Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 3 episode 15: “A Norman Rockwell Painting with Leather Jackets”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 3 episode 15, I thought back to Jughead’s question:  What exactly is the American Dream?  Does it involve being surrounded by family and friends?  And if so, what happens when that dream is threatened?  Do you go on pretending to protect those you love or do you shatter the picture perfect image to release the truth?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Fifty:  American Dreams,” Gladys buys Alice Cooper’s home, which makes things a little awkward for Jughead and Betty.  Meanwhile, our favorite couples all begin to clash, but is this the beginning of the end for them?  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 3 episode 15 are:


“Do you love her FP?”

After Gladys buys the Cooper home with cash, she is ready to move in and get a do-over with her family.  FP recognizes the importance of keeping them all together and tells Alice that it’s over.  Alice asks him if he loves Gladys and he tells her that she is the mother of his children, but when Alice asks if FP loves her, he says, “It doesn’t matter now,” which is absolutely heartbreaking.  For all of you Falice fans, my heart goes out to you, but I’m not sure that FP will want to continue to rebuild his marriage once he discovers that Gladys has been lying about everything.  Don’t give up hope!


“Now we don’t owe each other anything.”

It seems like love is not in the air during this episode, as Reggie begins to clash with Veronica.  Reggie wants to become Veronica’s business partner and he has certainly proven his worth, but Veronica is a Lodge through and through, as she wants to be cautious about this decision, especially when she still owes Gladys and her father money.  Reggie is not happy with this and tries to steal back his car, but Gladys catches him, which is not good for anyone.  Veronica is able to smooth things over with Gladys, but not with Reggie, who just wants to matter.  Veronica just came out of a serious relationship with Archie, but I’m not sure she is ready to surrender the guard around her heart just yet.  In a selfless moment, she does buy back Reggie’s car from Gladys, but coldly explains that they don’t owe each other anything anymore, suggesting that Veggie is over for now.


“I need to focus my rage.”

In this episode, Cheryl and Toni continue to clash, as Toni is looking to find her own identity with the Pretty Poisons.  Cheryl tries to be supportive, but she feels Toni slipping away from her.  Cheryl pulls out all the stops in a gorgeous red gown and arrives to gamble, but Toni recognizes that she is casing the place, ultimately to get Toni’s attention.  This certainly works and provides Choni fans with a hot and steamy moment for these two, but it’s not enough.  Toni decides to move out of Cheryl’s house, suggesting it was maybe too soon too fast.  I felt for Cheryl so much in this moment, but our girl is not about to sit around crying.  While playing croquet, Cheryl summons Kevin and explains, “I need to focus my rage.”  And so we get our setup for the Heathers musical, which we have been anxiously waiting for.  I’m sure Cheryl will rock it as Heather Chandler, but will this distraction heal her broken heart?  I’m really hoping that Choni can reconcile, but it looks like our favorite couples are all dropping like flies.  Stay strong, Bughead!  I seriously can’t take another breakup.


“Sacrifice no more.”

Betty, Jughead, and Archie work together to find out how to save the Red Paladin.  Mr. Lodge has been supplying Archie with information and tells him that he gave out many “Kill the Red Paladin” cards, but Archie needs a way to lure them all out.  Jughead comes up with the brilliant idea to create an advanced quest as an addendum, but they need to make it look like it comes straight from the Gargoyle King.  The plan works, as we are welcomed to the “Iron Mountain,” better known as Mr. Lodge’s abandoned boxing gym.  How convenient.  Archie has no easy task in front of him, as he has to fight every opponent and win.  Archie sheds some blood and things are not looking so good when the last challenger steps in the ring, but Archie pulls through to win and tells him, “That was for me.”  Go Archie!  While Archie may have now retrieved all of the “Kill the Red Paladin” cards, I still do not trust Mr. Lodge.  Even though they have a truce now, he seems a little bit too forthcoming, but we’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds.


“I’m proud to be your son.”

Veronica comes clean with Betty and tells her all about Gladys, but Betty explains that she has to tell Jughead the truth.  Jughead initially doesn’t know what to make of this and tells Betty that he has to figure it out on his own, which had my heart sinking.  After discovering the truth, Jughead confronts his mother, but she reminds him that she is just trying to put her family back together again.  At FP’s 50th birthday party, Jughead is asked to give a speech and he has the opportunity to shed some light on everything, only he can’t break his father’s heart like this.  Jughead loves his father and knows that this news would destroy him.  In a heartwarming moment, Jughead says that FP is “someone who would do anything for his family” and further says, “We’ll always be there for you and I’m proud to be your son.”  However, Jughead Jones is not about to let anyone mess with his family, as he teams up with Betty in the end to determine what to do next, as Bughead remains strong.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Ranking the top Couples on Television for 2018: Ships that will make you Swoon and then some!

As the New Year quickly approaches, it really got me thinking about some of my absolute favorite couples or ships on television.  Whether it was a moment of passion, a first kiss, or a love built on friendship, there were many ships that had my heart skipping a beat, as I gasped for air and fell in love along with them.  It was difficult for me to narrow down my favorite ships for 2018 and I didn’t think it was possible for me to choose my absolute favorite one, which is where you came in!

I ran a three round poll (randomized tournament style) on Twitter and asked for fans to cast their votes for their favorite ships of the year on TV.  Thank you so much for your participation and support, as the tournament was so much fun and actually really competitive!

Round One featured the following ships/couples from 2018:

  • Pablo & Kelly from Ash vs Evil Dead
  • Harvey & Sabrina from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Ship name:  Harvina)
  • FP & Alice from Riverdale (Ship name:  Falice)
  • Ian & Mickey from Shameless (Ship name:  Gallavich)
  • Cheryl & Toni from Riverdale (Ship name:  Choni)
  • Violet & Tate from American Horror Story (Ship name:  Violate)
  • Liza & Charles from Younger (Ship name:  Team Charles)
  • Veronica & Archie from Riverdale (Ship name:  Varchie)
  • Alice & Robin from Once Upon a Time (Ship name:  Mad Archer)
  • Betty & Jughead from Riverdale (Ship name:  Bughead)
  • Jenna & Lila from The Purge (Ship name:  Jelinna)
  • Clarke & Bellamy from The 100 (Ship name:  Bellarke)

After your votes, the following couples moved on to Round Two:

  • Harvey & Sabrina
  • Cheryl & Toni
  • FP & Alice
  • Betty & Jughead
  • Alice & Robin
  • Veronica & Archie

Honorable Mention:  Clarke & Bellamy just came up short in Round One.  Let’s hope these two can FINALLY get together at some point in 2019!

Clarke and Bellamy gif.gif

After your votes in Round Two, the following couples moved on to the FINALS:

  • Betty & Jughead
  • Cheryl & Toni
  • Veronica & Archie

Most Spirited Ship Fans:  FP & Alice (Falice) fans deserve some recognition here even though they didn’t make it to the final round.  Riverdale dominated the votes and I would like to give a special shout out to Falice fans because they really did all rally together for these two!  Let’s hope FP and Alice get some much more needed screen time in 2019!

FP and Alice gif.gif

After your votes in Round Three, the FINAL results are:

3rd place:  Veronica & Archie (Varchie)

Veronica and Archie gif.gif

2nd place:  Betty & Jughead (Bughead)

Betty and Jughead Gif.gif

 Drum roll please…

1st place:  Cheryl & Toni (Choni)

Cheryl and Toni gif.gif

Cheryl and Toni WIN as your favorite TV couple/ship of 2018!  Congratulations and well deserved!  I am looking forward to many more swoon-worthy moments between these two.  They have a beautiful friendship and are truly the ultimate power couple.

Thanks to all the fans who voted!  I wish you all the best for the upcoming New Year!

View Final Poll Results Here!

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below on some of your favorite ships on TV from 2018.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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