Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 11 episode 12: “Father Frank, Full of Grace”

Happy Sunday TV fans! After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 11 episode 12, we got to say goodbye to the Gallagher family and learned that “time’s precious. Don’t f*ckin waste it.”

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Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not watched the latest episode yet.

In season 11, episode 12, “Father Frank, Full of Grace,” Frank Gallagher’s fate is finally revealed as we spend one last hour saying goodbye to the Gallagher family in the series finale.

My top 5 moments from the Shameless season 11 episode 12 series finale are:


“So now what?”

In the beginning of the episode, the Gallagher family discovers Frank and reveals that he has a very faint pulse after his overdose. No one seems to see the letter that Frank left behind except for Franny, who later decides to color all over it.

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The plan is a “wait and see” approach to figure out exactly what to do with Frank, but Liam is concerned when Frank disappears. He goes out looking for him, but can’t track him down. Frank has disappointed everyone in his family, but Liam always tries to look out for him no matter what and I will miss seeing their adventures together.


“You can’t just change teams…”

Kev and V prepare to sell the Alibi, but learn that the bar will most likely be turned into a cafe or an escape room, which leads to the very important question: “What the f*ck is an escape room?”

Later on, V helps the girls with their new jerseys and Kev puts his foot down, explaining that they can’t just switch sports teams and that this is grounds for divorce.

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At the end of the finale, it is unclear whether Kev and V will go with the offer or potentially sell to Tipping and Carl so they can turn the Alibi into a police bar.


“You’re the closest thing to a dad we ever had.”

One of the most touching moments of the finale was during this particular moment. Lip is feeling exhausted from being the one to make all of the decisions, but Ian explains it is because he is like a father to them.

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While it is uncertain if Lip and Tami will have another baby or allow Ian and Mickey to adopt him or her, I am hoping that Lip can finally stop putting so much pressure on himself so that he can sit back and enjoy life a little more.


“I love this man.”

Ian and Mickey spend the majority of the episode trying to get new furniture for their apartment, but Ian keeps reminding Mickey that it is the 21st.

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We see that Mickey is trying to secretly plan something for Ian and later on, they surprise Ian at the Alibi for their wedding anniversary, which was beyond sweet and touching.

Ian declares his love for Mickey as they celebrate and earlier we got a talk about them potentially being dads, which could be a whole new adventure for Gallavich.

Either way, I feel so incredibly lucky to have witnessed the Gallavich moments over the series. True love at its best.


“Stop worrying so damn much.”

After Frank stumbles off, he winds up in a church and the priest has him taken to the hospital. Frank tests positive for covid and the nurses discover his “do not resuscitate” tattoo.

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While Frank drifts in and out of consciousness, we witness a few flashbacks that include both Fiona and Monica.

At the very end of the episode, Frank appears at the Alibi with his family and Liam stops for a moment and looks back at his stool as if he can somehow sense his presence.

Frank rises up in the sky when he dies and narrates his letter to his family, which has advice for each and every one of them.

It’s last call for Frank and he goes out for good the way he wanted to.

Overall, I thought the series finale was okay. It wasn’t bad, but I was disappointed that we did not see Emmy Rossum as Fiona during the episode. We got a brief moment of Frank looking into Patsy’s Pies along with the couple of flashbacks and he calls the nurse Fiona several times, but he doesn’t even address her in his letter, which seemed odd to me.

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Debbie decides to potentially run off to Texas with her criminal girlfriend, Heidi and we don’t get the happy ending I was looking for between her and Sandy, which I felt was a much better match.

The Gallaghers are going to potentially sell the house for a lower price, but I’d like to see where each one of them ultimately end up. It would have been nice to get a reunion a year or two later with all of the characters checking in (including Fiona).

While we get a couple of mentions of possible futures for the other Gallaghers, there was a lot left open and I’m not expecting a full description for each and every one of them, but I guess I wanted a little bit more closure for the other characters.

Either way, the finale was not bad by any means and this show will remain as one of my favorites of all time. It’s tough to nail a series finale and I have seen many shows fail at this. Perhaps bringing Fiona back would have been predictable, but it also would have given fans that bit of nostalgia they were looking for, especially since Fiona was the heart and soul of the show for so many years…

Thanks for the memories, Gallagher family. I enjoyed the watch!

I hope you enjoyed the recap and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Shameless in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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