Spoiler-Free Review of “Don’t Breathe 2” in Theaters: A Worthy Sequel

*This is a spoiler-free review so feel free to read on!*

“Now you’ll see what I see…”

Don’t Breathe 2 is the sequel to Sam Raimi’s Don’t Breathe, which came out in 2016. The sequel premiered in theaters on August 13th 2021. The film stars Stephen Lang, Madelyn Grace, Brendan Sexton III, and Stephanie Arcila. It runs for approximately an hour and forty minutes.

The original film was absolutely fantastic. It really nailed the suspense vibe while presenting the audience with some terrifying moments that had your heart beating right out of your chest. While the original film focused on the not so bad guys breaking in, the sequel presents us with a role reversal to switch things up.

Here is the trailer:

Don’t Breathe 2 has a lot to live up to and it’s difficult for a sequel to have the same impact with its audience since they know what to expect the second time around. Does Don’t Breathe 2 do enough to earn a watch? Let’s find out…

The Pros:

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The role reversal works!

If you were concerned about the role reversal in the sequel, you can rest assured that it translates very well. I had my doubts as well, but I knew it would be difficult for the sequel to capture the same suspenseful feel the second time around since we knew what Norman was capable of.

In a way, the films reminded me of the first two Purge movies. The first Purge movie worked because it was this creepy home invasion story and The Purge: Anarchy moved things out into the open to show us the chaos going on beyond the four walls of someone’s home.

Don’t Breathe 2 managed to follow this successful formula so that it didn’t become stale or overdone. The suspense is still there, but in a different way, which worked in the film’s favor.

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Lots of brutal violence to go around.

This film doesn’t hold anything back. I thought that it successfully balanced moments of suspense with edge-of-your-seat action that allowed us to witness some very bloody kills and attacks along the way. It wasn’t overdone, but it was extremely effective in my opinion.

The Cons:

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Mixed thoughts about our anti-hero.

I can’t ignore the fact that Norman is a murderer and a rapist, but yet we are supposed to root for him in this film. That being said, the sequel did a good job of helping us change our minds somewhat, even though it can’t really change the monster he used to be. The people he is up against are despicable human beings, he’s an animal lover, and we also have the young girl he is trying to protect, which tips the scale.

Whether you love him or hate him, you’ll find yourself rooting for him during key parts. He doesn’t hold anything back in this film and his skills are pretty extraordinary. Seriously, don’t mess with this guy!

I don’t think that the slate can be wiped clean for him, but I like a good anti-hero arc to change things up.

So am I in or out?

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I’m in 100 percent!

This movie was intense, brutal, and filled with edge-of-your-seat moments!

It was very entertaining and a solid sequel. It changed the tone of things quite a bit, but I thought it all worked well, allowing us to experience something new to keep us on our toes.

*There will be no spoilers in this review, but I recommend sticking around until after the ending credits.* 

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Don’t Breathe 2 in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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