“Dancing with the Stars” predictions: spoilers ahead!

Being the best at something means you should typically win first place or at least come close, right?  This is not necessarily the case on this season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, however.  Take Jordan and Lindsay, for instance.  Jordan’s lines matched almost evenly with the professional dancers and judge, Len Goodman still insisted that he deduct a point because of the extra movement he did with his hand a few weeks back.  So if being the best dancer is not the way to get to the finale, then how can a couple achieve this?

Frankie and Whitney may have figured it out and are real possible winners of the show.  Is Frankie the best dancer?  Absolutely not.  But that doesn’t matter.  After watching each season, I’ve come to realize it’s more about the dancers with little or no experience who truly blossom and grow throughout the show only to become more confident and better technically.  Even though Jordan and Lindsay’s performances were pretty much flawless in my eyes, I was more entertained by Frankie and Whitney.  The addition of Alfonso in the trio dance was just what the couple needed to inch ahead.  Entertainment can go a long way and you would be surprised how much a genuine smile can truly brighten up the dance floor.  So if you think you have the winners pretty much figured out this season, you may want to think twice.

Who will win it all?  It’s not certain yet, but Frankie and Whitney are definitely headed in the right direction.  My predictions are that Frankie and Whitney will come in first with Jordan and Lindsay in a close second.  Third place is a little trickier, however.  I’m going with Lindsey and Mark for now, but don’t count out Victoria and Val just yet.  Also, Drew and Emma might sneak in there.  While I feel they should go home next, he has a strong fan base and could creep into the finale.


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