Ranking the top 5 moments from “Once Upon a Time” season 7 episode 17: “Chosen”

After watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 17 last night, Zelena may be known as “wicked,” but it’s clear that all she really ever wanted was to be good.  Even though she has made her fair share of mistakes, she deserves the chance to prove herself and to be loved for who she is.    Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chosen,” Zelena/Kelly goes to Rumple for help since the “Candy Killer” has targeted her as his next victim.  Meanwhile, Nook/Rogers figures out that Henry never made it to New York, Drew/Naveen gets closer to Sabine/Tiana, and Hansel/Jack/Nick reveals his motives.  My top 5 moments from Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 17 are:


“I am tired of playing candy crush with you.”

In this episode, we get to see more of Zelena’s past and learn about her interactions with the witch from “Hansel and Gretel.”  Even though Zelena is known as “wicked,” she begins connecting to Hansel and Gretel’s father who is blind and begins to let her walls down.  Zelena feels that he sees her for who she truly is, which is something she has never experienced before and she wants to help him in return.  Zelena blinds the witch and offers to give her sight to Hansel’s father, but he declines when his children run to him, revealing that Zelena knew they were being held captive.  Hansel’s father is furious that she kept this from him, even though she tries to explain that she was just trying to protect him.  Zelena’s chance of happiness is destroyed here and her anger re-surfaces, burning harsher than the flames she inflicts on Hansel.  It is clear why Hansel holds Zelena responsible for a lot of the misfortune in his life, but it doesn’t seem like this Zelena still exists anymore.  Like Regina, Zelena has found her way to redemption, but it is hard to maintain this when old wounds insist on re-opening.


Hansel reveals his motives to Henry.

Henry is still being held captive by Hansel and tries to keep his cool by keeping Hansel talking.  Hansel reveals that Henry gave him a second chance because “Jack” had no past and earned the potential to be a true hero, something that Hansel had never experienced before.  He has absolutely no sympathy for witches, however; revealing that he believes they are all bad and that the arrival of Henry’s family is what set him off on this path of revenge.  Henry is still confused by this, as he doesn’t understand why Hansel is saying that Kelly/Zelena is his aunt, still clinging to the reality he has come to know so well in H Town.  Hansel shows Henry the blood test results proving that he is Lucy’s father, but Henry still tries to come up with a rational explanation here.


Rogers/Nook reads between the lines.

Nook/Rogers has his suspicions and approaches Jacinda/Ella and tells her that he found Henry’s car abandoned and that he never made it to New York.  Jacinda reveals her naiveté about the situation and explains that this could not possibly be true since she received text messages from Henry earlier that day.  Nook/Rogers reads between the lines and they figure out that only Hansel/Nick/Jack referred to her as “J.”  Nook/Rogers finds Henry and rescues him.  Good thing Nook/Rogers didn’t need to dust off his emoji decoding skills.


“Trust is a powerful thing.”

Drew/Naveen shows up again and it seems like him and Sabine/Tiana are getting closer, as he helps her with her food truck business.  There are definitely sparks flying between these two, but we know that Drew/Naveen has another agenda.  Later on, Dr. Facilier shows up and reminds Drew that he is there to collect a debt.  Drew/Naveen gives him one of Sabine/Tiana’s beignets for some sort of voodoo ritual.  Even though we know that Drew is working for Dr. Facilier, what are their plans for Tiana/Sabine?  We know that Dr. Facilier has several plans all in play at the same time, especially when he visits Hansel later and reveals that he is the one who woke him up and orchestrated everything.  Will this get him one step closer to obtaining the Dark One’s dagger?  Will anyone be able to stop Dr. Facilier before it’s too late?


“Must be a bitch trying to keep track of your driver licenses.”

Zelena/Kelly reveals that in this reality, she actually has a good life.  She even explains, “at least Kelly didn’t kill a munchkin,” and you can’t help but feel sympathetic toward her.  Kelly has a simple life here, including the love from a good man and a daughter that she is trying to connect with.  Hansel refuses to let Kelly live her life here and tries to make her suffer by kidnapping her fiancé, Chad.  Kelly/Zelena shows up and reminds Hansel to focus his revenge on her, desperately trying to protect Chad.  After the threat is over, Zelena/Kelly tells Chad about her jaded past, minus the fairy-tale details, and he still accepts her for who she is, which is absolutely heart-warming and beautiful.  It looks like Kelly/Zelena has a chance of true happiness here with the man she loves and her family.  Kelly/Zelena’s redemption is that much clearer in this moment.  While she is far from perfect, her willingness to change and protect those she loves proves that she is far from a villain.  She’s our hero! 

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Once Upon a Time below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl



“Once Upon a Time” Ranking the top 5 moments from Season 7 episode 7: Who is in San Francisco?

ABC’s Once upon a Time, season 7 episode 7, is filled with surprises and unexpected twists and turns.  After watching the two hour episode last night, it left me with even more questions.  Please note that spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  It looks like Hook may find his happy ending after all with an unexpected bond that not even a poison heart can break.  Speaking of hearts, Regina/Roni may not have left hers in San Francisco, so who is she going after for help?  My top five moments from Once upon a Time, season 7 episode 7 are:

5) Henry & Ella/Jacinda get trapped together in a net.  This scene was pure magic for me and actually showed me the spark between these two which has been blaringly missing from the prior episodes.  It brought me back to when Prince Charming caught Snow White in a net, bringing together these destined soul mates in an adorable meet cute.  It also reminded me of ABC’s Lost, when Jack and Kate get stuck in a net together much like Henry and Ella. It was a nice way for the writers to give fans a sense of nostalgia and ignite a much needed connection between Henry and Ella/Jacinda.

4) Mother Gothel proves she is a villain to watch.  I was excited to see the introduction of Rapunzel into the world of OUAT, only to find out that it was the witch, Gothel in disguise.  She plays on Hook’s weakness who is a fool for love, only to use him to give birth to a magical child with her blood so that she may leave the tower.  When Hook/Detective Rogers frees her as Eloise Gardner, she reveals that Ivy/Drizella and Lady Tremaine may not be the main villains we thought they were.  Gothel is done hiding in the shadows and is about to show the world what she is capable of.

3) Jacinda and Lucy are re-united.  I was so sympathetic with Jacinda when Lucy was taken away from her and she revealed her own insecurities as a mother when she admits that she waived her parental rights and let Lucy go with her grandmother voluntarily.  A new romantic interest is introduced into the mix as well when Lucy’s father, Nick/Jack, comes back into their lives to help with the case.  While Jacinda claims she has no feelings for Nick, it makes us wonder if this is another threat to the bond between her and Henry.  Jacinda does ultimately get Lucy back and Lucy accepts her mother with open arms.

2) Hook’s daughter is revealed to be…Alice!  The introduction of Hook’s child was a surprise for me but I thought it gave him a real chance to be selfless and to raise his baby after she was abandoned by her mother, Gothel.  I thought it was especially touching when he sang her a lullaby, revealing his own need to have some form of connection in the world.  Alice’s story was already very interesting to me, different from the other versions of Alice who were introduced previously on Once Upon a Time.  This gives Alice a new purpose and hope for Hook to find his own happily ever after.

1) Who is in San Francisco? The episode ends with Regina/Roni going off to San Francisco to get some help to take down the villains and wake everyone up.  After Rumpel rejects her proposal to team up and continues on as if he does not remember who he is, Regina/Roni realizes that she will need to recruit help from somewhere else.  So who is in San Francisco?  I am banking on Zelena but we will have to wait and see.

I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to post your comments and theories below.  OUAT may be on a break for the next few weeks, but let’s keep the theories coming!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

“Once Upon a Time” Season 7 episode 6 review: Ivy/Drizella vs Regina…who will wind up on top?

Happy Saturday TV viewers!  I thoroughly enjoyed the flashbacks in ABC’s Once Upon a Time, season 7, episode 6 last night and am looking forward to the blossoming rivalry between Ivy/Drizella and Regina.  Please note that spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  While I found Lady Tremaine to be a true villain right down to her core, there was something about her that was lacking and uninspiring.  Sure she’s got the look and knows how to talk down to others while keeping her head held high with disdain, but do we really care enough about her as a formidable foe?

For me, the introduction of Ivy/Drizella as the true villain waiting in the wings was an excellent move by the writers.  For one, she has a fabulous sense of style.  Her pairings are to die for and she is polished and smart, which makes her very capable of out-maneuvering her opponents.  Her harmless posts showing her and Henry drinking together were pure genius.  The flashback showing Regina trying to mentor her really resonated with me.  It shows the full transformation of Regina as a character.  The evil queen recognized so much of her former self in Drizella and wanted to help her channel her anger and use her power for good.  Of course this backfires, creating a very dangerous opponent.  But I’m not so worried.  Regina may have embraced her good side, but she is a fiery and strong woman and will do anything to protect her son.

It was also interesting to see how much of an impact a mother can have on a child.  Ivy/Drizella’s quest for revenge is completely driven by her mother’s lack of care and interest in her, similar to Regina as well.  While these mothers had a damaging impact on their children, mothers can also be a source of unbelievable goodness and strength.  Jacinda has been doing all she can to be able to provide for her daughter, Lucy and Regina’s love for Henry is resilient.  Their unconditional love makes them a true match for Ivy/Drizella and Lady Tremaine.  But where will Rumpel fit in to all of this?  I thoroughly enjoyed Regina handing over a bottle of MacCutcheon’s whiskey to him, a Lost easter egg.  It was also very clever how Ivy/Drizella insisted on pouring herself a glass from the top shelf, using the very same fictional brand.  It reminded me very much of Charles Widmore lecturing Desmond Hume that he was not worth a swallow of this whiskey in Lost.  Desmond was able to prove Charles wrong and I am certain Regina will do the same.  Are you?


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl