like this may happen, it will have to be something so over-the-top and different to bring fans back.  Arrow has been slipping with each new year which is very disappointing for me.  While the CW has had some great success with its super-hero shows, Arrow keeps slipping and forcing story-lines.  I am still rooting for Oliver Queen, but perhaps we need to shake things up and keep a character that has been killed off actually dead.   I will keep watching, but Arrow is losing steam for sure.  Let’s make it a great 2018 for shows everywhere and hope these shows ignite a spark that will keep viewers coming back for more and more.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post some of your favorite television shows from 2017 that aired on local networks below.  Happy viewing and the countdown to 2018 is here!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl