Ranking the top 5 moments from “Younger” season 6 episode 12: “That’s A Lot to Think About!”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching TV Land’s Younger season 6 episode 12 season finale, I realized that “we have to make choices in life,” but it seems like Liza is not having a super easy time with this and things are only going to get more complicated for her.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  

In last night’s episode, “Forever,” Liza’s two worlds collide again, when she is left with an overwhelming choice that may change her life forever.  Meanwhile, Kelsey contemplates her next steps and Diana and Enzo get married.  My top 5 moments from the Younger season 6 episode 12 season finale are:


“I’m taking a leap and the net will appear.”

Well maybe, “but what if the sidewalk appears first,” as Liza points out to her good friend, Kelsey, who decides to move forward with her decision to leave Millennial.  Both Charles and Liza try to convince Kelsey to change her mind, but they do respect her decision.  Kelsey is looking to start her own publishing company and even secures Quinn as an investor, which surprises everyone, but is this really the right move for our girl Kelsey?


“It’s Diana’s day.”

Even though Diana’s wedding mostly serves as the background for this jam-packed episode, Diana looks beyond gorgeous in her gown and I was so happy to see her and Enzo get married without that interesting ice sculpture on display.  Leave it to Maggie and Lauren to stir up just the right amount of trouble!  Either way, it was wonderful to see one of my favorite ships finally get their happily ever after and I can’t wait to see what happens next with them!


“Does this count as me reaching out?”

Kelsey is going through a lot and Zane tries to show his support, but he also gives Kelsey a reality check about starting her own publishing company, especially since he just went through this recently.  Zane tells Kelsey that he thought she was awesome in the way she handled everything, but he also doesn’t like that she bailed on him and reminds her that it will need to be her move if she wants to pursue their relationship in the future.

Luckily, it doesn’t take Kelsey too long to discover where her heart truly lies, as she holds Zane’s hand during Diana and Enzo’s wedding, letting Zane know that she’s ready to give their relationship a true chance.  I ship these two so much and I am really happy that they are going to keep things going!  Yay!


“I wouldn’t want anyone else to have it…”

After Infinitely 21 wants to use Liza’s tattoo design, Josh explains that he needs to get permission.  Liza initially tells him that it’s fine, but she quickly has a change of heart, flashing back to the day that Josh gave her that tattoo, realizing how unique and special it is to their past relationship.

Liza says, “It’s ours” and Josh seems to be pleased with her answer, recognizing that perhaps Liza has not truly moved on just yet.  A tattoo is forever, but is Liza ready to finally trust her instincts and go with her heart?  Well…it’s about to get even more complicated!


“Will you marry me?”

Charliza finally gets a moment alone during the season finale and it’s a very big moment, as Charles explains that perhaps the family trip was not a great idea and asks Liza to marry him.  Before Liza can answer, Kelsey interrupts and says, “I do” to Charles’s offer to make her a member of the board, giving her a stake in the company.  The bridal party splits these two apart and we are left seeing Liza and Charles looking at one another across the dance floor. 

I mean, talk about a cliffhanger!  What will Liza say?  Is she ready to finally make a choice?  I can’t wait to find out and I’m curious to learn whether Team Charles or Team Josh will be victorious.  Although, perhaps Liza will choose herself during this impossible choice to make things even more dramatic, but we will have to wait until 2020 to find out!!!!!!  Stay tuned Younger fans!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Younger below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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13 Reasons Why you should watch “13 Reasons Why” Season 2

If you’re a devoted television fan like me, then I’m sure you have heard of the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why.  Last year I spent an entire day binge-watching the first season and I have to say that it had me laughing, crying, and shocked more than I thought possible.  I do recommend that you read the warnings before each episode, as some of the content can be emotionally disturbing.

Having said that, the characters on this show are so real and it’s hard not to connect to their stories and dive into their world.  Our hearts break for some characters and we find ourselves angry at others, but we learn that “everyone affects everyone” in some way or another and it’s up to us to decide how we are going to behave and who we are going to become in the process.  It may be difficult to step out of a label or an expectation, but doing the right thing and supporting the people around us is so much more important.

While season 1 focuses primarily on Hannah Baker’s story, season 2 gives us the chance to see what happened from other perspectives, as unlikely heroes emerge and second chances are presented.  Please note major spoilers are ahead.  My top 13 reasons to check out 13 Reasons Why season 2 are: 



Clay gets a tattoo.

In the beginning of season 2, Clay is still with Skye and we learn that it has been 5 months since Hannah committed suicide.  Clay decides to get a semicolon tattoo, but ends up passing out.  As a result, he has a “fucking comma.”  Skye has emotional problems of her own and ends up moving away, but is an important influence on Clay’s life.  At the end of the season, Clay returns to finish the tattoo.  The semicolon symbol is important, representing another way to continue a sentence, rather than end it simply with a period.  This can be true about a sentence, a story, and about one’s life.  Selena Gomez and several of the actors on 13 Reasons Why have gotten the same tattoo and have discussed its message and significance.  The tattoo marks the beginning of Clay’s new journey, as he tries to deal with his life without Hannah.  No one said it would be easy, but Clay is ready to move on.


“There’s always another side to every story.”

Part of what makes season 2 so great is that we get to see what happened from different perspectives.  In season 1, everything we learned was mostly through Hannah’s eyes.  However, season 2 allows us to explore more of that story and understand how her suicide has truly impacted those around her.  For example, we learn that Zach actually had a summer romance with Hannah and had real and true feelings for her.


Clay is still seeing Hannah.

It’s hard not to root for Clay and want the very best for him.  Clay’s world is still falling apart, even though he has tried to move on.  He begins seeing Hannah and even has full conversations with her throughout season 2.  Clay clearly understands that Hannah is gone, but his loneliness is sometimes too much to handle and it seems to bring him some sort of comfort to talk out loud to her.  While this allows us to see more of Hannah Baker, the real emphasis here is on Clay and him trying to make sense of his life and figure out a healthy way to move on and still get justice for Hannah.


“Feeling the pain and facing it.  That takes courage.”

Hannah’s mother, Mrs. Baker is dealing with quite a lot.  Her daughter is gone, her husband is filing for divorce, and she is consumed by the trial against the school.  It’s difficult to sit through the trial as some witnesses tell a truth that is difficult to hear, while others completely lie.  Later on we learn that Hannah was responsible for bullying a girl at her old school.  Hannah wasn’t perfect, but Mrs. Baker’s love for her is unconditional and like Clay, she desperately wants justice for her daughter.  Mrs. Baker does have a second chance to make things right, as she becomes an important influence for both Jessica and Alex.  While Mrs. Baker may not have been able to save Hannah, she has the opportunity here to make a real difference with two kids in pain.


Alex puts the pieces back together.

At the end of season 1, Alex shot himself in the head, but did survive.  It’s difficult for him to walk and he has lost huge chunks of his memory, but he is determined to put the pieces back together.  He even listens to the tapes again, which eventually Clay leaks out to everyone anonymously so that they can learn what truly happened.  In episode 11, a huge fight breaks out and Alex begins to remember things, like Monty’s part in all of this.  He refuses to sit by on the sidelines and becomes a character you can truly relate to.


“Love as infinity.”

In one of my favorite moments of season 2, Clay and Hannah are lying on the floor and looking up at the ceiling.  They discuss the concept of infinity and how to understand it and Hannah suggests that “maybe that’s how we understand it.  Love that goes on forever.”  In this moment, it’s like the entire world has stopped and it’s just Clay and Hannah.  Clay’s love for Hannah is beautiful and transcendent.  This is a memory he can always hold on to forever, suggesting that her words are actually spot on.


Unlikely heroes step forward.

Characters like Mr. Porter, Justin, and Zach all get second chances in season 2.  Mr. Porter breaks down in court and even though he did everything he could according to policy, he feels like he could have done more.  He ultimately loses his job, but his words are important and he tries to make a difference in as many lives as he can.  While he feels like he let Hannah down, he has a second chance to make it right.  Justin has been living on the streets and Clay finds him and lets him stay at his house secretly.  Justin has an addiction to heroin and has been dealing with quite a lot, but he is able to do the right thing and tell the court and the police what he saw Bryce do to Jessica.  While Justin has consequences of his own because of his involvement, he is willing to do the right thing and become someone to be proud of.  When Clay tells Justin that his family wants to adopt him, it looks like he can finally get the second chance he deserves.  Now he just needs to kick that nasty drug habit.  Zach is another character who becomes an unlikely hero.  Even when he was with Hannah, he was a coward and allowed Bryce and the others to make fun of her.  Zach finally breaks out of this and stands against Bryce.  In the huge fight in episode 11, he finally picks a side.  Zach is an important character because he reminds us that sometimes it’s easier to do nothing and stay quiet, but taking a stand takes real courage and can shape us into who we are meant to be.


“Some people will still blame others.”

While many of the characters are trying to pick up the pieces and move on, poor Tyler is having a rough go at it.  While it’s easy to dislike Bryce who refuses to believe that he is wrong, a character like Monty can be even more dangerous.  Monty’s actions are cruel and disturbing.  In a graphic sexual assault, Monty does the unthinkable to Tyler.  The rape scene in the bathroom is extremely difficult to watch.  Tyler is traumatized and is looking to take revenge against his classmates as a result of this.  Even though unlikely heroes have emerged, there are still bullies and villains present, refusing to take a hard look in the mirror to see what they have done.  Bryce and Monty have destroyed lives with their actions.  But will they ever truly try to make amends?


Justice for Jessica.

Jessica is having a very difficult time coping and is unable to name Bryce throughout most of season 2.  After Justin comes forward, Jessica is able to finally file a police report.  Even though Bryce gets off with 3 months probation, she no longer needs to hide from the truth.  Jessica learns how to live her life without being defined by something that happened to her and to step forward for those who can’t.  For example, Chloe has the opportunity to speak out against Bryce and can’t go through with it.  However, Chloe has another problem to deal with, as she confides in Jessica that she is pregnant.  Jessica is also able to get justice for Hannah in this moment as well, who never got the chance to speak out against Bryce.  Even though the trial ends with ruling in favor of the school, what happened to Hannah is not to be forgotten.  Jessica’s justice is also extremely important.


“I can love you and still let you go.”

Earlier in season 2, Skye leaves and says these words to Clay.  They are beautiful and meaningful and later when Clay speaks at Hannah’s service, he applies them to his love for Hannah.  The service allows everyone to finally say goodbye to Hannah and cherish her memory.  Clay’s eulogy is so real and heartbreaking.  While he will never forget Hannah, he is ready to move on with his life.


“The Night we Met.”

In the season 2 finale, Clay and everyone are at the school dance.  “The Night we Met” song comes on again, which is the song he danced with Hannah to.  Clay’s emotions begin overwhelming him and Tony immediately goes to find him when he hears the song.  In a beautiful moment, Tony and all of his friends surround Clay and sway back and forth to the music.  All of these characters have come together to be there for Clay.  He is no longer alone and these characters are now linked forever.  In season 1, they were all brought together by terrible secrets, but in season 2 they are brought together to honor Hannah and to support each other no matter what comes their way.


“What do we do?  Do we look the other way or do we help them?”

When Clay discovers that Tyler is on his way to the school with an assault rifle, everyone suggests that they call the police and get out of there.  Clay refuses to run away, however.  He knows that Hannah would want him to step in and help.  It’s never too late and Clay risks his life trying to tell Tyler this.  Tony gets Tyler out of there in the nick of time, while Clay is left standing outside holding the gun.  In this moment, Clay is beyond courageous, but he has a lot to explain once the police show up.


“But no matter how many reasons there might be why, there are always more why not.”

This is probably the most significant moment for me.  Mrs. Baker finds Hannah’s list of reasons and discovers that she made a list of reasons why not.  Clay and “Helmet” are on there, which reveals how important he truly was to Hannah.  Mrs. Baker tries to tell him that she left so many reasons out and that there are always more reasons why not, reminding us that living is what’s important.  Clay and the other characters are ready to finally start living.  The tragic moments are always going to happen and we can’t always control that, but we can control what we do afterwards.  It’s what makes us who we are; who we can still become.

 I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on 13 Reasons Why in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the top 5 moments from “SMILF” season 1 episode 6: Bridgette’s Purpose

Greetings TV viewers!  After watching Showtime’s SMILF season 1 episode 6 last night, I am left with the spot-on advice from Dr. Seuss who said that “you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  For Bridgette, Tutu, Ally, and Rafi, it initially seems like their dreams are something to cling to, giving them a glimmer of hope that they aren’t trapped in their routine lives forever.  However, their dreams don’t exactly pan out the way they thought they would.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope or meaning in their lives.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Bridgette is psyched to receive an invitation letter to try out for the WNBA, her golden ticket to something she has always dreamed about.  Meanwhile, Tutu hunts down her former lover on Yelp and Rafi attempts to help his mother out while dealing with his own inner demons. My top 5 moments from SMILF season 1 episode 6 are:


Larry says “bye bye” to the IRS. 

In the beginning of the episode, Bridgette is going through a sea of bills and cringes at one from the IRS.  Larry innocently says “bye bye” and throws it off the table, causing Bridgette and viewers everywhere to smile as a result.  Bridgette is surrounded by never-ending bills, but is ecstatic when she receives an invitation letter to try out for the WNBA.  It seems like there is a glimmer of hope for Bridgette after all, allowing her to dive head-first into her hopes and dreams.


Ally has a 911.

As Bridgette is trying to prepare for her basketball tryouts, she is dealing with distractions left and right.  Ally begins texting her frantically, saying “911” and it’s “URGENT.”  Bridgette swings over there, hoping for something quick and easy, but discovers that Ally is covered head to toe in a cast as she has just went through every plastic surgery she possibly could at once.  Ally looks ridiculous, unable to even put a straw in her own mouth, but Bridgette has to put this on hold to go pursue her own dreams.  When Bridgette tells Ally that she was beautiful already, Ally points to the picture on her nightstand, explaining to Bridgette her own dream to look that young and beautiful again at a time when she was truly happy and in love.


Rafi has a moment of weakness.

Rafi is initially feeling happy and at peace.  He has been successfully sober for a while now and starts discussing all of the good things going on in his life with his priest sponsor, including putting together Ikea furniture with his girlfriend.  However, the priest warns him that every day is not going to be a perfect one and he has to cope with what will happen when he doesn’t feel this great.  As if he was foreshadowing what the day held for Rafi, he gets a call from his mother and goes to help her move some stuff and feed the dogs.  Rafi can’t handle the stress and begins taking his dog’s medication to numb the pain.  He goes to see his priest sponsor, who kisses him unexpectedly, leaving Rafi to flee, just needing to escape it all.  In a moment of weakness, he falls back into old habits, unable to deal with the chaos surrounding him.  We sympathize with what Rafi is going through and hope that he can put it behind him to start fresh and embrace the reality that not everything will work out perfectly.  Rather, he needs to focus on the supporting people in his life who will help him get there.


Tutu tracks down her lost love.

Tutu finds her past love on Yelp and decides to go and surprise him, posing as one of his patients at the dentist’s office.  While they do have a fleeting moment together, Tutu is horrified to see that he has had his tattoo removed, which is the other half of her heart, snapping her back into reality that their love maybe wasn’t this everlasting and epic story, but that perhaps they just outgrew each other.  They swap stories about their lives and families, and Tutu realizes that she is lucky to have Bridgette and Larry in her life, even though it turned out differently than she expected it to.


Bridgette tries out for the WNBA.

Bridgette is clearly nervous to try out for the WNBA, as it’s been about 10 years since she has played competitively.  However, this doesn’t stop her from trying out for her dream.  Although Bridgette is enthused and passionate, she is clearly outmatched.  Bridgette doesn’t want to lose any momentum, but reality starts to sink in when she asks if everyone she is playing against can dunk.  When one of the coaches says he has seen all he needs to for today and she can leave, Bridgette is begging for another chance.  While her dreams of playing for the WNBA are put on hold at least for today, Bridgette confides in Tutu and is reminded that Larry is her purpose in life.  Bridgette desperately wants something for herself, but comes to realize that being a mother is something truly special even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on SMILF below.  Also, congrats to the show on its Golden Globe nominations! Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl