Ranking the top 5 moments from “Once Upon a Time” season 7 episode 12: “H Town”

After watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 12 last night, I wish I could get the opportunity to listen in on Henry’s full podcast, “H Town.”  While he carefully unravels a mystery for his listeners, he is spot on when he asks the relevant question:  “what could possibly happen next?”  When one door closes on OUAT, fans know that several more are about to open, bringing new faces to town and dangerous enemies as well.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “A Taste of the Heights,” we finally learn more about Sabine/Tiana’s past, which introduces us to new characters like Doctor Facilier and Prince Naveen.   Meanwhile, Rumpel finally throws his hat in the ring to uncover the mystery behind Lucy’s doctor’s death, Henry finds out about the mix tape Jacinda made him, and Regina’s jaded past catches up to her.  My top 5 moments from Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 12 are:


Welcome back Rumpel!

So even though Rumpel has been in most of the episodes this season, it seems like he has been taking a back seat to the drama, which seems uncharacteristic and suspicious.  Well that’s all about to change and it’s about time.  Rumpel begins investigating the death of Lucy’s doctor and doesn’t believe for one second that it is pure coincidence that she died at the exact moment that Victoria did.  He loops in Hook or “Nook” and explains that the lock of hair could mean that there is an evil in town extending past Eloise/Mother Gothel.  Our two favorite detectives interview Hilda who runs a bakery.  What’s her best seller?  Gingerbread of course, which Rumpel points out, is really out of season.  Hilda is blind and is clearly the witch from Hansel and Gretel.  While initially it seems like she might know more than she is letting on, she is then attacked and a lock of her hair goes missing as well.  Is this the work of Doctor Facilier?  Seems likely when we think about voodoo magic, but we know that Rumpel and Nook are on the case.


“Food Truck Queen of the Heights.”

So I was thrilled that we finally got the opportunity in this episode to really get a glimpse at Sabine/Tiana’s back story.  It really was perfect timing since Dr. Facilier and Prince Naveen have also conveniently shown up in town, now that Victoria is dead.  While Tiana/Sabine recognizes that she is a perfectionist, she’s used to putting on a “one woman show,” as Naveen/Drew reminds her.  Tiana always puts her people first in her past and tries to do what is right.  In her present, she is quite nervous about her food truck debut and is heartbroken when the cop tells her she can’t debut at the event because she is missing her safety permit.  While she initially blames Naveen/Drew, he does the right thing to win her trust and gives her his own safety permit.  Swoon!  While this seems to be bringing these two back together again, Doctor Facilier/Mr. Samdi shows up and tells Naveen that he did a good job winning her trust.  Is Naveen/Drew really out for himself or will he do the right thing and be true to Tiana/Sabine?


“The dark one in denim.  How quaint.”

Zelena was absolutely hilarious in this moment and I couldn’t help chuckling myself.  While Rumpel may not have the best fashion sense, he is vital to bringing down the new threat in the Heights.  When Rumpel approaches Regina and Zelena, Regina is initially angry because she tried to bring Rumpel into the fold much earlier.  However, she recognizes that he might be the key to them saving Henry.  They put two and two together and realize that someone is killing witches.  This means that the threat is nowhere near over and it also means that Regina and Zelena are in danger themselves.  Will they be able to stop this new threat before it’s too late?


“Word on the street is you made me a mix tape.”

While I can’t really buy Henry using the phrase, “word on the street,” this moment is absolutely adorable between him and Jacinda.  Lucy is now awake and it seems like Henry and Jacinda’s romance can finally begin or begin again.  Lucy is beyond excited and they invite Henry over for a game night.  Lucy confides to Henry that it’s all real and that her grandmother, Victoria showed her the book.  While she doesn’t know where the book is now, she is convinced that true’s love kiss will break the curse.  However, Lucy finds a missing page of the book which reveals the truth that the kiss will end Henry’s life.  She quickly intervenes just in the nick of time and stops the kiss from happening.  Now that Lucy knows the truth, who will she turn to for help?  Will Henry and Jacinda ever be able to get their happily ever after?


Regina’s past is revealed.

While it seems apparent that Doctor Facilier could be the evil threat everyone is talking about, I was shocked to learn that Regina had a romantic past with him.  At the end of the episode, Regina pays him a visit and says, “You think you can just waltz into my town and pretend you’re cursed.”  She asks him what he is here for, which is something we are all wondering, but Doctor Facilier does not appear to be intimidated by his former flame, Regina.  Big mistake Doctor Facilier.  If there is anything I know for sure, it’s that you don’t mess with Regina Mills!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Once Upon a Time below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 14: “The Last House on the Left”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 14 last night, I am left with Mr. Lodge’s words of wisdom:  “you never ever hesitate” when it comes to protecting the ones you love.  While his words hold true for Archie especially, it’s often difficult for some of our other favorite characters to let their walls down and open up to one another, especially if they have a “ponytail and a secret.”  A dangerous combination for sure of sweetness and scandal, but what happens when we finally let others into our inner most thoughts?  Can we really trust them or are we in for a dangerous road of lies and deception?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Twenty-Seven:  The Hills Have Eyes,” Veronica, Archie, Betty, and Jughead are off to a weekend getaway at Veroncia’s family cabin on the lake, which leads to an eventful night where buried secrets reach the surface and dangerous threats lurk behind the corner.  Meanwhile, Cheryl deals with her own feelings of insecurity and leans on an unexpected new friend, Josie learns the truth about her mother, and Jughead gets a weird vibe from Chic.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 14 are:


Weekend getaway.

Veronica is absolutely thrilled when her father suggests that she go to their family cabin for a relaxing weekend with her boyfriend and friends.  However, what Veronica doesn’t know is that her father, Mr. Lodge is trying to keep her away from Riverdale, as he begins some important business transactions.  Mr. Lodge does fill Archie in on the plan and lets him know that his right hand man, Andre will be there in case anything goes wrong.  Mr. Lodge is trusting Archie not to spill the beans to Veronica, which shows that Archie really has passed the test of loyalty with flying colors.  Is he up for lying to Veronica to win Mr. Lodge’s approval, however?  Our favorite couple, Bughead happily joins in on the fun and poor Cheryl is left out, as they aren’t really looking for a fifth wheel to spoil the weekend.  It seems like romance and relaxation is in the air, but not for long, as Mr. Lodge’s plan backfires when Veronica catches Archie talking to Andre in the woods.  Veronica is clearly hurt and angered by this betrayal, expecting much more from her boyfriend and father.


Josie learns about her mother’s relationship with Sheriff Keller.

After the Lodge family threatened to expose Mayor McCoy, she needed to make quick and sudden moves to protect her reputation and her family.  She comes clean to her daughter, Josie about her relationship with Kevin’s father, Sheriff Keller and gently explains that she will be getting a divorce.  Josie is completely crushed by this news and feels hurt and betrayed by her mother’s actions.  Not thinking clearly about consequences, Josie shares the news with Kevin who doesn’t know anything about his father’s affair.  Josie’s mother is upset by Josie’s cruelty as it was not her news to spread, but they come to an understanding when Josie reveals how hurt she was by this revelation.  At the end of the episode, the four sit down at Pop’s diner and it looks like they will be able to get through this after all, with some heartache along the way for sure, but at least it’s all out in the open now.


Jalapeno margaritas and hot tubs.

Veronica realizes that their weekend getaway will need some spicing up, especially after some dangerous secrets are revealed.  She whips up a batch of her margaritas and suggests “step 1:  clothes off, swimsuits on.”  While it seems like this love rhombus can relax somewhat, Veronica suggests that her and Jughead kiss to “level the playing field.”  While Archie and Betty are clearly not thrilled with this idea, they sit by quietly and let it happen because they do still feel guilty about their own secret kiss.  Even though Betty initially kept the kiss from Jughead, he is willing to forgive her and explains that he’s “not intimidated by a black hood prompted kiss.”  Betty shows her gratitude later on by bringing out her favorite black wig and her sexy side as a distraction, leading to some “aggressive hand holding” as Veronica would say.  While it seems like Bughead is ok for now, will the couple be able to survive more secrets and betrayal?  After all, Jughead still doesn’t know about Betty’s new and dangerous obsession with “webcamming.”


“Cheryl Bombshell.”

Cheryl is clearly disappointed and feeling left out when she is not invited along to the weekend getaway and is desperately trying to avoid her own home that her mother has “turned into a sex playground.”  While Cheryl makes some rash decisions as a result of this, it’s hard not to feel sympathetic towards her.  Cheryl calls Jughead and reveals the truth about Betty’s kiss with Archie that she thought was “like with tongue serious,” desperately trying to spoil their weekend since she is hurt.  Toni walks in on this and calls her out on it, but Cheryl puts her guard up immediately and reminds her exactly who she is:  “Hi I’m Cheryl Blossom, aka Cheryl Bombshell which means I need no reasons.  Feel free to tremble.”  Toni is not scared off by this, however; and continues to reach out to her, recognizing that she is in pain and in need of a friend.  After seeing Cheryl alone at the movies, Toni offers to sit with her.  Cheryl later admits to Toni that she “never cries at movies because real life is tragic enough.”  In this moment, Cheryl finally lets her guard down, revealing her vulnerability and past secrets to Toni.  Toni sympathetically listens to her and a budding friendship or relationship is forming at this point for sure.  In a beautiful moment, Toni simply tells Cheryl:  “you’re not loveless.  You’re not deviant.  You’re sensational.”  Toni’s uncomplicated honesty is getting through to Cheryl and it looks like their relationship will grow even further based on the previews revealed for next week’s episode.  Will Cheryl’s mother come between their relationship, however?


“It really was the last house on the left.”

While I initially caught the film reference from Jughead, I never guessed that this comparison would actually not be far off by the end of the episode.  Tensions begin to run high when Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead learn that Mr. Lodge has bought Sunnyside Trailer Park, clearing the debt and evictions of everyone who lives there along with the Riverdale Register.  Jughead initially jumps to the conclusion that Mr. Lodge is buying their silence along with the free press in this action and underlying animosity comes screeching to the surface, as this puts a clear divide between Archie and Veronica and Betty and Jughead.  This argument is put on hold, however; when armed robbers break into the cabin, putting their lives in immediate danger.  Veronica doesn’t lose her cool and carefully presses the panic button when she reaches for her purse, signaling to Andre and the rest of her father’s security company that they are in desperate need of some assistance.  The robbers run off, but not before grabbing Veronica’s necklace, which prompts Archie to irrationally run after them.  Andre lets him know that he’ll take it from there and Archie walks away, but not before hearing a deafening gun shot that lets him know the threat is over for good.  While Archie clearly has mixed feelings about what happened because of his moral compass, Mr. Lodge reminds him that “you never ever hesitate,” which causes the memories of the Black Hood to come flooding back, invading his conscience and pulling at his unresolved guilt.  Will Archie be able to come to terms with what happened?  It looks like he will need to put his own feelings on hold for now, while Mr. Lodge continues to make strategic moves in Riverdale.   Of course this begs the question, what is his end game in all of this?

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking my top 5 One True Pairings on Television: Ships that will make you Swoon

Happy Valentine’s Day TV fans!  When it comes to defining what makes a OTP (one true pairing) on television, what comes to mind?  Is it the passionate and fiery moments between these two characters or is it more about an everlasting love that stands the test of time?  Whether it involves sacrifice and heartbreak or compromise and understanding, there are some couples on television who truly encompass the essence of love.  It’s rare to find that happy ending that we read about in fairy-tales, but these OTPs are not for lack of trying.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch any of these series yet.  Please also note that sitcoms were not included for today’s list.  My top 5 One True Pairings on television are:


Veronica & Logan from Veronica Mars.

Veronica and Logan 2 14

Logan: “I thought our story was epic, you know you and me?”

Veronica:  “Epic how?”

Logan:  “Spanning years and continents.  Lives ruined, bloodshed.  EPIC…”

Although Veronica Mars only lasted for three seasons, it still gave fans plenty of time to ship Veronica and Logan.  While the beginning of the series focuses on her feelings for her former love, Duncan, Veronica also seems to initially despise Logan.  On the surface, Logan is selfish and cruel, refusing to apologize for his actions.  When Veronica and Logan team up later on in season one, you cannot deny the sparks flying between these two.  Logan lets his guard down for Veronica and they fall in love with each other.  These two do not ride off into the sunset, however; as they are in for their fair share of ups and downs.  At the end of the season one cliffhanger, fans are not sure who is on the other side of the door for Veronica when she says, “I was hoping it would be you.”  Once season 2 premieres, we learn that it was Logan waiting for her on the other end, but she is now dating Duncan to make things even more complicated.  Even when Veronica and Logan are not together, Logan clearly cares about Veronica than anyone else.  He constantly proves his love for her and defends her honor, not caring about the consequences.  While Logan may initially lack the stability that Veronica ultimately needs, his love for her is unchanging.  At the end of the series, Logan and Veronica are not back together, leaving fans disappointed.  However, when the Veronica Mars film was released years later, Veronica and Logan finally got the happy ending they deserved.  It was worth the wait!


Piper & Leo from Charmed.

Piper and Leo 2 14

“Leo, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I was afraid that you were too good to be true, that maybe I didn’t deserve someone so pure and beautiful and loving as you are…Leo I was born to love you and I always will.”

At the beginning of the Charmed series, the blossoming relationship between Piper and Leo is delightful and real.  Piper’s sister, Phoebe even initially competes with her to win Leo’s affection, but it’s always been clear where Leo’s heart lies.  As Piper’s white lighter, it is forbidden for them to be together, but they cannot deny their connection.  Piper and Leo have been through so much together and Leo is even ripped away from her by the elders during their first attempt at a wedding.  Ultimately, Piper and Leo are meant for each other.  However, they go through quite a lot on the way and are tested constantly.  Piper and Leo have two beautiful sons, Wyatt and Chris, and form a beautiful family together, constantly trying to keep this priority above all others.  While Piper is known for her quick temper, Leo balances her out and always keeps her calm.  When they are apart, it’s truly heartbreaking, as fans recognize the selfless love these two have for one another.  Piper and Leo do get their happy ending and keep their friendship and love strong in the process.  There is something so believable and undeniable between Piper and Leo, still holding the test of time and reminding us what true love is all about.


Emma & Hook from Once Upon a Time.

Hook and Emma 2 14

When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it. It will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me. 

When the devilishly handsome Captain Hook sailed into our hearts on OUAT, he initially was out for revenge.  While Hook innocently flirted with Emma from the start, his love for her allowed him to grow as a character and to learn from his wicked past.  Hook was always used to taking the easy way out and making decisions based on how well it suited him.  Emma changed this perspective, however; proving that he could be a selfless man.  When Hook realized his strong feelings for Emma, he even backed down and explained that she should be with Neal so that Henry could have his family all together.  Hook truly loved Emma at this point, but was willing to sacrifice this so that she could find happiness.  Later, when they did end up together, Emma’s power became too great and evil corrupted her heart.  The only thing that could bring her back to goodness was Hook’s love for her.  Emma and Hook had one of the most beautiful relationships on television and their wedding at the end of season 6 was touching and heart-warming.  Hook’s love for Emma transformed him from a villain into a hero one can be proud of, who will never stop fighting for the one he loves.  Now that’s a fairy-tale ending!


Buffy & Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy and Angel 2 14

Angel:  “This isn’t some fairy-tale.  When I kiss you…you don’t wake up from a deep sleep and live happily ever after.”

Buffy:  “No, when you kiss me, I wanna die.”

This list would not be complete without including Buffy and Angel.  Known as the vampire cursed with a soul, Angel is initially used to being on his own, lurking in the shadows and staying clear of human connections.  When he crosses paths with Buffy, he realizes that he has a chance to turn his destiny around and do some good.  However, he falls in love with her along the way.  Buffy and Angel’s love is touching and romantic initially, making fans everywhere swoon this ship.  When Buffy and Angel consummate their love, he experiences a moment of true happiness and the curse is broken, freeing his soul in the process.  As a result of this, Angelus is released, the pure vampire killer with no remorse or guilt and he begins torturing Buffy and her friends.  Buffy is completely heart-broken but she proves her strength when she goes up against Angel, knowing that she must defeat him to protect the world.  She recognizes that the good man she came to know and love is gone, leaving only a shell of a monster behind.  After Buffy sacrifices Angel, he returns from Hell with his soul intact but their relationship is so complicated and shattered at this point.  They love each other but they know that they can’t get too close because of the consequences.  They try out being friends and the villainous vampire, Spike even points out that they can never be friends because their love for one another is messy and passionate.  At the end of season 3, Buffy and Angel part ways as Angel leaves the show for his spin-off, but not before he shows up at her prom to dance with her one last time, reminding her that he will always be there for her.  Although Buffy and Angel do not end up together and have other relationships along the way, they both recognize how much they truly care for one another.  They have a love that transcends romance, understanding that even though they are apart; they are always together on some level.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my favorite OTP are:

  • Blair & Chuck from Gossip Girl
  • Brenda & Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Michael & Sara from Prison Break
  • Maggie & Glenn from The Walking Dead
  • Octavia & Lincoln from the 100
  • Piper & Alex from Orange is the New Black
  • Kev & V from Shameless
  • Seth & Summer from The OC
  • Damon & Elena from The Vampire Diaries
  • Phoebe & Cole from Charmed
  • Buffy & Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Desmond & Penny from Lost
  • Sawyer & Juliet from Lost
  • Mike & Susan from Desperate Housewives
  • Tara & Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Clarke and Lexa from The 100
  • Sookie & Eric from True Blood
  • Nathan & Haley from One Tree Hill


Sun & Jin from Lost.

Sun and Jin 2 14

“I was going to leave you.  I was going to get away…but you made me change my mind.”

My all-time favorite OTP has to go to Sun & Jin from Lost.  For me, Sun and Jin have a love that is very different from other characters on television.  This is mostly because their love is the most real.  Their love isn’t perfect and there are times where they do temporarily give up on one another and forget about why they fell in love in the first place.  But this is what makes their love so important.  Real love isn’t out of a fairy-tale; although I’m sure we would like it to be.  Real love is about compromise and accepting that we will make mistakes along the way.  Sun has an affair with another man and even contemplates leaving Jin and running away at the airport.  However, Jin shows her that he is holding a small white flower, just like when they first met and she changes her mind.  It breaks Jin’s heart when he finds out that Sun speaks English, representing another lie she kept from him for so long.   Both Sun and Jin are looking to prove themselves to the other, only to later realize that their love is enough.  The fact that they are able to forgive each other for mistakes they made before, shows the viewer what the true love is all about.  Sun and Jin truly find themselves together as a couple and learn to love each other more than they thought possible.  After they are separated numerous times, they are finally reunited, not realizing that it will be short-lived.  Right after they are reunited, Sun gets pinned under metal in the sinking submarine and Jin is unable to free her.  Sun demands that he go and save himself, but Jin won’t leave her.  He will never leave her again.  Their death is one of the saddest for me to watch on television and the image of them holding hands under water as they take their last breaths, proves that they will never be apart again.

I hope you enjoyed my list and feel free to post your own comments and thoughts about some of your favorite OTPs on television.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Throw-back Sunday: Ranking the top 5 heart-warming moments from “Lost”

It’s Throw-Back Sunday TV Fans! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season.  Since it is that time of year, I started thinking about heart-warming moments from some of my favorite television shows.  For today, I am going to be counting down the top 5 heart-warming moments from Lost.  When you think of something heart-warming, what comes to mind?  According to the dictionary, it means something that is “emotionally rewarding or uplifting.”  Synonyms include:  “touching, moving, heartening, stirring, uplifting, pleasing, cheering, gladdening, encouraging, gratifying.”  So now that we know what it means, how does that translate for you into a single moment? I feel like different moments portrayed by our beloved characters on television impact us all in some way or another.  While some moments seem more heart-breaking than heart-warming, the line between these two often blurs if it has a glimmer of hope or happiness.  For me, it has to be a moment that truly resonates with me and stands the test of time.  Whether it is a particular dialogue that had meaning for me or a demonstration of unconditional love, the moment has to bring tears and a smile at the same time.  Sounds difficult to achieve, right?  What I love about heart-warming moments is that they bring out an array of emotions in us, but ultimately remind us of the importance of true connections with one another.  Sometimes a small act of kindness can have more of an impact than a grand gesture.  I think it’s important to remember that when we come across anyone who may be in need of some uplifting themselves.  What we do matters and our actions and words can truly make a difference.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not yet watched the series.  My top 5 heart-warming moments from Lost are:


Sawyer tells Jack about his conversation with Christian.

“And this guy, Christian, tells me he wishes he had the stones to pick up the phone, call his kid, tell him he’s sorry, that he’s a better doctor than he’ll ever be—he’s proud, and he loves him.” (Sawyer from episode Exodus part I)

What makes this moment truly heart-warming for me is that Sawyer has been trying so hard to make others hate him.  This takes place in season 1 and Sawyer is carrying quite a bit of emotional baggage around.  He goes out of his way to challenge Jack with every chance he gets and the two have somewhat of a rivalry throughout the whole show.  They are both initially in love with the same woman, Kate, and are both looked to as leaders by the group.  Initially, Sawyer proves that he is a man out for himself.  He keeps a stash of supplies hidden and refuses to help out just to do the right thing.  Jack, on the other hand, is selfless in his actions.  He attempts to motivate the Flight 815 survivors and embarks on several adventures because he knows they are counting on him.  However, Jack is not perfect either.  Before he got on Flight 815, he had traveled to Sydney, Australia to recover his father’s body.  Jack’s relationship with his father, Christian, was very complicated.  Christian frequently told Jack that he didn’t have what it takes and that he had trouble letting go.  When Jack arrives on the island, he begins even seeing his dead father roaming around the island, forcing his fears and insecurities to the surface.  Jack has always been under the impression that he wasn’t good enough, but when Sawyer shares this conversation with him, he is truly impacted and even sheds a tear.  Jack did have what it takes and his father was very proud of him.  They were both just too stubborn to admit this and unfortunately Christian died before ever sharing this with his son.  Throughout the series, we learn that many of the Losties have crossed paths before they stepped onto the plane and their lives and decisions are intertwined.  Sawyer’s decision to let Jack know about this proves that he truly is a good person deep down and recognizes the importance of family and friendship.


Jack passes the torch to Hurley.

“It was only supposed to be me so I can do this. But if someone has to take care of the island, if someone has to protect it…then it should be you Hurley.  I believe in you.” (Jack from episode The End)

Fans were not surprised when Jack stepped up to volunteer to become the candidate who would take Jacob’s place to protect the island.  Jack has always reacted quickly and made tough decisions for the greater good.  However, when he ultimately passes the torch to fan-favorite, Hurley, this was a truly touching and heart-warming moment.  Throughout the series, Hurley demonstrates that he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He always tries to make others laugh and help out, even when he is told he’ll just get in the way.  Jack and everyone else recognize that Hurley’s gift is taking care of others which is why this moment is so beautiful.  Hurley always had trouble believing in himself and now he has to face his fear and embrace this important responsibility.  He tells Jack that he will only do it temporarily until he gets back, but will ultimately become the permanent protector of the island.  Hurley was capable of being a leader all along; he just needed to believe it.  Jack’s belief in him gives him the courage to unleash his potential.


Charlie and Claire have imaginary peanut butter together.

“I remember peanut butter.  Why do I remember peanut butter?” (Claire from episode Homecoming)

For me, this is one of the most iconic and romantic moments on the show.  When Charlie and Claire are first starting to get to know one another, she is revealed to be very pregnant, but Charlie isn’t scared off by her in the slightest.  Their friendship and budding romance has an innocent quality and allows viewers to feel young again.  When Charlie asks Claire if there is anything she craves or misses, she admits that she is “the only Australian who loves peanut butter.”  Charlie is disappointed when he cannot initially find any, but he doesn’t give up here.  He shows up with an empty jar and pretends that it is filled with peanut butter.  The two sit on the beach and enjoy the imaginary peanut butter together, laughing and gazing at each other with joy.  What I love about this moment is that everyone around them is worrying, while Charlie and Claire take a small moment to have some fun and forget about the chaos for just a little while.


Penny answers Desmond’s call after 8 years.

“I won’t call for eight years.  December 24, 2004.  Christmas Eve.  I promise.  Please, Pen.” (Desmond from episode The Constant)

Seems like a lot to ask of someone, right?  Desmond and Penny have broken up, but he shows up on her doorstep and tells her that she can’t change her number and that she must answer his call 8 years later.  Even I would think that person is absolutely crazy.  It’s not like Desmond can exactly explain that his mind is traveling between times and that Penny is the key to saving his life.  Desmond and Penny’s love has always been something epic and timeless.  They are frequently separated but refuse to give up on one another.  They teach us that true love does exist but that it doesn’t always work out so perfectly.  Penny and Desmond both make mistakes along the way, but ultimately end up together because they never stop believing in their love for one another.  It’s a powerful and undeniable bond that cannot be broken.  When Desmond snaps back into the current time, he dials Penny’s number on the freighter.  It rings several times as fans were on the edge of their seats, wondering if she would answer after all this time.  When Penny does answer the phone, Desmond’s memory and mind are healed and she reminds him that she won’t give up on him.  Very similar to true love’s kiss from fairy-tales, this moment reminds us that having someone you love stick by you can help you overcome any challenge or impossible task.  You just need to believe in it.


Vincent stays with Jack so he is not alone.

But if we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone.” (Jack from episode White Rabbit)

While I admit that I probably have shed more tears than smiles in this moment, there is something truly uplifting and heart-warming about this last scene on the show.  Jack is dying after he has sacrificed himself to re-light the island and is wandering through the same bamboo forest he did when he first woke up here after his flight crashed.  To bring everything full circle, Jack lies down and looks at the sky, waiting for the end to come.  A familiar bark is heard and Walt’s dog, Vincent appears by his side and lies down next to him.  As an animal lover myself, this moment really resonated with me.  The unconditional love a dog has for a companion is something that is truly special.  When Jack’s eye closes, similar to when his eye opened in the beginning of the series, he knows that his words held true.  He is not alone.  He never was.  He helped his friends and he made a difference that will stand the test of time.

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post some of your own favorite heart-warming moments from Lost below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl