About Me!

Greetings avid TV watchers!  I am so excited to begin my blogging experience and share it with all of you.  My name is Amy and I currently reside in New York.  The main reason why I started this blog and probably why you may be passing through is because I am absolutely obsessed with television.  My friends and family joke that I watch more TV than anyone else in the world and it’s basically like my full-time job.  If that sounds like you too or even if you are just a casual viewer, I hope you enjoy and feel free to participate in the discussion. 

My absolute all time favorite shows are Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breaking Bad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Prison Break, Charmed, Riverdale, Supernatural, The 100, Veronica Mars, Shameless and Beverly Hills 90210 to name a few.  My dog, Honey, loves TV too!  This blog will feature everything from reviews of shows (past and present), rating favorite episodes, top 5 lists, and more! I’d like for this to be as interactive as possible so feedback and participation are absolutely encouraged.  So grab your popcorn, sit back and relax, and enjoy!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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I am so excited to announce that my book is now available on Amazon!  Yay!  If you enjoy fairy-tale retellings, paranormal romance, and mystery, then this might be the book for you or someone you know!  Thank you for taking the time to check it out and I appreciate any feedback as well.  I hope you enjoy!

The Search for Alice is available here!

The Search for Alice: Book One of the Dreaming of Wonderland Series by [Koto, Amy]