Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 episode 8 Mid-Season Finale: “No One’s Gone”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 8, I learned that we really are all “connected by this single screwed up world,” as Al suggested.  The truth is important and the stories and memories we leave behind are sometimes all we have left to cling to.  We may not always find what we are looking for, but we touch the lives of so many without even realizing it.  Words and actions matter and more importantly, the truth can bring us some much needed comfort, reminding us that it’s never too late to become the person we are meant to be.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “No One’s Gone,” we learn that Madison and Al crossed paths in the past; making a much bigger impact on each other than anyone might have guessed.  Meanwhile, Morgan and Naomi try to make it to the infirmary to help save John Dorie’s life, Alicia shows up to finish things once and for all, and Madison’s fate is finally revealed.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 8 Mid-Season Finale are:


“Thought I’d mix it up today.”

When Al and the others show up at the stadium, the tank is surrounded by an overwhelming amount of walkers, but they are ready to cause a distraction that will allow Morgan and Naomi to get inside to help John.  The plan seems to be working, but Alicia, Victor, and Luciana show up with an RPG, refusing to make this go seamlessly.  Alicia and Al share some choice words over the walkie-talkie, while Al reminds her that she’s now definitely supporting the other side.  It’s great to see Al finally step into the action, as she trusts Charlie to record what goes on, not wanting to lose out on a chance to document their story further.  Alicia and Al get into quite the fight when Alicia shows up at the tank.  Al comes pretty close to being the main course meal for the walkers, but is able to get out of this without a scratch.


“We’re connected by this single screwed up world.”

During the episode, we flash back to the past before Madison found the stadium and learn that she crossed paths with Al.  While they initially start off not trusting each other, Madison eventually lets her guard down after aimlessly searching for a tape from one of her kids.  Al talks to Madison about the truth and tells her how it can change things.  She empathizes with Madison and explains that even though she didn’t find the story she was looking for, someone might be interested in her story one day.  Madison explains that she broke her promise to her kids and that “you don’t need a camera cus it just sticks.”  She tells a heartwarming story about her kids trying to help a wounded bird and nurse it back to health.  They named the bird “Amina” for short and took care of her, giving her a chance when no one else would.  Madison would open the box each day, fearing what she might find, but was shocked to see the bird flying around in their living room.  Madison was so touched by the actions of her children who refused to give up on this bird that anyone else might have turned their back on.  She explains that there is not a lot of that left in the world now and she never wants her kids to lose that.  When Madison and Al part ways, Al gives her some Ramen noodles and tells her that maybe they will meet again.  Later on, when Madison reunites with her kids at the motel, she reveals to them that someone helped her when they didn’t have to and that “It’s time for us to do the same.”  Her interaction with Al inspires her to build the stadium into a place where others can go to find a sense of belonging, protection, and people who will stand by them.  Madison’s words are absolutely beautiful and remind us that there is still good in the world.  Even though she and Al were strangers, they ended up helping each other, reinforcing the belief that there are still good people existing in this world.


“June, well that’s my favorite month.”

When Naomi goes into the infirmary with Morgan, John is holding on by a thread.  He asks Charlie to record him, but Al tries to get him to stay positive.  John explains that “it’s for her,” as he speaks openly to Naomi on camera and tells her to stop running and to help Morgan do the same.  Luckily, Naomi is able to stabilize John and it looks like he is going to be OK.  Naomi tells John that her real name is June, finally wanting to tell him something real and meaningful.  John’s reaction is beyond heartwarming when he tells her that June is his favorite month.  June touches John’s hand and the spark between these two is burning brightly again, allowing us John Dorie fans to cheer.  It looks like these two might get the chance they deserve after all, inspiring some hope in this distressing world.  I am absolutely thrilled that John is going to be OK because his character elevates the show, opening up possibilities for a new chapter.


“I’m not that person anymore.”

When Alicia is in the tank, she spots the Ramen noodles and demands to know where Al got them.  Everything clicks in her head when she frantically searches through the tapes and finds one titled, “Amina.”  Alicia watches the recording of her mother, Madison, carefully listening to each and every word, displaying her grief across her face.  Alicia still wants to take revenge on Naomi, however; and demands that Al convinces her to come out.  Al strategically leaves on the walkie-talkie to warn Morgan and Naomi.  Morgan offers to go first because he doesn’t want anything to happen to Naomi.  When Alicia comes out, he stands in front of Naomi and she is shocked that is willing to give his life for a stranger.  Alicia’s rage is almost uncontrollable now, as she points the gun at them and screams, “My Mom’s dead because of what you did!”  Morgan doesn’t give up on Alicia and even when she says that she’s not that person anymore, Morgan tries to get her to realize that it’s not too late and that things can change.  Morgan explains that they did for him and they still can for Alicia.  He ultimately gets through to her when he tells her that they already have because he’s not dead.  Alicia breaks down crying and the immediate threat is over, as she finally allows her emotions to break through.  This moment is absolutely heartbreaking, as Alicia shows her own vulnerability.  It’s shocking that she waited this long to cry, but her actions are understandable and I just hope that she can take comfort in knowing how much her family cared about her and how she still has the opportunity to become who she is meant to and to help others in need.


“It was never about the stadium.  It was about the people.  It was about us.”

Al asks Alicia what happened to her mother, as she made quite an impact on her as well and Alicia replies with, “You want the rest of my Mom’s story?  Pull over.”  All of the pieces finally come together, as we learn about the last moments for everyone in the stadium.  Charlie explains that Mel saved her life and got her out of there in the car.  Naomi reveals that she tried to talk everyone out of leaving, but they had already made up their minds.  She explains that she was then surrounded by walkers and made a run for it, thinking that everyone was already dead.  She was then later picked up by the Vultures, but it’s clear that Naomi was just trying to survive like everyone else.  We learn that Victor got burned when he saved Alicia from running after her mother and then we finally learn the fate of Madison.  Madison recognized that her friends and family were in danger and lured the walkers away from them with a flare, trusting that the walls would hold.  No one else believed her and the other people died trying to escape, but Madison knew that she was right.  Once she saw that her family would be able to get away safely, she tried to make it to the tunnels but was trapped with nowhere to go.  As the walkers surrounded her, Madison threw the flare into the hoard and a bright glow reflected off her face before the explosion hit.  Madison gave up her life so that her family and friends could live.  After the story is recorded, Al labels this one “Madison,” reminding us that her story is never gone.  Madison will live on through her family and her actions will hopefully inspire them to continue to try and do the right thing.  We will need to wait until August 2018 for new episodes, but we have now lost two main characters and I’m interested to see where we are going now.  While we know that new threats are always right around the corner, it will be interesting to see how the dynamic of the show shifts now that we are focusing on different characters and story-lines.  I’m absolutely open to the change, but I will miss Madison, as Kim Dickens did a phenomenal job as the main protagonist on the show.  RIP Madison.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 episode 1: “Tell Me One Real Thing”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  I have to admit that Sunday television has got me playing catch-up, as some of my favorite shows happen to all air at once.   After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season finale, I had some mixed feelings, but there was a lot to wrap my head around.  I finally got the chance to watch the season 4 premiere of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead last night, however; and I have to say that the crossover event was a success to me.  Although it had almost an eerie sense of quiet compared to the deafening chaos in The Walking Dead, it was something that truly resonated with me, as I found myself lost within the story and truly sympathizing with Morgan Jones.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “What’s Your Story?” many of our fan-favorites from The Walking Dead show up and try to get Morgan to change his mind about leaving.  However, Morgan feels that he needs to be alone and heads out on his own.  This is short-lived however; when he crosses paths with a man in a cowboy hat named John Dorie and a female journalist named Al.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 1 are:


“You can hide but you can’t run.”

When the season premiere begins, we focus in on Morgan who is still in the junkyard, closed off from society.  This is interrupted over and over, however; when Jesus, Carol, and Rick all show up, desperately trying to get Morgan to change his mind about leaving.  Morgan sticks to his decision and explains that he needs to be alone.  Morgan has been struggling with inner-demons and is searching for a way to overcome this.  He knows that he is a danger to those around him if he stays, but will he lose himself completely if he goes off on his own?  His friends remind him that he cares about people and should be with them, but Morgan remains strong with his decision and steps out onto an open road, leaving his past behind him.  We know that Rick’s words, “you can hide but you can’t run,” will catch up to him all too quickly, but Morgan continues on his journey all the same.


Meet John Dorie.

That’s Dory like the fish, but spelled with an “ie.”  This new character is not from the comic series and is played by Deadwood star, Garret Dillahunt.  The stranger in a cowboy hat proves to be quite the “gunslinger,” but seems to have a good heart and a strong sense of doing what’s right.  He offers Morgan shelter and when Morgan takes off and gets into trouble, John Dorie is not far behind, proving that he can be a worthy ally.  John Dorie shares his own story that he is searching for his wife who has his matching gun, which is heart-breaking and commendable at the same time.  He refuses to give up hope and he seems to remind Morgan that human connections are all they have to cling to in this harsh reality filled with death and decay.  The “karate man” and “gunslinger” prove to be quite the team, but will Morgan be able to truly open up after all he has been through?


Meet Al.

Shortly after the introduction of new character, John Dorie, we also meet Al who is a journalist played by the beautiful and talented, Maggie Grace.  As a huge fan of Lost, I was more than pleased to see Maggie Grace step into a new and different role.  Her hair is cut boy-short and she packs quite the punch with her van filled with handy weapons, but what sparked my interest the most is that she is out to discover everyone’s story.  Morgan gently reminds her that there are no more news stations around and why does it matter, but Al’s need to continue the story anyway proves that she hasn’t given up hope either.  She keeps her camera with her and documents everything she can, looking for something real to connect to.


“Tell me one real thing.”

After Morgan, John, and Al survive the attack from the armed men and walkers, Morgan is finally ready to open up, even if it is for just a moment.  Al records him and asks him to tell her one real thing and explain why he left Virginia.  Morgan explains, “I lose people and then I lose myself,” which touched my heart instantly.  It’s hard not to feel sympathetic toward Morgan and understand his need to run away.  Even though he was part of many settlements before, he still chooses to be on his own, desperately trying to hold on to his humanity.  Perhaps being around people again will remind Morgan that he has the chance to truly do something great and make a difference.


“So what the hell’s your story?”

At the end of the episode, the three characters come across a woman who is sobbing in the middle of the road.  They cautiously approach the woman, not knowing what to expect, but offer to help her.  The woman is revealed to be Alicia who turns a gun on them and Nick, Luciana, and Victor appear as well to surround them.  The crossover has officially well…crossed over and these characters are now all connected whether they want to be or not.  While we are unclear on how Alicia, Nick, Luciana, and Victor all ended up together, since it seemed like everyone was separated at the end of last season, we have plenty of episodes to find out what they are up to and how they got here.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and comments on Fear the Walking Dead below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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My top television shows of 2017 on Cable Networks: The best of the best!

Greetings TV Fans!  For today, I am going to be listing my top favorite television shows that aired in 2017 on cable networks.  While some shows near the top of my list were no surprise for me, there were others that crept into the top 5 that I would not have predicted last year.  There were also some shows that I used to enjoy a lot which fell short this past year and are in need of something earth-shattering to happen in 2018 to get them back to the top of the pack.  While I haven’t gotten a chance to view all shows that aired new episodes in 2017, I did get to more than I initially anticipated.  Please feel free to include some of your favorites below as well.  I will be breaking the shows into 3 categories:  the best of the best, honorable mentions, and shows that have lost some steam.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.

The Best of the Best for television shows airing on cable networks for 2017 in no particular order are:

Game of Thrones

Fear the Walking Dead

American Horror Story:  Cult



While Game of Thrones and Shameless are two of my all-time favorites, I was pleased with the seasons airing in 2017.  Game of Thrones sped things up to the delight of fans, which I guess makes sense since they are running out of time.  Either way, it was great to see Daenerys and Jon Snow finally meet face to face and discuss terms of an alliance on a war against the undead.  Everything is falling into place and I am eager to see the remaining episodes in 2018.  Shameless is another favorite of mine that has had me laughing out loud this season.  Even though the show is on its eight season, it is proving to still have fresh material.  American Horror Story:  Cult bounced back from American Horror Story:  Roanoke from 2016.  Cult was terrifying and real at the same time, providing viewers with a dangerous view of society.  Evan Peters played his best character yet in my opinion, diving into his terrifying role of Kai Anderson.  Newcomer SMILF is the perfect mix of raw humor and sentimental moments, as Frankie Shaw has had a stand-out performance.  The most surprising one of the bunch for me is Fear the Walking Dead.  I will be honest and admit that I had been previously watching the show out of obligation.  It’s the prequel to The Walking Dead and in some way I felt like I owed the show a chance, even though I wasn’t too hooked.  However, this all changed for me this past season in 2017.  Alicia played by the lovely and talented Alycia Debnam Carey stepped out from her shadow as Madison’s daughter and has grown into an independent and powerful survivor.  Main characters with interesting story-lines were killed off to the shock of fans everywhere; including myself, proving that the show is ready to take on a life of its own.  Rick and the gang should take some notes from the characters in Fear the Walking Dead who are making difficult decisions and moving on to each new obstacle without too much fluff in between.

Honorable mentions for television shows airing on cable networks for 2017 in no particular order:


Bates Motel

Better Call Saul

Pretty Little Liars

The Strain

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

South Park

Some of these shows are favorites of mine and did enough in 2017 to earn a spot in my honorable mentions.  South Park and It’s Always Sunny kept the laughs coming and Homeland and Better Call Saul did the same with the edge of your seat drama and big moments.  While the shows had solid episodes, there wasn’t enough of a hook to move them into my top 5.  That being said, I thoroughly enjoy watching these shows and I am looking forward to new seasons.  Bates Motel, Pretty Little Liars, and The Strain ended in 2017 on a strong note.  While none of the series finales were that epic in my opinion, they did a good job of bringing everything full circle and satisfying the questions fans had.

Television shows airing on cable networks for 2017 that are running out of steam in no particular order are:

The Walking Dead


I have watched all of the episodes from both shows and was somewhat disappointed overall in the seasons from 2017.  While neither show was terrible enough for me to take them off my DVR line-up permanently, there was something missing.  Whether it was too much fluff in between major moments or a missing connection to characters, both shows have the potential to win their fans back and provide some good content.  Are they going to deliver on this, however?  I am optimistic and will continue to watch both series, but am looking for something fresh and over-the-top to remind me why I loved watching in the first place.  I know it’s a lot to ask for, but consistency in television entertainment is important.  Let’s make it a great 2018 for shows everywhere and hope these two shows ignite a spark that will keep viewers coming back for more and more.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post some of your favorite television shows from 2017 that aired on cable networks below.  Happy viewing and the countdown to 2018 is here!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl