Ranking my top 5 Male Vampires from TV: “I’ve Always Been Bad”

Happy Tuesday TV viewers!  When you think of vampires, what comes to mind?  There is that overwhelming sense of darkness and desire that is beyond dangerous.  And yet, you still find yourself intrigued by their existence.  Whether it’s about blood or lust, there is something beyond mesmerizing about vampires.  While many vampires have entertained us in film, books, and television, there are some characters that truly stand the test of time, inviting us into their world of darkness.

For today’s list, I am going to be looking at male vampires from television.  Whether the vampire is considered the “big bad” or is on a quest for redemption, there is something undeniably hypnotizing about their existence.  These vampires are not just about the kill.  They are complex and unique and we often find ourselves rooting for them above all others…and maybe even swooning over them from time to time as well.  Please note some spoilers are ahead. 

My top 5 Male Vampires from TV are:


Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals & The Vampire Diaries

Klaus vampire collage

“You know, over the years, I’ve had my share of friends, enemies, lovers, losses, and triumphs. With time, they all begin to run together, but you will find the real moments are vibrant. The rest just fades away. Your pain will fade.” 

When I first saw Klaus on The Vampire Diaries, I was instantly intrigued.  He basically stole the show for me and I was beyond excited when I found out that the spin-off series, The Originals, would focus around him and his family.  Klaus is dangerous and a formidable foe that you do not want to cross.

Klaus gif

He has a quick temper and a monstrous quality, but he also has an artistic side to him and possesses wisdom beyond his years.  He reveals glimmers of goodness along the way, especially when it comes to Caroline, Camille, and Hope.  Klaus is the epitome of the “bad boy” on television, but he is so classy about it as well, which makes him the perfect anti-hero.


Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

Damon vampire collage

“If you’re going to be bad, be bad with a purpose or else you’re not worth forgiving.” 

When we first met the Salvatore brothers on The Vampire Diaries, Damon easily became my favorite.  While Stefan is conflicted and brooding, Damon just wants to have fun.  Although his idea of fun often involves killing and torture, there is just something so charismatic about Damon.

Damon gif

Like Klaus, Damon’s character shifts toward redemption, as he falls desperately in love with Elena.  Damon’s actions become selfless and pure, which really elevates his character even more.  While I enjoyed seeing the growth of his character, I do prefer his bad boy charm, as he really shows off his flair for being evil with style.


Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

Angel vampire collage

“She made me feel like a human being.  That’s not the kind of thing you just forgive.”

The vampire with a soul who had us falling desperately in love with him, along with Buffy Summers, absolutely deserves a spot on this list.  Angel is cursed by gypsies and has to live as a creature of the night with a conscience.  While Angel initially shies away from society because of this, he eventually finds his purpose when he meets Buffy.

Buffy gif.gif

Angel tries to help Buffy, but ends up falling in love with her, which becomes beyond complicated when he loses his soul after experiencing a “moment of true happiness” with her.  When Angel’s soul is gone, he reveals just how dangerous he is by torturing Buffy and her friends, proving that he truly relishes in watching others suffer.  Angel’s soul is later returned, but he ends up leaving Buffy to give her a real chance at happiness and to further his own quest for redemption on a spin-off series.


Eric Northman from True Blood

Eric vampire collage

“Death is scary.  I’ve been avoiding it for a thousand years.”

This list would not be complete without including Eric Northman.  Like many of the other characters on this list, Eric has the bad boy charm act down pat.  Eric possesses a regal and elegant quality, while also being vicious and dangerous.

Eric gif.gif

He proves to be truly ruthless on the show and a formidable villain, but also reveals some humanity within him as well.  While he falls in love with Sookie, his relationship with Pam is also something that should be noted.  Eric is almost like a father figure to Pam and he truly does care about her, proving that bad-ass vampires can have feelings too.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one pick are:

  • Marcel from “The Originals”
  • Benny from “Supernatural”
  • Stefan from “The Vampire Diaries”
  • Eichhorst from “The Strain”
  • Roman from “Hemlock Grove”
  • Elijah from “The Originals”
  • Cassidy from “Preacher”
  • Bill from “True Blood”
  • Barnabas from “Dark Shadows”
  • John from “Being Human”


Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike vampire collage

“That’s right.  Big Bad’s back and lookin for a little death!”

So my number one pick has to go to William the Bloody, aka Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  When Spike first showed up with his crazy girlfriend, Drusilla, back in season 2, I was hooked on the show for life.  Spike just screams bad boy and he has this sexy and dangerous quality to him, which makes you almost feel wrong about rooting for him so much.  Almost.  Spike is absolutely hilarious and even probably tops Buffy with some of his puns, which are laugh out loud funny. 

Out for a walk spike.gif

Spike proves to be a threat to Buffy and the Scoobies over and over, but eventually gets a chip in his head that prevents him from harming humans.  Spike tries to fit in with the Scooby gang, but continues to go back to his evil ways whenever possible.

Later on in the series, Spike develops real feelings for Buffy and eventually earns back his soul.  Whether Spike is evil or good, you can’t help loving him.  His presence elevates the show and he reminds us that it’s never too late to try and do the right thing, even if you have been evil for over a century.

Spike will always be my favorite vampire of all time and will continue to be the “Big Bad,” even when reciting some of his “bloody awful poetry.”

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below on some of your favorite male vampires from TV.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “SMILF” season 1 episode 6: Bridgette’s Purpose

Greetings TV viewers!  After watching Showtime’s SMILF season 1 episode 6 last night, I am left with the spot-on advice from Dr. Seuss who said that “you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  For Bridgette, Tutu, Ally, and Rafi, it initially seems like their dreams are something to cling to, giving them a glimmer of hope that they aren’t trapped in their routine lives forever.  However, their dreams don’t exactly pan out the way they thought they would.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope or meaning in their lives.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Bridgette is psyched to receive an invitation letter to try out for the WNBA, her golden ticket to something she has always dreamed about.  Meanwhile, Tutu hunts down her former lover on Yelp and Rafi attempts to help his mother out while dealing with his own inner demons. My top 5 moments from SMILF season 1 episode 6 are:


Larry says “bye bye” to the IRS. 

In the beginning of the episode, Bridgette is going through a sea of bills and cringes at one from the IRS.  Larry innocently says “bye bye” and throws it off the table, causing Bridgette and viewers everywhere to smile as a result.  Bridgette is surrounded by never-ending bills, but is ecstatic when she receives an invitation letter to try out for the WNBA.  It seems like there is a glimmer of hope for Bridgette after all, allowing her to dive head-first into her hopes and dreams.


Ally has a 911.

As Bridgette is trying to prepare for her basketball tryouts, she is dealing with distractions left and right.  Ally begins texting her frantically, saying “911” and it’s “URGENT.”  Bridgette swings over there, hoping for something quick and easy, but discovers that Ally is covered head to toe in a cast as she has just went through every plastic surgery she possibly could at once.  Ally looks ridiculous, unable to even put a straw in her own mouth, but Bridgette has to put this on hold to go pursue her own dreams.  When Bridgette tells Ally that she was beautiful already, Ally points to the picture on her nightstand, explaining to Bridgette her own dream to look that young and beautiful again at a time when she was truly happy and in love.


Rafi has a moment of weakness.

Rafi is initially feeling happy and at peace.  He has been successfully sober for a while now and starts discussing all of the good things going on in his life with his priest sponsor, including putting together Ikea furniture with his girlfriend.  However, the priest warns him that every day is not going to be a perfect one and he has to cope with what will happen when he doesn’t feel this great.  As if he was foreshadowing what the day held for Rafi, he gets a call from his mother and goes to help her move some stuff and feed the dogs.  Rafi can’t handle the stress and begins taking his dog’s medication to numb the pain.  He goes to see his priest sponsor, who kisses him unexpectedly, leaving Rafi to flee, just needing to escape it all.  In a moment of weakness, he falls back into old habits, unable to deal with the chaos surrounding him.  We sympathize with what Rafi is going through and hope that he can put it behind him to start fresh and embrace the reality that not everything will work out perfectly.  Rather, he needs to focus on the supporting people in his life who will help him get there.


Tutu tracks down her lost love.

Tutu finds her past love on Yelp and decides to go and surprise him, posing as one of his patients at the dentist’s office.  While they do have a fleeting moment together, Tutu is horrified to see that he has had his tattoo removed, which is the other half of her heart, snapping her back into reality that their love maybe wasn’t this everlasting and epic story, but that perhaps they just outgrew each other.  They swap stories about their lives and families, and Tutu realizes that she is lucky to have Bridgette and Larry in her life, even though it turned out differently than she expected it to.


Bridgette tries out for the WNBA.

Bridgette is clearly nervous to try out for the WNBA, as it’s been about 10 years since she has played competitively.  However, this doesn’t stop her from trying out for her dream.  Although Bridgette is enthused and passionate, she is clearly outmatched.  Bridgette doesn’t want to lose any momentum, but reality starts to sink in when she asks if everyone she is playing against can dunk.  When one of the coaches says he has seen all he needs to for today and she can leave, Bridgette is begging for another chance.  While her dreams of playing for the WNBA are put on hold at least for today, Bridgette confides in Tutu and is reminded that Larry is her purpose in life.  Bridgette desperately wants something for herself, but comes to realize that being a mother is something truly special even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on SMILF below.  Also, congrats to the show on its Golden Globe nominations! Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl