Checking in on “Cruel Summer” on Freeform: 5 Questions I’m Dying to Know the Answers to

Greetings TV Fans! Freeform’s Cruel Summer has really been picking up the pace lately and I’m excited to watch the final three episodes. While each episode shows us things from Jeanette and Kate’s perspectives, there are a lot of other characters jammed into the mix with potential secrets and motives.

I have a lot of questions and theories, but will we be able to answer them all by the end of the series?

**Please note spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up on the series.**

My top 5 questions I’m dying to know the answers to on Cruel Summer are:


Can Mallory be trusted?

Cruel Summer question 5

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I’m still somewhere in the middle with the whole Kate vs. Jeanette debate, but how does Mallory fit into it all? I find it odd that she jumped sides and is now best friends with Kate, especially after she even admits that she used to hate her.

So, can we trust her?

I like Mallory a lot. I think she really brings a real and authentic quality to her character, but could she be the wild card making trouble?

It’s certainly possible and we still don’t really know why she and Jeanette stopped being friends. 

The parents are also really suspect and Jeanette’s mom clearly has more secrets, but what else is she capable of?

I started to form some theories about Mallory after Jeanette talked about how Mallory wants to be in control and make everyone follow her ideas. When she left Jeanette high and dry after the CD incident, I started wondering more about her true intentions.

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but I always love a good twist!


How did Jeanette’s necklace end up with Kate?

Cruel Summer question 4

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Jeanette claims the necklace found isn’t hers, but how did Kate wind up with it? Did Jeanette leave it behind while going through Martin’s house? Maybe Martin found it and gave it to Kate as a token of his weird love for her?

I don’t know, but things aren’t adding up. Mallory could also have a part in this too, but I think this piece of evidence should not be ignored.


Were Kate and Martin romantically involved?

Cruel Summer question 3

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After that major reveal at the end of episode 7, we know that Kate went to Martin’s house willingly, which “changes everything,” according to Jeanette.

But we also witnessed Kate swooning over her stuffed animal and touching Martin’s hand, which gave out some signals. Sure, Martin should not take advantage of her period, but was there more to this relationship than we know?

If Jeanette thought that Kate was romantically involved with Martin (maybe she saw them previously together), she could have thought that Kate was cheating on Jamie with him and that could have caused her to flee the scene, but there is still a lot left to uncover here.


Did Jeanette actually see Kate?

Cruel Summer question 2

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It’s the initial question we were presented with during this mystery, but I’m still kind of wondering about it myself. I saw this really interesting theory online about there being some kind of two-way mirror in Martin’s house and we did see Jeanette with mirrors in one of the flash-forwards. Maybe Kate did see Jeanette, but Jeanette never saw her?

I also still think it’s possible that maybe Jeanette thought Kate was doing wrong by Jamie, but Jeanette seemed like an innocent girl who was just trying to fit in. Even though we are presented with some serious Single White Female vibes, Jeanette seems more stable than that and I’m not sure that’s what is actually happening here.

But why is she hiding that key?


Who is Annabelle?

Cruel summer question 1

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This is my number one question. After Kate’s creepy campfire story about a girl named Annabelle, she learns from her therapy tapes that she saw Annabelle before she was rescued, and she also has some serious memory loss.

The obvious answer is that Annabelle is a version of Kate and maybe she had a psychotic break, which would also explain the memory loss.

But I really want there to be more to this story. Maybe there really was an Annabelle. We know that another girl came forward about Martin from a different school. What if he was keeping more than one girl prisoner?

Maybe she helped Kate?

If we want to go with the split personality route, maybe Martin is Annabelle?

I have a lot of theories about this and I really hope we devote the time to this question because it is the most interesting part of the mystery for me.

We have three episodes left and a lot of questions that are still unanswered, but I’m excited to reveal more pieces of the puzzle.

Stay tuned, Cruel Summer fans!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and please leave your own thoughts and theories on Cruel Summer in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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