My performance of the week ending 2/22/20 on TV goes to…

Cynthia Erivo as Holly Gibney on HBO’s The Outsider.

If you are a fan of slow burn mysteries, this show may be perfect for you, but I was not sure how I felt about it until Holly Gibney showed up, lighting the way to an intriguing story and some spine-tingling moments that still have me cringing.

Cynthia Erivo’s portrayal of Holly is so incredible and she is the BEST part of the series.

**Please note major spoilers have been left out for your convenience.**

The mystery behind The Outsider is dark and disturbing, as a hooded stranger seeps into the cracks of this small town with threatening and cryptic messages, along with some unspeakable acts. To make matters worse, he seems to be getting away with his unspeakable crimes, infecting people who essentially take the fall for his bad deeds. But, is this town capable of accepting a supernatural presence that defies all rational explanation?

The Outsider HBO 1
Images courtesy of HBO

Well, one person is ready and willing to look deep into the depths of this mystery. Holly asks, “Can a person be in two places at the same time?” Everyone recognizes that it’s not possible, but when evidence says otherwise, Holly is willing to search every lead to get to the truth.

Even when the others don’t believe her or think that she is wasting their time, she continues to do her job, showcasing her extraordinary attention to detail. Seriously, if I needed a private investigator, I would want Holly on my case.

Every scene with Holly is so incredible, as you almost feel like you are right there along with her, trying to figure out the mystery. Holly is brave and resourceful as well, proving to be a worthy opponent that no one should underestimate.

The Outsider HBO 2
Images courtesy of HBO

What’s next for Holly? Well, we know that the supernatural threat wants her out of the way, but I’m anxious to see how Holly will ultimately outsmart him. She has proven to be extremely perceptive and smart, but perhaps she needs some help. It’s time for someone else in town to have her back already!

Either way, I am extremely impressed by Cynthia Erivo’s performance and she never disappoints. Everyone on the show is incredible, but Erivo still stands out every single week. I’m not sure if I would have stuck around if not for her, which just goes to show you how much range she has as an actress. She pours her heart and soul out in every single role and she is so talented and believable.

I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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