Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 10 episode 3: “Secret She Shed Down by the Sea Shore”

Happy Sunday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 10 episode 3, Frank reminded us, “Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies,” but there’s always a question regarding Frank’s methods.  Please note spoilers are ahead.

In tonight’s episode, “Which America?” Liam meets Mavar, who seems willing to help him find his identity.  Meanwhile, Ian and Mickey learn the importance of having the talk, Debbie sparks a union a little bit too soon, and Carl grows closer to Anne.

My top 5 moments from Shameless season 10 episode 3 are:


“No holla…never holla.”

After Liam continues to search for answers about his identity and heritage, he crosses paths with a used car salesman named Mavar, played by Anthony Alabi.  Mavar thinks that Liam definitely needs some guidance and decides to take him under his wing.

It looks like Liam may have finally found a good influence and perhaps Mavar is a new friend for V too!


“It was like taking candy from a baby.”

Business is booming for Carl and Anne, as everyone is lining up to order some extra tartar sauce.  Carl begins to have second thoughts about his long distance relationship with Kelly and decides to get closer to Anne, who invites him over for tamales.

Carl claims he makes the best tamales, but it’s clear that Anne’s family is not too impressed, but is this the start of a new romance for Carl?

I’m not sure how his boss is going to take it…


“I think we need to have a talk.”

After Ian finds out that he is up for a parole meeting, everyone asks if he has had “the talk” with Mickey.  Mickey got thrown in jail for Ian and it seems like he wants Ian to stay with him, but Mickey has a change of heart, realizing that sometimes you just have to “let her go,” or let him go in this case.

Mickey does the right thing and stops Ian from making a huge mistake and even gets him a phone to use so he can face time Lip and baby Freddy.

Now that’s love!


“Friendship with a really great lady.”

Kev continues his “side hustle” business, but only if you know the secret password:  Alibi Side Hustle.  It’s not really too subtle, but Kev seems to be making out quite well by selling some stolen goods on the side.

After Kev meets Mavar, he is motivated to immediately find a new best friend for V and decides to reach out to potential new friends on Tinder, which definitely sends some mixed signals.

After holding his own version of The Bachelor, Kev narrows down his choices, but V helps him break up the party, apologizing to the women.

Although it looks like Kev’s plan might have actually been a success, as number 42, Mimi, falls asleep at the bar and V realizes that they actually have a lot in common.  I’m not sure anyone can really fill Fiona’s shoes at this point, but I’m glad that V has found someone else to confide in.


“I haven’t used my real social since draft dodging in 69!”

Debbie screws up when she uses everyone’s real social security numbers to open up their ATM cards, which makes everyone extremely angry.  Mikey decides to show Frank Debbie’s secret she shed and he is impressed, but ends up taking everything to help pay Mikey’s vet bill…don’t get me started on that one.

When Debbie discovers that everything is gone, she is more than angry and decides to hunt down Frank with a Taser.  Look out, Frank!  Debbie’s coming for you!  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts on Shameless below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 8 episode 8: “Now who’s complicated?”

Happy New Year TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 8 last night, I am left with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song stuck in my head along with “My Heart will Go On.”  Seems like a strange mix, right?  Well not if you are boarding “Frank’s Northern Shuttle Express.”  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.

In last night’s episode, Fiona contemplates moving out on her own to find her independence, while Kev explores “full on domination mode.”  Meanwhile, Lip tries to find a new sponsor, Debbie puts out an interesting Craig’s list ad, Ian shows off his skills in a “bible quoting contest,” and Frank continues with his “entrepreneurship” talents to illegally help people cross the Canadian border.  If you get into trouble, just remember “my name is Frank, I’m from the US of A, and I like apples.”  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 8 are:


“All Carl’s.”

In episode 7, we were introduced to Carl’s new love interest, Cassidy who proved that she was not afraid to record a ransom video to black-mail her parents.  Seems like this could be an indicator of her emotional well-being, right?  Unfortunately, Carl is distracted by her other “charms” and is very welcoming to her as his new girl-friend.

The family seems to approve as well, when she orders KFC after Deb’s failed attempt to get dinner.  She even sports off some new panties with…you guessed it, “All Carl’s” written across the front.  Perhaps she is just really enthusiastic about her new-found love for Carl.  Everything seems to be going well until Cassidy gets in the way of Carl’s Uber or “Ubber” business, however.

After Cassidy tells of a customer, Carl begins to have second thoughts about how fast their relationship is moving, but continues on with it for now, desperately trying to avoid another melodramatic melt-down.


Lip tries out speed-sponsoring.

It seems like nothing is going right for Lip these days.  In episode 8, Lip tries out his own version of speed dating to find a new sponsor.  He is surprised that his first candidate is a woman, portrayed by the hilarious Lea DeLaria who also plays “Big Boo” on Orange is the New Black I was thrilled to see her in this role and her tell-it-like-it is humor did not disappoint.

Lip is already on edge after seeing Sierra’s boyfriend at Planned Parenthood with another woman who is very pregnant.  He tries to do the right thing and have him tell her the truth, but is discovering that other people just don’t have the same good conscience he possesses.  Just as Lip thinks he is getting somewhere, his sponsor candidate cuts him off and asks “did I just walk into some episode of Gossip Girl?” 

Lip tries out a few more sponsors, only to go back to the original one and to try and finally learn about how to talk about himself, rather than focusing on the drama around him.  After everything Lip has done for others, it’s about time he takes some much needed “me” time.


“Sexy Welder Girl Looking for Work.”

It’s no secret that Debbie is now out of a job after her stunt with Dr. Dick’s car.  Debbie is freaking out the entire episode, fearing she might be pregnant.  After taking several pregnancy tests, Lip takes her to the Planned Parenthood clinic to put her at ease.  In the waiting room, Debbie reveals her panicked fear to Lip:  “I can feel the fetus growing inside me as I sit here!”

Debbie continues to wait for the results, but is not about to put her job-hunt on pause.  She convinces Liam to take “sexy” photos of her for her Craig’s List ad: “Sexy welder girl looking for work.  No job is too small or too big.”  When she gets an immediate call-back, I was slightly concerned about what this job would entail, however; it did seem to be a legitimate welding job and Debbie was thrilled to find out she was not pregnant as an added bonus.


Kev is in “full on domination mode.”

After V discovers that she has a need to be dominated, Kev unleashes his frustrations about house-hold chores on his wife, to his and her delight.  Kev begins to realize that he likes being in domination mode, as V even serves him breakfast in an unconventional way:  “More scrambled eggs, my king?”  While this initially seems to just take place between the couple behind closed doors, Kev decides that his domination mode can help out at his job too.

When Svetlana breaks a bottle and demands for Kev to clean out the ice tray, Kev has a sudden epiphany.  “The ice will not be cleaned out by me,” he says firmly to V and Svetlana’s surprise.  Kev has a rush of power and refuses to let Svetlana or anyone else talk down to him.  He still can’t perform basic math skills, but stands up to Svetlana to prove his worth.  Go Kev!


Fiona goes on a field trip and learns that she’s “complicated.”

Fiona has been beyond frustrated at her current living situation especially when she finds an unwanted shower guest sleeping in her tub at home.  After confiding to her neighbors at the apartment building, Fiona decides to try out living on her own.  She takes a long shower in the vacant apartment and even dances around in her underwear, feeling free of obligation and time constraints.

However, Irish Ford walks in on her to her embarrassment, which leads to an interesting proposition.  Irish Ford takes Fiona on a field trip of sorts to view some of the buildings he is restoring.  When she lies down next to him on a mattress and stairs up at beautiful art-work on the ceiling, Fiona thinks she is reading the signs correctly.  However, she is shocked when Irish Ford does not kiss her back, turning down her advance because she is “complicated.”  Fiona unconvincingly replies that “being called complicated feels awesome” and returns home in shock and disappointment.

After her family gives her numerous examples of how very complicated she is, she accepts it and is ok with being complicated.  Later, Fiona attends her neighbor’s party and learns that Irish Ford is the father of their unborn children, along with several others.

A look of instant satisfaction flashes across Fiona’s face when she challenges Irish Ford with “now who’s complicated?”  While we are not sure what is in store for Fiona and Irish Ford, it’s a safe bet that a romantic relationship is not out of the question.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the top 5 siblings from television: Family is where the heart is.

As we are in the midst of the holiday season, it’s a time to re-connect with family and remember what’s truly important in life.  Many of us have an unspoken bond with our siblings, whether it is inside jokes or a similar laugh, which is natural when you have all grown up together and faced many of the same challenges and shared similar memories.  This really got me thinking about siblings on television and how difficult it must be to create that connection instantly.  The actors on these shows already have the complicated task of portraying their roles and diving deep into what makes that particular character tick.  However, when you also need to add on a believable and real connection as siblings, this becomes even more difficult to capture.  For today’s topic, I am going to be ranking my top 5 siblings from television.  The siblings I chose are not just cast well.  Rather, they become so believable as siblings that I have to bring up Wikipedia on my phone just to double check that the actors are not relatedPlease note spoilers are ahead.  My top 5 siblings from television are:


Brandon and Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210.

The Minnesota Twins!

Who could forget when twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh move from Minnesota all the way to glamorous Beverly Hills, California.  While the twins quickly realize that West Beverly High is not like any other high school they have ever seen, they fast-track into a superficial bubble where they are faced with difficult decisions.  Luckily, the twins have each other to support one another.  Some of my favorite moments on the show are when Brandon or Brenda would make a huge mistake and they would end up meeting in their Jack and Jill bathroom, relieved to see their other half so they could confide in them.  Brandon and Brenda share quite a bit of fights along the way and introduce new friends like Kelly and Dylan into the mix, but there is something about their bond as siblings that is wholesome and unbreakable.  Fans were disappointed when Brenda left the show, wondering where that would leave Brandon now that his beloved sister was gone.  While Brandon still kept viewers hooked with his charm and good sense of right and wrong, the earlier episodes with the Walsh twins had something truly special that could not be so easily replaced even with new cast members.


Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam Gallagher from Shameless.

“Hey, sometimes life throws a couple swings at you. But we’re Gallaghers, okay? And there’s two things that we’re really good at:  knowing how to get back up, and knowing how to party.” (Shameless)

This list would not be complete without the Gallagher siblings we have watched grow up over the years.  Fiona has the difficult task of taking care of her five younger siblings since their parents are rarely present…and when they are it’s like they are children too.  While this forced Fiona to grow up very quickly, she has always made it clear that family comes first.  The Gallagher siblings may appear to be a group of untamed misfits, but at the end of the day they are truly there for one another.  The family faces many problems over the seasons ranging from losing their house to Fiona winding up in jail.  When Fiona was not around, Lip and the others recognized that they now needed to step up.  Whether that meant collecting money in a jar for the electric bill or making sure that Liam was actually fed breakfast, the siblings are forced to grow up fast in a world that seems to be against them, but they are resilient and strong.


Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break.

“I’m breaking out, and you’re going to make sure my brother goes with me.” (Michael from Prison Break)

How many of us would tattoo our entire bodies with the blueprints of a prison and commit a crime so that you could help break your brother out of prison?  Seems extreme, right?  But Michael Scofield is a genius and will not stop until he frees his brother, recognizing that his brother was framed for a crime that he didn’t commit.  While this show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with each new challenge that gets in the way of the escape, what keeps you coming back for more is the undeniable connection between Michael and Lincoln.  Lincoln is the older brother and used to take care of Michael when he was younger.  Michael feels like he owes him and has guilt about turning his back on him previously when he asked for help.  He sacrifices everything to help him escape, redefining what unconditional love means in the process.  Michael and Lincoln always have each other’s backs and their physical resemblance is uncanny.  Even though they are not related, I found myself repeatedly searching online to see if perhaps they were distant cousins to no avail.


The Halliwell Sisters from Charmed.

“The power of 3 will set us free!” (Charmed)

Charmed has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  I always enjoy watching shows that feature a supernatural premise, but this series goes beyond that.  The sisterly bond between Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell is so heart-warming that you truly believe they are sisters.  In moments where one of the sisters faces an unstoppable evil or comes close to death, their heart-breaking tears even get me crying.  Through all of the evil monsters and demons they face as witches, they take the time to bond and fight over things normal sisters would, such as trying to stealing the other one’s boyfriend or remembering to ask before borrowing a favorite outfit.  This light comedy combined with some intense drama and action along the way makes this show truly unique.  Much like 90210, Shannen Doherty left the show, which had fans wondering how Prue could ever be replaced.  You couldn’t just recast her because the sisterly bond is what captured so many viewers.  Fans would have been put off if they just tried to pretend like another actress was the oldest sister. The producers and writers were smart enough to add in a new story-line where Piper and Phoebe discover that they have a half-sister they never knew about previously who could help re-establish the power of 3.  Whether you were on board with this or not, Paige stepped in seamlessly to fill the void Prue left and the sisterly bond continued to stay strong.


Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural.

“You saved my life over and over.  I mean, you sacrifice everything for me, don’t you think I’d do the same thing for you?  You’re my big brother.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”  (Sam from Supernatural)

So my number one pick for best siblings on television has to go to my favorite brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.  The series has lasted for 13 seasons and is still going strong.  Like Charmed, this show features a supernatural premise…hence the title.  Sam and Dean are forced to grow up quickly when their mother dies when they are young and they follow in the shadow of their father’s footsteps to become hunters.  The brothers travel from place to place to take on cases and help save innocent lives, but deal with some powerful obstacles along the way.  Whether it is getting trapped in hell or purgatory or working with angels or demons, the brothers refuse to let death get in the way.  They support each other no matter what.  When one brother is going through a difficult time, the other recognizes that he needs to step up and help pick up the pieces.  Out of every show I have ever watched, the bond between Sam and Dean is the most real and uplifting.  You don’t doubt for a second they are brothers and you never give up on them.  What’s so great about the brothers is that they also have quite a few hilarious moments together as well, ranging from running away from an adorable Yorkie to reluctantly facing a child-hood fear of clowns.  This reminds viewers that the brothers are human and while their calling is to fight the good fight, they are not afraid to share some laughs too.  Fans love when the brothers show up posing as FBI agents, wondering what new dynamic duo they will pretend to be.  Like our own families, Sam and Dean portray the good, the bad, and everything in between, truly representing what it means to stick by one another through thick and thin.

I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below on some of your favorite siblings from television.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 8 episode 6: Fiona gets a new friend

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 6 last night, I am left with the advice that “you can’t save everyone,” but perhaps sometimes you need to try anyway.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Fiona comes face to face with Mrs. Cardinal, Debbie goes on a mission to obtain the morning after pill, and Lip enlists Carl’s “uber,” or I guess “ubber” as he spells it, skills to help him find Brad.  Meanwhile, Frank learns that being the best doesn’t necessarily amount to much and Kev tries to be “part-gay” to keep up with V and Svetlana.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 6 are:


Frank is employee of the month.

Frank starts off his morning the right way, receiving his first ever non-fraudulent credit card in the mail.  You may think things are truly going well for Frank, especially after we learn that he is in fact employee of the month, but unfortunately Frank is in for a shocking surprise.  When he learns that his boss has been fired, he assumes it is because he is being promoted.  However, to Frank’s dismay, he learns that the company is being closed and he is also being let go.  Frank is back to joining the ranks of unemployment, but not before he takes one last look at his framed pride and joy on the wall, treasuring his employee of the month recognition.


Lip can’t save everyone but is willing to try.

Lip reveals his own vulnerability and weakness, when he shouts “how am I supposed to make it if Brad can’t?” Perhaps, you cannot save everyone, but Lip recognizes the importance of not giving up on a friend.  He goes on a mission to find Brad and bring him back to his wife and baby, running into trouble along the way.  When Carl and Lip discover Brad’s car, they find boxes of donuts, hair extensions, and Michael Jordan’s severed statue arm.  Lip doesn’t let this discourage him, however; as he tracks down Brad and brings him back, desperately trying to make a difference.  The possibility of Brad starting over gives Lip the very same hope that he can make it too.


Kev tries to be “part gay.”

Kev is feeling jealous and unneeded by his wife, V as she spends all her time having “spasgasms” with Svetlana.  Kev decides that he is going to attempt to level the playing field and embark on his own mission to find pleasure with a man.  Kev seeks out Ian’s advice and learns that you just know whether you are gay or not.  For Ian, it was Justin Timberlake, and for Kev it’s…well he’s not entirely sure what.  When a stranger offers to buy his food, Kev thinks this might be a step in the right direction.  He quickly learns that this is not the case, but the “have a nice day” throws him off, as he begins saying it and winking, thinking that this is “code.” When Kev finally does find a likely candidate, he realizes that he is not gay at all.  He returns to V to let her know and she is proud of him for trying, but he admits his jealousy and confesses that he just wants to make V happy, reminding us how truly devotional and committed Kev is to V.


Debbie has less than 67 hours…make that 39 hours to obtain the morning after pill.

After Debbie wakes up, she realizes that she has once again made the mistake of unprotected sex.  She is not about to have another baby and a count-down clock appears on the screen as she sets off to get the morning after pill.  However, to Debbie’s horror, they are out of it at the local store.  She tries another pharmacy, but is carded and they refuse to sell of her because she is not 17.  When Debbie tries to enlist the help of a fellow shopper, she tries to run on her, and Debbie pounces on her and attacks her, leading to them both ending up in jail.  What makes this moment even funnier is that Debbie is in the middle of face-timing baby Franny during the fight.  Just when it seems that time is running out and Debbie has no other choice than to embrace her fate, her friends bail her out of jail, cause a distraction at the pharmacy, and obtain the pill, allowing Debbie to coast by in just the nick of time.


Fiona finds a new friend.

When Fiona discovers a water leak, she has no other choice but to enter into Mrs. Cardinal’s apartment to check it out.  To her horror, she discovers Mrs. Cardinal’s dead body and finds out that she really does have a dog… a dog that is now nibbling on Mrs. Cardinal’s human flesh.  Although this is vomit-worthy for sure, the dog has a cute and innocent quality, shadowing Fiona along the way.  As Fiona goes through Mrs. Cardinal’s junk in her apartment, she finds some old photos of her and is curious about her past life and story.  She starts to think about if this could be her life in the future and is saddened by the possibility.  When Mrs. Cardinal’s niece shows up, they proceed to throw everything out, including the pictures.  Fiona is not about to let the memory of Mrs. Cardinal fade completely, as she digs in the dumpster to save one and frame it on the wall.  She confides to Mrs. Cardinal’s dog along the way and makes the big decision to not allow him to be taken by animal control or the “executioner” as Fiona calls them.  The dog stays with Fiona at least for now and we are happy to see her have a new friend who is a very good listener.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

“Shameless” ranking the top 5 moments from season 8 episode 2

Happy Monday TV viewers!  After watching my Sunday evening shows, I am excited to discuss Showtime’s Shameless, season 8 episode 2.  I am already hooked on the second season and from talking to other fans of the show, they are too.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  My top 5 moments from yesterday’s episode are:

  1. Kevin’s “save second base” tee-shirt at his cancer group therapy meeting. I was thoroughly amused by Kevin’s need to share with the group about his fear of not being able to be “groped” by other men to make money and he seemed right at home surrounded by a sea of women.  I am ecstatic that Kevin will be alright and his misunderstanding of the word benign kept the laughs coming.
  2. Lip running, or really sprinting, every time he craves an alcoholic drink is still making me laugh. He has a lot of intense feelings going on and doesn’t really know how to deal with them.  So he then naturally breaks into Charlie’s apartment to steal the drugs he planted after he feels remorse seeing him at one of his addiction meetings, and then gets attacked by his dog.  I didn’t think this moment could get any funnier until Charlie came to see him and gave him a hug to show his appreciation for Lip looking out for him.  Sure Lip’s plan might have back-fired, but at least he is making the right choices…or correcting them.
  3. Deb’s new sense of confidence. Debbie is embracing her womanhood and is leaving poor Neil to play full-time parent to her daughter, while taking on drinking adventures with her new work friends.  Deb has always been self-absorbed, but is now taking it to a new level.  Neil gives her a compliment about how nice her outfit looks and she replies with “I know right!”  Very Clueless-esque if I might say so.  My favorite part of Deb’s transformation into a sort of trashy butterfly is Kev saying “what are you wearing?!” when she walks into the bar with a look of disdain.  This didn’t snap her back into reality, however; as she embraces her new found confidence and winds up with a new hair style and a hickey!  Poor Neil.
  4. Ian crying while cuddling in the arms of a “chub” had me laughing for a few and I didn’t think this moment could get any funnier until he decides to forever honor his mother, Monica by getting a tattoo. The tattoo artist starts talking about how you can’t really pin down emotional pain and that’s why a tattoo is therapeutic when Ian shares about his mom.  The tattoo artist explains that he wished he had known it was his mom before he started, as Ian displays a look of horror at the naked breasts tattooed onto his back.  Absolutely hilarious.
  5. Fiona gets ditched by her renters. From Mrs. Cardinal’s fake dog to the woman who actually runs away from her with 10 million screaming kids, Fiona is stepping into a new role of leadership and accountability.  She starts off playing the nice landlord and even gives the woman a chance to pay her part of the rent now which I thought was more than fair.  However, after that check for one cent, there is no fury like Fiona scorned.  She places an eviction notice on her door to show everyone that she means business.  Go Fiona!


I hope you enjoyed my top 5 moments from season 8 episode 2.  Please feel free to post your comments below and share some of your own as well.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl