“Once Upon a Time” Season 7 episode 6 review: Ivy/Drizella vs Regina…who will wind up on top?

Happy Saturday TV viewers!  I thoroughly enjoyed the flashbacks in ABC’s Once Upon a Time, season 7, episode 6 last night and am looking forward to the blossoming rivalry between Ivy/Drizella and Regina.  Please note that spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  While I found Lady Tremaine to be a true villain right down to her core, there was something about her that was lacking and uninspiring.  Sure she’s got the look and knows how to talk down to others while keeping her head held high with disdain, but do we really care enough about her as a formidable foe?

For me, the introduction of Ivy/Drizella as the true villain waiting in the wings was an excellent move by the writers.  For one, she has a fabulous sense of style.  Her pairings are to die for and she is polished and smart, which makes her very capable of out-maneuvering her opponents.  Her harmless posts showing her and Henry drinking together were pure genius.  The flashback showing Regina trying to mentor her really resonated with me.  It shows the full transformation of Regina as a character.  The evil queen recognized so much of her former self in Drizella and wanted to help her channel her anger and use her power for good.  Of course this backfires, creating a very dangerous opponent.  But I’m not so worried.  Regina may have embraced her good side, but she is a fiery and strong woman and will do anything to protect her son.

It was also interesting to see how much of an impact a mother can have on a child.  Ivy/Drizella’s quest for revenge is completely driven by her mother’s lack of care and interest in her, similar to Regina as well.  While these mothers had a damaging impact on their children, mothers can also be a source of unbelievable goodness and strength.  Jacinda has been doing all she can to be able to provide for her daughter, Lucy and Regina’s love for Henry is resilient.  Their unconditional love makes them a true match for Ivy/Drizella and Lady Tremaine.  But where will Rumpel fit in to all of this?  I thoroughly enjoyed Regina handing over a bottle of MacCutcheon’s whiskey to him, a Lost easter egg.  It was also very clever how Ivy/Drizella insisted on pouring herself a glass from the top shelf, using the very same fictional brand.  It reminded me very much of Charles Widmore lecturing Desmond Hume that he was not worth a swallow of this whiskey in Lost.  Desmond was able to prove Charles wrong and I am certain Regina will do the same.  Are you?


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