Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 8 episode 7: “You get a 20!”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 7 last night, I am left with a new found appreciation for the art of Debbie’s welding skills along with Fiona’s natural ability to bribe teenagers with pizza…and then money.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Ian refuses to back down and attempts to make Fiona’s business and personal life a living hell.  Frank attempts to find a new profession while Debbie realizes that her own is short-lived.  Meanwhile, Lip continues to fight the good fight and Carl embarks on a new business scheme.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 7 are:


Carl records a ransom video.

Carl is on his way to securing all of the tuition he needs for military school, but is short by $3527.  One of his junky rehab customers tempts him with a new proposition, which is hard for him to ignore.  The girl, Cassidy, suggests that he shoot a harmless ransom video and that her dad will put up the cash without a problem.  As soon as Carl hits play, it’s clear that Cassidy is no amateur.  She begins screaming with a hood over her head to Carl’s surprise.  When he goes to retrieve the money, Cassidy’s dad approaches Carl and requests that she just come home and go to Tiffany’s party.  When Carl relays the message, Cassidy explains that she has no interest in going back and reveals her romantic interest in Carl.  While it seems like Cassidy is calling the shots, Carl did get the money he needed without dealing with the stress of being an uber driver or a detox specialist.  Either way, we will have to see what trouble these two crazy kids get into together.


Lip goes on the stand.

Lip is continuing to do whatever it takes to get Brad and his professor ready for the court hearing.  He understands the importance of showcasing a man who is truly sorry and ready to be a productive and sober member of society.  It seems like everything is going in the right direction after Brad successfully gives his testimony without too much trouble.  Lip proceeds to go on the stand as a character witness and explains that his professor saw the value in his life when he didn’t.  He begs the judge to give him a chance, but unfortunately his professor is already drunk when it is his turn.  To Lip’s dismay, his professor is now in jail, but he doesn’t want to lose hope on him completely.  Lip knows how much he has done to help him and he wants to do the same, but it is finding it truly difficult to help someone who doesn’t want to be saved.  Will Lip give up or continue to stand by his friend?


Debbie welds a dumpster to Dr. Dick’s car.

Just when Debbie convinces her boss to give her another chance at the parking garage, using Baby Franny’s cuteness to her advantage, she learns that she needs to be nicer to customers.  Debbie gives it her best effort, utilizing words like “please” and “thank you.”  However, there is one customer who insists on pushing her buttons and speaks to her in a condescending way.  She upsets him so much that he even proceeds to get out of his car and destroy property.  Debbie has the last laugh, however; when she puts her new welding skills to good use.  She literally welds his car to a dumpster and admits to her boss that she knows she is fired now but it was totally worth it.


The safe word is “French fry.”

After V discovers that she has a need to be dominated, Kev is more than willing to try and please the love of his life.  V catches Kev “researching” online and asks if he should really be doing that in front of their daughters.  Kev explains that “the volume is on mute,” in a matter of fact way and continues on with his research.  V is surprised several times throughout the episode with a new safe word each time.  “French Fry” and “Alley Cat” are supposed to be used by V, but Kev starts saying them repeatedly every time he has a question or a concern.  When it seems like this is not going to work out, Kev gets extremely frustrated that V used fabric softener on their kids’ pajamas, unleashing the angry and dominating man V was looking for.


Fiona says it’s “game on!”

Throughout the episode, Ian demonstrates that he is not backing down and is still mad at his sister for preventing him from obtaining the shelter for the homeless kids he works with.  He pours ice-cold buckets of water on her, throws eggs at her apartment building, and sets up tents in the lot next door to bother Fiona.   “Occupy Fiona!” the kids scream repeatedly, while Ian uses a megaphone to get the full volume and effect he is looking for.  Fiona tries to be the bigger person and refuses to let Ian see that she is angry, but when he calls the fire marshal on her and messes with her business, it’s game on.  Fiona bribes the homeless teens with pizza and when that doesn’t work, she whips out her wallet.  “You get a 20 and you get a 20!” she shouts proudly, happy to have won.  Her pride is intact, but most of her money has been sacrificed for the cause.  Ian is furious that she has done this, but she tries to make amends by finding them another space to open the shelter.  She tells Ian how much she cares about him and loves him, genuinely worried about his well-being, remembering that family comes first.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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