Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 5 episode 13: “Hard to get Bigger than That”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 13, I realized that “together we can get from yesterday to tomorrow,” but what happens when that concept of togetherness starts to break off into separate pieces?  Sometimes we are forced to stand alone in order to protect what we believe in, but is it truly possible to keep that sense of togetherness going when there is always something or someone threatening its potential?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.

In last night’s episode, “Leave What You Don’t,” we get a glimpse into Logan’s past, while Sarah tries to make things right in the present.  Meanwhile, Alicia and Victor attempt to help a girl in need and end up getting some unexpected assistance.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 13 are:


“Maybe you’ll actually remember what you used to believe.”

In this episode, we learn a little bit more about Logan and take a peek into his past.  We witness Logan as “Desert Fox” trying to reach Clayton (Polar Bear) when a young woman asks for help at a truck stop by mile marker 65.  Clayton doesn’t respond and Logan does his best to make it there in time, but his truck runs out of gas.  Logan goes the rest of the way on foot and tries to keep the woman over the Walkie hopeful, but he is forced to listen to her get torn apart by walkers and is too late. 

Logan is devastated and it’s clear that this is the moment that broke his vision about helping others.  When Logan tries to take over the oil field in the present, he tells Luciana that he does remember, but that it’s all about survival of the fittest now.  I thought this glimpse into Logan’s past was necessary, but we still didn’t get a concrete answer on what his new vision is now, telling Luciana and the others that they wouldn’t be able to handle it and now I’m not sure we’ll ever know…


“What’s the point of having gas if we can’t use it to help people?”

A valid point for sure, Alicia, but I have to say that Alicia is getting quite good at painting those trees and I happen to like the phoenix design as well!  Alicia and Victor get a call over the radio from a woman trapped in a truck stop.  When they try to reach out to some of their friends, it seems like everyone is off doing their own thing, which means we probably have some more filler episodes coming our way to fill in those blanks…except we are getting pretty close to the end of the season.

Either way, Alicia and Victor try to make it in time, but will they be able to save her?


“I figured I should pay it forward.”

After Alicia and Victor run out of gas, it looks like the girl at the truck stop is not going to make it, but luckily Wes is there to save the day!  Yay!  Remember Wes?

Wes from Fear the Walking Dead AMC
Images courtesy of AMC

Well it looks like Alicia had an impact over him after all, as he hears the call over the radio and tries to do his part.  Oh and he likes the phoenix too so it looks like there may be some sparks flying between him and Alicia. 

I was really interested in Wes’s character when we first met him and I’m happy that he had a change of heart.  I’m looking forward to finding out more about him and it looks like the kindness of the group is spreading, but is it enough?


“We help people.  They help people.  Hard to get bigger than that.”

So I’ve been a fan of Sarah for a while now and she is always the one to break the tension with some humor, but she really showed us a different side in this episode and I thought it was really important for her character development.  Logan reminded Sarah that she was the reason why this all happened because she left Clayton to die when she stole his truck and that’s why he never answered Logan on the radio.

Logan and Sarah Fear the Walking Dead AMC
Images courtesy of AMC

Sarah explains that she thinks about that every single day and she truly tries to make amends when she goes back to save Logan when the walkers start crashing the party, literally falling right into the oil fields one by one.  While I love Sarah’s humor, I really enjoyed seeing this other side of her and it honestly made me like her that much more.


“That sounds like a deal to me…”

Everything comes full circle for Logan when he realizes that the girl Alicia is trying to help is also at the truck stop at mile marker 65 and he thinks that the only answer is for her to use the one bullet left in his gun to end it all.  When Wes shows up to save her, Logan has a change of heart and I was starting to think that everyone was going to start singing Kumbaya or something.  Fear not; however, as we do get a necessary twist. 

Logan tells his people to put his guns down, but he gets shot and killed, along with the rest of his followers.  We meet a new group, the Pioneers, led by a woman named Virgina…although apparently you can call her Ginny.  Logan encountered these ladies on horseback in his past, but they show up with perfect timing to shake things up.  Virginia explains that Logan was no longer essential and says that she has been paying attention to what our group has been doing, revealing that she thinks they can help each other. 

Before things get too crazy, Luciana volunteers as tribute and offers to stay behind to make the gas for them.  So who are the Pioneers? 

Virginia and the Pioneers Fear the Walking Dead AMC
Images courtesy of AMC

I’m not really sure what to make of this new group of villains just yet, but it’s about time something happened.  What are YOUR theories on this new group?  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Walking Dead” season 9 episode 4: “I’d Die For You”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season 9 episode 4, I realized that everyone handles their loneliness in different ways.  While some of us keep busy with a routine, others try and make a connection, desperately reaching out for someone to listen to us.  But what happens when there is no one left to listen?  Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Obliged,” the communities begin to divide even further, disrupting Rick’s vision for them to all live together in peace and harmony.  Meanwhile, Jesus is concerned about Maggie’s actions, Negan requests an audience with Michonne, and Rick and Daryl clash even further after Rick’s “merry band of bridge builders” falls apart.  My top 5 moments from The Walking Dead season 9 episode 4 are:


“I’m gonna make things right.”

Maggie tells Jesus that she is going to make things right like they talked about and is ready to head off to Alexandria to see Negan.  Jesus is very concerned about Maggie, as he wants to make sure that she is thinking clearly and doing things for the right reasons.  While Maggie clearly has her mind made up, Jesus tries to intervene and contacts Rick, warning him about what she is about to potentially do.  Is Maggie ready to finally face Negan?  We’ll have to wait to find out, but it looks like she is not turning back now.


“But if anything gives me hope…it’s you.”

Rick is disappointed to see the communities falling apart despite his best effort to keep them all united.  Rick has a touching moment with Carol, which we can now think of as a goodbye.  Rick reveals that he’s not sure that they are doing the right thing, but that he has hope in Carol, who is ready to lead her people back to “The Kingdom.”  Carol explains that she is just trying to figure things out like everybody else, but Carol is someone extraordinary.  On the way back, Carol proves to be a leader and someone you do not want to mess with, reminding everyone around her that she is strong and fully capable of taking care of herself and her people.


“You’re the price of admission.”

We get some more screen time for Gabriel and Anne, as Anne explains that Gabriel is the “price of admission” into this mysterious new place she is headed to.  Gabriel doesn’t give up here, even though Anne is about to sick a walker on him while he is tied up.  Gabriel says, “You’re afraid but you don’t have to be.”  He reminds Anne that she has changed and that he is a better person because of her.  Gabriel further tells Anne that he thinks he failed her and that he forgives her.  Just as the walker is about to devour Gabriel, Anne pulls it away, saving Gabriel’s life.  Anne cannot go through with this and ends up knocking Gabriel out and leaving him behind.  Gabriel is only left with a note and Anne explains, “If you want to go fast…go alone.  I need to go fast.”  Gabriel is completely heartbroken in this moment.  It’s actually surprising that he is so upset, considering the fact that Anne almost turned him into an afternoon snack for the garbage walker.  Gabriel clearly cares about Anne tremendously and has made an impact on her, as she was not able to hurt him.  Perhaps she is better off alone, but will her time with Gabriel make her second question everything?


“We are not the same.”

Michonne’s daily routine is interrupted when she finds out that Negan has been refusing to eat.  After paying him a visit, Negan requests to have a conversation with Michonne.  Michonne reluctantly agrees and tells Negan that while they are rebuilding, he is continuing to rot in there.  While Michonne handles things with action, Negan is a master of words, manipulating and impacting Michonne more than she could have ever anticipated.  Negan opens up to Michonne about his wife dying from cancer and they even both speak about Carl.  Michonne further opens up about her son, Andre, which is clearly difficult for her to talk about.  Negan is desperately looking for any kind of connection, as anything is better than nothing and tries to tell Michonne that they are the same.  Michonne refuses to admit this, but does Negan have a point?  Negan escalates things further when he demands to see his beloved bat, “Lucille,” but Michonne says it isn’t there.  But perhaps Negan has been getting in Michonne’s head for quite some time, as she continues to see his “bat” everywhere, even in Judith’s children’s book.


“Brother…take my hand.”

After Rick finds out about Maggie’s intentions, Daryl conveniently offers to give him a ride.  Only Daryl has no intention of stopping Maggie.  Rick quickly realizes what is going on and demands that Daryl pull over.  The tension that has been building between these two finally erupts, as they begin fighting each other, ending up trapped in a ditch.  Now that they are away from everyone, Rick and Daryl finally take a moment to talk about their feelings.  Daryl tells him about what the Oceanside people did and asks Rick if he forgot that Glenn was the one who initially saved him.  Rick explains that if Negan dies, he will become a martyr and then Carl died for nothing.  Daryl says that he’d die for Rick and that he would have died for Carl too, but that Rick is chasing something for him that isn’t meant to be.  Daryl begs Rick to let go of Carl, but is Rick really able to do so?  When they hear cries from the camp, Rick and Daryl finally put their differences aside and work together to get out of the pit.  Rick takes Daryl’s hand and calls him his brother, saving him.  After seeing the horde of walkers quickly approaching, Rick gets on the horse to lead them away, bringing us full circle, as Rick was initially on a horse in the series premiere.  Daryl tells him to “be safe,” but we all know what is coming next.  The horse gets spooked and throws Rick off of him, as Rick hits his head and is injured severely, completely surrounded by oncoming walkers.  There’s no way Rick is getting out of this one, but we’ll have to wait for next week to find out how it ends.  Stay tuned for Rick’s last episode!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Walking Dead below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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