Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 13 episode 14: “Whatever it Takes”

Happy Friday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 13 episode 14 last night, I am left pondering the quote:  “war does not determine who is right—only who is left.”  It seems that Castiel is more than ready for war, but are the Winchester brothers prepared to make the sacrifices needed to bring about the greater good?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Good Intentions,” Jack and Mary run into an old friend who helps save the day and Castiel explores his own purpose for returning to earth.  Meanwhile, Sam and Dean try to make a decision based on their moral compasses, while Donatello goes completely mad from the raw energy of the demon tablet.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 13 episode 14 are:


“Dude if bacon’s what kills me…then I win.”

Sam and Dean are not about to give up on getting Jack and Mary back safely while defeating Lucifer in the process.  Sounds like a tall order for sure, but it looks like the prophet, Donatello may be able to help decipher the demon tablet.  Unfortunately, Donatello goes completely mad in the process, hearing voices as he is overwhelmed by the text.  It’s up to Sam and Dean to help pick up the pieces, but not before Dean enjoys his favorite breakfast food.


“They are equally pretty.”

When Dean tags along with Castiel to summon the ancient warriors they need the hearts of, it seems like an easy enough task.  However, Dean is not convinced that Castiel got all the words in the summoning spell correct when no one initially appears to fight them to the death.  Castiel comically reminds Dean that “I don’t get words wrong,” as the two warriors appear to fight Dean and Castiel.  While Dean is distracted by their “loincloths,” Castiel tries to get him to take this seriously.  After all, they are using weapons forged from God…or touched by God that is.  The two warriors begin arguing in their native language over which one to kill first and have an interesting dilemma on their hands.  One of them suggests killing the pretty one first, but they come to the conclusion that Dean and Castiel are “equally pretty.”  While this distraction gets the two warriors killed off seamlessly by Dean, they do not have hearts, which doesn’t get Castiel and Dean any closer to finding an ingredient to open up the gate.


Bobby is back!

Well Bobby from another world is back…but still fans are always excited to see the return of one of our favorite hunters.  When Jack and Mary are fleeing from the angels, Bobby pops up with perfect timing to lead them to safety.  He reveals that he knew his own version of Mary Campbell and that she saved his life on more than one occasion.  Mary realizes that this other Mary never made the deal with the demon that helped protect her sons, leaving her alone and heart-broken.  It doesn’t seem like either choice was the right one, but a world without Sam and Dean Winchester is not a world we want to live in.  Bobby becomes paranoid when he discovers that Jack is half-angel, looking out for the best interest of the people he is protecting, but Mary tries to get him to see reason, understanding that Jack is the key to returning to her world safely.  While it’s unlikely Bobby will return to Sam and Dean’s world, it’s good to know that a familiar face is looking out for their family.


Jack’s powers are advancing.

In the beginning of the episode, the angel, Zachariah is playing mind games with Jack, desperately trying to trick him onto their side.  Jack proves to be stronger than they anticipated, however; as fear is unable to break him.  When Zachariah tries to show him the flaw in humanity and how they are responsible for the destruction of the earth, Jack sees through this despite only being alive for 6 months.  He recognizes that none of this is real and tells Mary that he will protect her no matter what.  Even though Mary is willing to sacrifice her life for the cause, Jack proves to be more powerful than anyone thought possible.  When Mary is attacked, Jack channels his powers and is able to destroy an angel.  It seems like he is the key to stopping Michael’s army and getting Mary home safely, but will he be able to stop his father, Lucifer?  Time will tell.


“Whatever it Takes.”

Castiel contemplates his purpose and why he returned to earth and realizes it is to stop the pending war that is coming.  Castiel understands that he needs to do what’s necessary in times of war and tries to explain this to Sam and Dean who do not want him to put Donatello out of his misery.  Castiel taps into his mind to get the spell he needs, leaving Donatello brain-dead to the disbelief of the Winchester brothers.  He explains that he is doing what a soldier would in a time of war and tells them that “some people just can’t be saved.”  While Castiel is taking extreme measures, his methods do lead to us finding out the 4 ingredients needed to stop Lucifer and to bring Jack and Mary back to their world.  The four ingredients are:  “Grace of an archangel, a fruit from the tree of life, the Seal of Solomon, and blood from a most holy man.”  While we know that Gabriel is the archangel, how will they obtain the other three ingredients?  What other sacrifices will need to be made for the greater good?  While Castiel is clearly on board to do whatever it takes to win, will Sam and Dean be able to overcome their own doubts to do what’s necessary?

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural  below.  Happy viewing and happy belated 40th birthday to Jensen Ackles!  We love you Dean Winchester! 🙂


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