Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 8 episode 8: “Now who’s complicated?”

Happy New Year TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 8 last night, I am left with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song stuck in my head along with “My Heart will Go On.”  Seems like a strange mix, right?  Well not if you are boarding “Frank’s Northern Shuttle Express.”  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.

In last night’s episode, Fiona contemplates moving out on her own to find her independence, while Kev explores “full on domination mode.”  Meanwhile, Lip tries to find a new sponsor, Debbie puts out an interesting Craig’s list ad, Ian shows off his skills in a “bible quoting contest,” and Frank continues with his “entrepreneurship” talents to illegally help people cross the Canadian border.  If you get into trouble, just remember “my name is Frank, I’m from the US of A, and I like apples.”  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 8 are:


“All Carl’s.”

In episode 7, we were introduced to Carl’s new love interest, Cassidy who proved that she was not afraid to record a ransom video to black-mail her parents.  Seems like this could be an indicator of her emotional well-being, right?  Unfortunately, Carl is distracted by her other “charms” and is very welcoming to her as his new girl-friend.

The family seems to approve as well, when she orders KFC after Deb’s failed attempt to get dinner.  She even sports off some new panties with…you guessed it, “All Carl’s” written across the front.  Perhaps she is just really enthusiastic about her new-found love for Carl.  Everything seems to be going well until Cassidy gets in the way of Carl’s Uber or “Ubber” business, however.

After Cassidy tells of a customer, Carl begins to have second thoughts about how fast their relationship is moving, but continues on with it for now, desperately trying to avoid another melodramatic melt-down.


Lip tries out speed-sponsoring.

It seems like nothing is going right for Lip these days.  In episode 8, Lip tries out his own version of speed dating to find a new sponsor.  He is surprised that his first candidate is a woman, portrayed by the hilarious Lea DeLaria who also plays “Big Boo” on Orange is the New Black I was thrilled to see her in this role and her tell-it-like-it is humor did not disappoint.

Lip is already on edge after seeing Sierra’s boyfriend at Planned Parenthood with another woman who is very pregnant.  He tries to do the right thing and have him tell her the truth, but is discovering that other people just don’t have the same good conscience he possesses.  Just as Lip thinks he is getting somewhere, his sponsor candidate cuts him off and asks “did I just walk into some episode of Gossip Girl?” 

Lip tries out a few more sponsors, only to go back to the original one and to try and finally learn about how to talk about himself, rather than focusing on the drama around him.  After everything Lip has done for others, it’s about time he takes some much needed “me” time.


“Sexy Welder Girl Looking for Work.”

It’s no secret that Debbie is now out of a job after her stunt with Dr. Dick’s car.  Debbie is freaking out the entire episode, fearing she might be pregnant.  After taking several pregnancy tests, Lip takes her to the Planned Parenthood clinic to put her at ease.  In the waiting room, Debbie reveals her panicked fear to Lip:  “I can feel the fetus growing inside me as I sit here!”

Debbie continues to wait for the results, but is not about to put her job-hunt on pause.  She convinces Liam to take “sexy” photos of her for her Craig’s List ad: “Sexy welder girl looking for work.  No job is too small or too big.”  When she gets an immediate call-back, I was slightly concerned about what this job would entail, however; it did seem to be a legitimate welding job and Debbie was thrilled to find out she was not pregnant as an added bonus.


Kev is in “full on domination mode.”

After V discovers that she has a need to be dominated, Kev unleashes his frustrations about house-hold chores on his wife, to his and her delight.  Kev begins to realize that he likes being in domination mode, as V even serves him breakfast in an unconventional way:  “More scrambled eggs, my king?”  While this initially seems to just take place between the couple behind closed doors, Kev decides that his domination mode can help out at his job too.

When Svetlana breaks a bottle and demands for Kev to clean out the ice tray, Kev has a sudden epiphany.  “The ice will not be cleaned out by me,” he says firmly to V and Svetlana’s surprise.  Kev has a rush of power and refuses to let Svetlana or anyone else talk down to him.  He still can’t perform basic math skills, but stands up to Svetlana to prove his worth.  Go Kev!


Fiona goes on a field trip and learns that she’s “complicated.”

Fiona has been beyond frustrated at her current living situation especially when she finds an unwanted shower guest sleeping in her tub at home.  After confiding to her neighbors at the apartment building, Fiona decides to try out living on her own.  She takes a long shower in the vacant apartment and even dances around in her underwear, feeling free of obligation and time constraints.

However, Irish Ford walks in on her to her embarrassment, which leads to an interesting proposition.  Irish Ford takes Fiona on a field trip of sorts to view some of the buildings he is restoring.  When she lies down next to him on a mattress and stairs up at beautiful art-work on the ceiling, Fiona thinks she is reading the signs correctly.  However, she is shocked when Irish Ford does not kiss her back, turning down her advance because she is “complicated.”  Fiona unconvincingly replies that “being called complicated feels awesome” and returns home in shock and disappointment.

After her family gives her numerous examples of how very complicated she is, she accepts it and is ok with being complicated.  Later, Fiona attends her neighbor’s party and learns that Irish Ford is the father of their unborn children, along with several others.

A look of instant satisfaction flashes across Fiona’s face when she challenges Irish Ford with “now who’s complicated?”  While we are not sure what is in store for Fiona and Irish Ford, it’s a safe bet that a romantic relationship is not out of the question.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


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