Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 5 episode 11: “You Made It Your Own”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 11, I realized that sometimes the universe may be trying to tell us something, but perhaps we need to see it for ourselves in order for it to truly resonate with us.  Whether it’s a moment of self-reflection or a meaningful message, just taking that moment means that we are still here.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.

In last night’s episode, “You’re Still Here,” Alicia and Victor try to track down the person who painted the trees, but Alicia is not exactly sure what she is truly searching for.  Meanwhile, Morgan and Al’s mission is interrupted when they run into Logan and his gang, as we start to learn more about his bigger plan.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 11 are:


“I just know how I feel when I see those trees.”

In this episode, we catch up with Alicia and Victor.  Alicia is still having trouble taking out walkers and she focuses her attention on tracking down the person who has been painting the messages on the trees.  Victor asks Alicia what this is really going to do for her and Alicia is not exactly sure, but she recognizes that it is important.

Alicia says, “They see the world in a way I want to see it,” hoping that she can find the answers she is looking for by talking to this person.  We know that Alicia’s encounter with the radioactive walker has traumatized her, but let’s hope that this mission can get her back on track because Victor is not always going to be around with perfect timing to help save her.


“You’re really gonna make me work for it, huh?”

Meanwhile, we also catch up with Morgan and Al in this episode.  Morgan seems grateful for the distraction, but Al senses that something is up and tries to get Morgan to open up about it.  Morgan initially tells Al that there is nothing to talk about, but this one-on-one talk is interrupted when Alicia calls them over the walkie for backup.

Later in the episode, Morgan does open up to Al and she reminds him that he can tell her about his wife and son.  This is a huge step for Morgan and I am glad to see that he is finally willing to share something real and close to his heart with the people around him.


“What I’m doing is bigger than you.”

Is it though?  Logan listens in on Alicia’s call out to Morgan and Al and shows up with the truck to get in Morgan’s way.  Logan recognizes that they will not want to risk an innocent person’s life and asks him where the oil fields are.  Morgan tries to ask Logan what he needs the gas for and we still don’t get a concrete answer here.  Logan dances around the answer and tells him that he will be helping people, but not in a way Morgan would approve of…so what does that mean?  Is Logan looking to blow something up?  What is his real plan? 

We still don’t know and at the end of the episode, Logan breaks into the vault, looking for Clayton’s journals, but is out of luck for now.  Logan is getting a little bit too personal; however, as he taunts Morgan by telling him he couldn’t help his wife and son, which sparks some untapped anger within Morgan.  Morgan is able to walk away from this, but Logan now has his tape, so it looks like he plans on using personal information about Morgan against him.  How will this all play out?  I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look like Logan is going away anytime soon.


“People are people.”

After having his own run-in with Logan in a previous episode, Wes is back and radios over to Alicia and Victor for help.  Wes seems guarded, but does open up a little bit about his brother who died and Alicia attempts to form a connection with him.  Wes reminds her that people are people and that they live in a world now where “we shoot, we kill.”  Alicia tries to tell him that it doesn’t have to be this way, but is Wes truly ready to do what is right?

Wes is focused on getting back his manuscript, which is apparently good enough to die over so I’m intrigued, but when Alicia reads the very end, she discovers that Wes is the one who painted the trees.  Will we see Wes again?  I’m not sure, but I think that he is an interesting and unique character and I would like to see more of him.


“I’m not gonna find what I’m looking for from anybody else…”

Both Morgan and Alicia do a lot of self-reflecting in this episode.  Al tells Morgan that “what we lost doesn’t define us” and suggests that maybe it’s about what we do.  Meanwhile, Alicia takes a moment to paint her own tree and leaves the message:  “No one’s gone until they’re gone,” which clearly touches Morgan.

It’s one thing to say something out loud, but when you see the words in front of you, they have the power to become something else.  They inspire you and bring out something within you that perhaps you thought was lost a long time ago.  They remind you that there is always the opportunity to do better and to start a new path.

At the very end of the episode, Alicia is able to kill a walker and tells Victor that she is good.  I’m happy that she was able to find this strength within herself and I thought that the connection between her and Morgan was done beautifully, seamlessly connecting these two characters who are trying so hard to keep going.  Let’s just hope that Logan doesn’t taint everything they have been trying to accomplish.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Purge” season 1 episode 9: “We All Need Each Other To Survive”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the USA network’s The Purge season 1 episode 9 last night, the voice over reminded us that “This is it.  Today’s the day.  Take the horror built up inside of you and spill it in the streets.  Will you spend this holiday locked in a cage afraid of your true potential?”  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “I Will Participate,” Joe puts everyone on trial, revealing that he is more dangerous than anyone might have realized.  Meanwhile, Miguel and Pete the Cop work together to track Joe down before it is too late.  My top 5 moments from The Purge season 1 episode 9 are:


“You are all here because you’ve wronged me.”

Ready to connect the dots?  Joe finally reveals his intentions when he explains that each one of his prisoners have wronged him in some way.  Pretty much everyone seems to recognize Joe when he takes off his mask and he explains that each one of them will be placed on trial.  Joe says, “I will exercise mercy if your confession is compelling.  But if not, I will purge and I will be reborn.”  Well at least it seems like Joe may be willing to listen to reason, but somehow I doubt it.  As the connections continue to reveal themselves, we learn that Jane went on a blind date with Joe, Rick remembers Joe installing their security system, and we later find out that Penelope made the fatal mistake of not saying “thank you” when Joe held a door open for her.  I mean that is definitely a pet peeve of mine, but I’m not sure it warrants Penelope’s death.  Either way, it’s becoming clear that Joe has quite a few screws loose and is not really one to let anything go.  We also learn that Joe has been using some kind of tracking spray that is used in the military to find his victims, which sort of explains how he knew where they would all be and his expertise on Rick and Jenna’s security system explains how he was able to deactivate it.  Well at least we are finally getting some answers.


“Don’t you feel better?”

Joe has a few other victims along with our main characters and we learn that he has been holding on to his rage for a very long time.  He has a man stand trial who bullied him back in high school.  Joe even brings up documentation such as pictures from his yearbook to make his case, which reveals that Joe has been planning this for a very long time.  I mean there are so many other things he could be doing with his time, but I guess everyone has a hobby.  The former bully actually makes a compelling case and seems sincere.  He tells Joe that he is homeless and perhaps that he is already undergoing his punishment in that way.  Joe seems to believe him and gives the man a hug, right before he sharply stabs him, killing him.  Joe says, “Like I said…mercy.”  Everyone else starts to realize that Joe’s idea of mercy does not involve letting them go.  They are not getting out of here easily.


“We are going to figure something out.”

Jane takes this time to introduce herself to Penelope and tells her and the others that they are going to figure something out, desperately trying to find a positive solution here.  Our main characters all have a common goal now…surviving.  Jane explains that “if we work together, we can take him.”  Jane’s leadership skills definitely come into play here, as she tries to come up with a plan and keep everyone motivated.  Another prisoner named Eileen is not ready to stick around; however, and rushes to the exit when she gets a chance.  Only Joe has the entire abandoned school rigged and she is shot as soon as she opens the doors.  Jane continues to try and keep the hope alive, but she needs to come up with something fast because she’s next.


“Let’s tackle this together like two professionals.”

I absolutely love the dynamic duo of Miguel and Pete the Cop.  After Penelope is taken, Pete the Cop agrees to finally emerge out into the streets during Purge Night to help Miguel.  Before they take off, Pete puts his cop skills to the test and pulls up information on Joe.  We find out that his full name is Joe Owens and they are even able to track down his address.  On the way, Miguel and Pete the Cop run into some trouble, as a group of Purgers demand some kind of trade in order for them to pass through.  Pete gets a free pass; however, as we learn that he is off limits during Purge Night.  Seriously don’t mess with Pete the Cop.  After running into Joe’s father at his home and taking a look at Joe’s extensive plan on the wall, they realize that they need to get to the school to find Penelope.  Only nothing comes easy for Miguel, as they are stopped on the way when Rex and his men open fire on their car, looking for revenge.  If anyone can get out of this OK, it’s Miguel and Pete the Cop.  As much as I adore Pete right now, I am wondering if we can truly trust him.  It initially seemed like Joe was a good guy as well so I wouldn’t be surprised if another twist is thrown our way, but I am hoping that Pete continues to try and help because I love this partnership.


“What a thing to live with…”

When Jane is brought up on trial, she stays composed and strong.  Jane tells Joe that she remembers him and we get a flashback that reveals her on a very awkward date with Joe.  Jane remains polite, as Joe continues to drop racist jokes along the way, but she can’t take it anymore after he implies that she got into college because of her race.  Jane has worked extremely hard for her opportunities and she is not going to let anyone take this away from her.  Jane says she has to go to the bathroom, but ends up skipping out on her date, but does pay for it.  Joe even has the receipt from the dinner as evidence.  Jane says what we are all thinking when she asks, “You tracked me down over a date?”  Jane is not about to back down now, but Joe tries to turn the tables on her by bringing up her own intention to purge David.  Jane explains that Purging will not make anyone feel better.  Jane says, “I tried to live my life with integrity.  I compromised who I am for a sexual predator.  What a thing to live with.”  Joe does not want to hear this, as he has made up his mind that it is his right to purge.  Jane fights back and everyone is rooting for her, but Joe ends up choking the life out of her.  Even though her life is over, Jane stayed true to who she was and finally stood up for herself after enduring so much and saying nothing over the years.  I am extremely proud of Jane, but I wish that she could have stopped Joe as well.  It looks like it is up to one of our other main characters, but who will be the one to take Joe down?  As Joe drags Jane’s body away, Penelope continues to keep the hope alive, revealing that Jane did not die for nothing.  She tried to motivate everyone and she succeeded, as they realize that they will all need to work together to stop Joe.  Stay tuned for the season finale next week!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Purge below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 episode 5: “Let’s Not Waste Another Second”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 5, I learned that repeating the same routine over and over can slowly kill you.  You may not realize it right away, but it will eat away at you, stirring the loneliness within.  We all need purpose and meaning in our lives and that’s exactly what John Dorie gets when he finds his “Laura” wash up on shore.  Quiet nights of playing Scrabble and watching old movies transform into real and true moments, building a relationship and a love for someone else that make the loneliness fade away.  But what happens when that person leaves?  Will that feeling ever return or will we spend our lives trying to hold on to it while we close ourselves off to the rest of the world?   Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Laura,” John Dorie opens up to Morgan and we get a much needed glimpse into his past with Naomi, otherwise known as “Laura.”  The episode has a calming quiet about it, as we invest ourselves into John’s life and truly empathize with him after Laura leaves, giving us a better understanding of this new character.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 5 are:


Rinse and Repeat.

In the beginning of the episode, we get a glimpse into John Dorie’s past and spend each lonely day with him.  Every morning he wakes up to his singing fish alarm clock and sighs in bed, anticipating that there will not be much different from the day before.  He makes himself some breakfast and sits out on his porch, taking in the view of the river and the beautiful landscape surrounding his home.  Every now and then a walker washes up on shore and John eliminates the threat, as if he were handling a common pest problem.  The day leads up to a solitary game of Scrabble and a re-watch of an old movie with some popcorn.  While John is clearly living the simple life, the monotony and repetition doesn’t leave much to look forward to.  Everything changes, however; when John finds a woman who washes up on shore.  We immediately see that it is Naomi and she is badly injured.  John doesn’t hesitate to bring her into his home and to save her life, letting down his guard in the process.


“You look like a Laura.”

After John helps Laura with her wound, he can tell that she is hesitant about revealing too much to a stranger.  He is the perfect gentlemen and offers to sleep on the couch and decides to call her “Laura” until she is comfortable with telling him her real name.  He strikes up a conversation about soup and admits to her that “it’s been a while since I had company.”  It’s clear from the moment that John meets Laura that there is a spark between these two.  John tends to wear his heart on his sleeve while Laura has her guard up.  She initially goes through John’s place and tries to take off in his car, but he calmly tells her that all she needs to do is ask, revealing his good nature and open heart.  Laura is still on edge with John, but seems to be warming up to him, slowly letting her guard down now as well.


John teaches Laura how to fish.

After going on a run to the local store, Laura asks John to teach her how to fish, recognizing the importance of knowing how to utilize the resources of the river.  The two go out every day and are getting closer and closer.  John reveals to Laura that “Tuesday is movie night” and she even starts to watch some films with him and play Scrabble, keeping him company and making the days that much more fulfilling.  Laura agrees to help John push a car in front of the opening to the river to help keep the walkers away from his property, but is shocked when John refuses to pull a gun on the walker that gets into the car.  It’s clear that John is haunted by something in his past, but is not ready to deal with it just yet.


“Doesn’t matter how many people tell you it’s not your fault.  It only matters if you believe it.”

Laura reveals to John that she lost a child and bursts into tears.  John gives her space but it is the first real time we see Laura truly opening up to John.  She is not the only one who needs to get something off her chest, however; as John tells her the story about him being a cop and firing his gun at a robber accidentally.  He tells her that it was an “intentional mistake” and was horrified when people referred to him as a hero.  In this moment, it’s clear how much these two truly need each other.  They have both been carrying around this guilt, unable to shake it.  While Laura runs away from her guilt at every chance she gets, John stays hidden away from people.  In this moment, they stop running and they stop hiding, as their worlds collide and they take some comfort in knowing that they can share their pain with the other.  While John is ready to stop hiding, it seems that Laura has not been able to completely face her demons just yet.


“You may not think you’re a hero but I do.”

Although this episode is filled with an unnatural quiet, the walkers finally get through the car and make their way to John’s home.  Laura and John are surrounded, as they desperately try to hold off the walkers.  When Laura falls into a ditch, John has no other choice and fires off both of his guns, showing off some impressive shooting.  He saves Laura and he tells her that he loves her.  He gives her the other gun because he wants her to be safe and because he is afraid of what will happen if he keeps it.  When John reveals his love he explains that he didn’t want her to know because he knows deep down that she is just going to leave.  In a heartbreaking moment, John tells her “you’re alive.  This whole world feels alive,” revealing the hope that Laura has given him.  Laura does end up leaving, but leaves behind a message with Scrabble letters:  I love you too.  I’m sorry.  While Laura clearly does love John, she is still running from her past and is unable to slow down for even a moment.  After this scene, we come back to present day where John is sitting with Morgan.  He breaks down and wonders what would have happened if he didn’t tell her he loved her right away and that perhaps she would still be alive.  Morgan consoles him and says “waiting…that’s how you lose people.”  He reminds John that they are part of the world and that they have a real chance to make a difference with Alicia, Victor, and Luciana.  Like John, Morgan has been running away from his own inner demons, but now consciously makes the decision to stand by someone and to do something.  Real connections are what keep us going and even though Laura may be gone, the love John has for her is something transcendent.  Laura reminded John what it was like to truly be alive again and by sharing this story with Morgan, he does the same thing for him.  We may not seek out connections with other people, but sometimes they show up unexpectedly at our doorstep and it’s up to us to decide what happens next.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


Throw-back Sunday: Ranking the seasons of “Lost” from best to worst: “We have to go back!”

Happy Sunday TV Fans!  For today’s throw-back Sunday, I am going to be ranking the seasons of Lost from best to worst.  I have to admit that this took longer than I anticipated because each season has so much to offer.  We watch the characters we have come to know and love grow and change, while the island continues to reveal new mysteries and challenges along the way.  Each season has its own set of heart-warming and shocking moments, refusing to allow the viewer to take a break for even an episode or you might just become lost yourself…pun intended.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.


We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!” Jack (Through the Looking Glass part 2)

From the first time watching the series up until my 16th re-watch, season 3 remains my absolute favorite but I do admit that some seasons come very close to knocking it out of the number one spot.  Season 3 introduces us to the others.  Yes, the others are coming or they came and we want to know what they are all about, right?  At the end of season 2, Sawyer, Jack, and Kate have been captured by the others.  They take them to Hydra Island and keep Jack locked up in the Hydra station while keeping Sawyer and Kate locked up in cages.  Not only do we get to learn more about the others and see things from their perspective, but we are introduced to Dr. Juliet Burke who brings a new dynamic to the show.  While it seems like Ben is calling the shots, Juliet proves to be an other who is just as home-sick as the rest of the losties and even risks her place as an “other” to help save Kate and Sawyer becoming more of a friend than a foe.  Ben has stepped out of his role of “Henry Gale” and proves to be a worthy opponent, and Desmond can now see the future and tells Charlie that he is going to die.  For me, what sets season 3 above the rest is the fast pace of it.  After watching the show so many times, I still have to sit on the edge of my seat watching this one in particular and tend to binge-watch this one more than the others.  There aren’t as many filler episodes and one episode leads into the next seamlessly.  Some of the greatest episodes in the entire series for me are in this season as well such as “Flashes before your eyes” and “Greatest Hits.”  While this may or may not be your favorite season, most fans will agree that it is one of the best, as we learn that all bets are off.  Flash forwards now exist and the Losties or at least some of them do get off the island.  Talk about a cliff-hanger for a season finale!


Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy’s actually gonna cause the thing he says he’s trying to prevent?  Perhaps that little nuke is the incident?  So maybe the best thing to do…is nothing?” Miles (The Incident)

Season 5, like season 3, is full of lots of action and introduces the concept of time travel.  At the end of season 4, Ben moves the wheel to save the island, only the wheel is off its axis, causing the island to skip through time like a broken record.  Locke has to then leave the island himself to get it back on course, which causes Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, and Jin to remain trapped in Dharmaville time.  You may think that the time travel aspect is confusing or that it’s been done too many times, but what makes this season truly great is that it separates the characters for a period of three years and then they are all reunited again on the island bringing chaos and challenges along the way.  The season 5 finale, “The Incident” is one of my favorite episodes of the series giving the losties another chance to reset time to before Flight 815 crashed.  But this would mean that some of them may have never met which could sever relationships and friendships for good.  So is it the right thing to do?  The end of the season reveals that Juliet has survived momentarily and takes it upon herself to detonate the hydrogen bomb to save Sawyer and give him a chance.  Rather than the typical fade out into a black screen, the screen flashes white and I remember screaming at my television the first time watching, impatiently waiting to see what happened next.


“Last week most of us were strangers, but we’re all here now. And god knows how long we’re going to be here. But if we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone. Jack (White Rabbit)

The pilot of season 1 is full of never-ending action, introducing the viewer to an overabundance of characters among a whirlwind of horrible events.  As season 1 continues, Lost reveals that it is a show about much more than what the smoke monster is or who the other people are on the island.  Don’t get me wrong, the scene where Kate is counting to 5 hiding from the smoke monster in the rain-soaked bamboo is terrifying and hooked me immediately.  However, the show transforms into something more with each episode.  It’s about the people who crashed there and what their lives were like before.  While some were criminals, others were alone or searching for something more, creating an undeniable connection between the characters and the viewer.  We can find so much of ourselves in the decisions or mistakes they made, and they are given a chance at a clean slate to get a new life and survive together.


“Please don’t give up, Des. Because all we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. And you have her. I will wait for you. Always. Penny (Live together, die alone)

Season 2 opens up with us finding out what is in the hatch that Locke was so desperate to get into.  Was it his destiny?  Maybe, but what’s truly interesting about the hatch is what, or I should say who, is inside.  Desmond Hume has been living in the hatch for 3 years pressing a sequence of familiar numbers every 108 minutes to save the world.  To Hurley’s dismay, the code is 4 8 15 16 23 42, the very numbers that he won the lottery with that he is convinced are cursed.  Desmond initially appears to be quite mad in the opening episodes, but later returns and becomes one of the most influential characters on the show.  It is also revealed that there were survivors from Flight 815 in the tail section, which include the introduction of new characters such as Ana Lucia and Libby along with a beautiful reunion between Rose and her husband, Bernard.  Michael switches sides and betrays the losties, killing Ana Lucia and Libby in the process and helping the others capture Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sawyer.  Although we are sympathetic with Michael trying to help his son, his actions are unforgivable and horrifying.  Meanwhile, Locke believes the prisoner, Henry Gale that the numbers and the hatch aren’t real and just some experiment.  Desmond returns to make the connection that he is what crashed Flight 815 and that it’s all very real, leading to the infamous “system failure” scene, where the hatch begins to self-destruct and Desmond turns the fail-safe key to sacrifice himself to save them all.  While the action is there, season 2 lacks the fast and natural pace that seasons 3 and 5 have, as some filler episodes are trying a little too hard to reveal back stories and force connections.


“You were all flawed.  I chose you because you were like me.  You were all alone.  You were all looking for something that you couldn’t find out there.  I chose you because you need this place as much as it needed you. Jacob (What They Died For)

Season 6 is the final season of the Lost series and many fans have revealed that this is the most controversial season, especially the ending.  After watching the series so many times, I do still appreciate everything the writers did in this last season.  I think that the forces of good and evil face off in a powerful match between Jack and the man in black, wearing John Locke’s face.  The writers kill of characters we have come to love and bring us into another world or dimension, something that cannot be explained by time or reality.  Christian later explains to Jack that “there is no here, now.”  The flash sideways we see are a way for the losties to find one another and to ultimately move on.  Once again, this season proves to be very much about the characters and the connections they made along the way.  While it may be lacking something final or epic, it brings closure and allows the island to be embraced by Hurley as the new Jacob to take care of others the way he always has and to lead the island in a new way.  The series ends with Jack’s eye closing, bringing everything full circle, reminding us that life may be finite, but what we do and the memories and connections we hold dear to our hearts, last eternally.


“If there’s any part of you that still believes in us, just give me your number. Desmond (The Constant)

Season 4 is my least favorite of all the seasons but not for lack of great material and drama.  This was during the writer’s strike so this is the shortest of all of the seasons so perhaps that is why it falls short for me.  However, it has some great episodes, including one of my favorites, “The Constant.”  Flash-forwards continue as it is revealed to us who the “Oceanic Six” are and new characters from the freighter are introduced such as Daniel Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, and Frank.  While they initially arrive claiming they are there to help rescue the losties, it is clear they have another agenda which includes capturing the scheming, Ben Linus and returning him to Charles Widmore.  More secrets are revealed, including how to move the island and what a 14-J is, but there just aren’t enough of them to rank this season toward the top.  Either way, the show would not be complete without all of these seasons, proving time and time again why it is such an epic and memorable series.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your comments and thoughts on some of your favorite seasons of Lost.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl