“Shameless” Season 8 episode 4 ranking the top 5 moments: Fiona is not a step in anyone’s rehab

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 4 last night, I am left with even more respect and appreciation for our lovely Fiona.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Fiona is confronted by her ex, Sean on top of her everyday responsibilities at work.  You know like prying a junky’s head out from between the bars of a fence.  Meanwhile, Lip is losing to his own battle of self-control while Franny takes her first steps, and Kev and V discover a whole new world in Kentucky.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 4 are:

5) Frank joins the PTA.  Frank, or I should say Francis, is looking to continue with his newly found identity and embrace it to the fullest.  He seeks involvement at Liam’s school and joining the PTA is a step in the right direction of teaching others the valuable lesson of hard labor.  Frank wins the respect of the moms on the committee and puts the other dads to shame who have not lifted their heads from their cell phones.  Is this Frank’s new calling?  Perhaps, but the mothers sure seem to like having him around at the car wash.

4) Carl joins the neighborhood watch.  After Ian and Carl are confronted by the neighborhood watch and find out about a burglar terrifying the neighborhood, Carl takes it upon himself to find out what happened when he learns that a Veteran was robbed.  Carl salutes the neighbor and embarks on his very important mission which ends with him setting up “junky bait.”  When he catches the thief, he lets him know that he is his “worst effin nightmare.”  Carl has been on the sidelines these past few episodes, so it’s great to see him reminding us why we are always rooting for him.

3) Lip considers the idea of “no strings attached” relations.  The beginning of the episode opens with Lip’s dream surrounded by topless women, but they keep disappearing leaving him stuck in a whirlwind of dissatisfaction.  Lip approaches a girl at work only to be turned down because “Sierra is her girl” and then swipes right on Tinder but decides that rum-flavored kisses are not the best decision since he is in recovery.  After all of Lip’s constant complaints at work, his female co-worker finally stops working on the bike to take him upstairs so that he will stop whining about it and has her way with him.  The scene is absolutely hilarious leaving us with Lip asking her to please stop slapping him to no avail.

2) Kev discovers he is the successful one in the family.  Kev, or Bart, and V head down to Kentucky so that he can be reunited with his long-lost family.  It seems harmless enough to start until the racist comments keep coming left and right to V’s horror.  Kev is disappointed to find out that his family voluntarily left him, but when he is at a gathering and everyone starts swapping stories, he realizes that he is the most successful one out of the bunch.  What makes this trip so laugh out loud funny is V’s reaction to everything.  She calls Fiona in a frenzy fearing that they took Kev off out in the woods to eat him or something and grimaces every time a racist comment is dropped her way.  She handles it gracefully, however; supporting Kev through it all.  Even Kev realizes that perhaps it is a little too much when white hoods are draped over his daughters’ heads and they yell out that is only for Halloween.

1) Sean is back and Fiona is not about to let her heart stay shattered.  When Sean walks through the door, Fiona’s first reaction is to walk out and leave him standing there with his mouth open.  After she eventually goes to find out what he has to say, she learns that he is clean now, but also married and she realizes that she is a step in his recovery.  Fiona storms out of the restaurant but is not done just yet.  She writes down every lie and every promise in a fury and decides to let his wife know just how she is feeling.  Sounds like the perfect revenge, only Fiona tells all of this to the wrong woman and she starts screaming at her husband thinking he is using drugs again.  Sean then walks out of his motel room with his wife and Fiona just gets into her car laughing.  It’s great to see Fiona can still have a sense of humor even when she is dealing with the jerk who broke her heart and left her on her wedding day.  Fiona realizes that Sean is not worth it and heads home to be with her family.  You are much more than a step in a program Fiona, you are our hero!


I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Happy viewing!


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