Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 8 episode 12 season finale: “Time to Go Gallagher!”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 12 finale last night, I am certainly going to miss watching my favorite dysfunctional family for a while.  While new episodes will return later this year, I am happy that every member of the Gallagher family made the right call after being faced with a difficult decision.  Whether they were tempted by taking the easy way out or making someone else happy, each one of them ultimately found their way, reminding us that doing the right thing does pay off in the end.  Now Frank on the other hand is another story.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Sleepwalking,” Fiona seeks out the help of “Pyro Paulie” to go full Gallagher on Rodney and his family, refusing to give up what she has worked so hard on.  Lip is finally back together with Sierra, but is he ready to get sucked back in the drama all over again?  Svetlana pursues her American Dream to get married while holding Frelania hostage and Kev embraces his new role as “father of the bride.”  Meanwhile, a warrant is out for Ian’s arrest, Carl attempts to make it to military school, and Liam is faced with the dilemma of making his father happy or betraying his new friend.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 12 are:


Liam does some recon.

Liam’s new friend, Dylan, is more than rich.  After Frank pays Dylan’s father a visit and does a quick scan of his assets, he enlists the help of his youngest son to do some full recon and obtain the alarm code.  Liam does a great job taking the pictures for Frank and even comes up with a brilliant plan to get the alarm code.  He sets off the alarm with Dylan as a prank on the maid and then zooms in on the code:  6197.  After he discusses everything with Frank, Liam begins having second thoughts.  While this may be the root cause of his sleepwalking, Liam decides that he wants to keep his friendship with Dylan and of course enjoy some much deserved “yachting” and relaxation.  Liam gives Frank the wrong code, which leads to a hilarious escape from the police, ending with Frank jumping into the portable toilet.  Not just the stall…but the actual toilet.  Frank manages to hold on to a few items and walks into the Gallagher home in victory, covered in blue dye and sewage.  I guess he’ll take this one as a win.


Carl attempts to get to military school.

Carl’s wife, Cassidy, actually has her named spelled with a “K,” which I learned in this last episode when she explains that all of their 6 children will have names starting with a “C” or a “K.”  Sorry Kassidi.  Either way, Carl’s girlfriend…wife, Kassidi played by the brilliant Sammi Hanratty is not about to let him leave without a fight.  Carl strategically jumps out the window when Kassidi is showering to buy new gear for military school.  He avoids her as much as possible and even brings her flowers as a decoy, but this is no match for Kassidi’s obsession.  She hand-cuffs him to the bed and refuses to let him go.  When Carl spots Debbie, he begs her to get the keys, but Debbie takes this as an opportunity to test out her brother’s listening skills, refusing to get involved in the middle.  After all she does love Kassidi’s waffles.  With the help of Liam’s habit to steal keys when he sleepwalks, Carl manages to escape and successfully gets on the bus to military school to the dismay of Kassidi.  While Carl does love Kassidi, he is not about to completely dismiss his other love for military school and he has the chance to really become someone to be proud of.  Will their marriage be able to survive this?  Will Kassidi resort to even crazier methods to get him back?


Svetlana gets married.

Svetlana’s plan seems to be going well when she kidnaps her former Russian friend, Frelania and keeps her held hostage at Kev and V’s home.  After realizing that she has the chance to successfully steal her husband and obtain the American Dream of becoming a rich trophy wife, there is no stopping her.  Kev and V are on board to help her and Kev fully embraces his new role as the “father of the bride.”  However, when Svetlana explains that if Frelania “tries anything you cut her face,” he is a little hesitant to put the machete to use.  Svetlana explains that the next part of their plan involves keeping Frelania’s mother, Zlata distracted, as she is the only person who will be able to recognize Svetlana at the wedding.  Kev hilariously dresses up as a chauffeur, complete with ripped sleeves underneath the suit jacket, and displays a sign at the airport reading “Zlata…super long last name” with an arrow.  Zlata is known to have a “taste for human flesh,” so Kev and V decide to try out her appetite for vodka to keep her as far away from the wedding as possible.  Everything seems to be going seamlessly when Svetlana walks down the aisle in a gorgeous wedding gown, only for Kev to find out that there is a Prenup.  Just as he reveals this to V, Svetlana says “I do.”  One can only imagine what she will do when she finds out the truth next season.


Lip finally makes the right decision. 

Lip seems to be getting everything he wanted.  He’s sober, he has a job, and now he even has Sierra back.  Everything should be fine, right?  After witnessing Sierra and her former boyfriend, Charlie arguing in the street, he realizes that he is about to get sucked up into a whirlwind of drama all over again.  Has Lip learned from his past mistakes?  Yes!  Lip walks away from Sierra and tells her that he’s not sure how he feels and he thinks she should give Charlie another chance.  At the end of the episode, Lip decides to help out Eddie’s niece and offers for her to stay with him until everything is sorted out with Eddie and her mom.  The little girl is beyond delighted that someone actually cares enough about her not to abandon her and happily helps Lip with his motorcycle.  Lip finally realizes that love doesn’t have to be romantic or messy.  The friendship and bond he has with Eddie’s niece goes beyond this and is the best thing for him right now to maintain his sobriety and his sanity.


“Time to go Gallagher.”

After Fiona talks with her lawyer, she is horrified that Rodney and his family are actually demanding custody of her dog, Rusty…or “Sparkles” along with 3 million dollars.  Her lawyer explains that her best option is to sell the building and to declare bankruptcy but Fiona is not ready to give up on her hard work just yet.  After consulting with a few others, Fiona realizes that she is going to take back what is hers.  She meets Frank’s friend, “Pyro Paulie,” who provides her with instructions on how to smoke out Rodney and his family…literally.  After they vacate the building, Fiona gives them an offer on her terms.  She says she will pay them a few thousand now for them to leave and never come back and that she will continue paying them $500 a month after that.  Rodney’s wife refuses the offer, which prompts Fiona to begin lighting cash on fire to show them she means business.  Rodney realizes that a lawsuit can take a very long time before he may see any money and takes the deal.  Fiona is able to keep her building and now has a new relationship with Irish Ford to look forward to.  Things are looking up for Fiona after all.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


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