Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Mick” season 2 episode 16: “The Accident”

Happy Wednesday!  After watching Fox’s The Mick season 2 episode 16 last night, Jimmy provided us with a valuable lesson when he said “sometimes you gotta break the law to do the right thing.”  Well maybe it’s not the best lesson, but it’s clear that Mickey, Alba, and Jimmy are there to help Ben out of a jam, no matter what it takes.  Now that’s family.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Accident,” Mickey is outraged when Ben is excluded from Troy’s sleepover and is not about to let this go quietly.  However, things don’t go exactly as planned with Ben runs into some unexpected trouble once he is there.  Meanwhile, Chip tries to win over the approval of his sister, Sabrina by agreeing to make her a fake ID, but not without getting something in return. My top 5 moments from The Mick season 2 episode 16 are:


“Troy sounds like a dick.”

When Mickey learns that every boy in Ben’s class was invited to Troy’s sleepover except for Ben, she says out loud what we’re all thinking:  “Troy sounds like a dick.”  While Mickey doesn’t filter her thoughts in front of Ben, it’s clear that she is appalled by this exclusion and suggests that Ben have his own sleepover instead.  Jimmy even agrees to let Ben have “full access” to his movie collection.  When Mickey learns this isn’t possible, her and Jimmy fear the worst:  that if Ben is “cut off now, there might be no coming back.”  This brings Mickey back to her own days growing up and reminds everyone about what happened to her former friend, Marissa who had the audacity to get boobs before the rest of the girls.  Mickey explains that they “86ed her and now she’s a dentist.”  While Alba points out that being a dentist is actually a great profession, Mickey closes the argument by reminding them that it’s gross.  Either way, she is not about to let history repeat itself and have Ben left out in the cold.  Mickey pays Troy’s mother a visit and makes her feel bad enough so that Ben can enjoy the sleepover with the rest of his friends.


Ben has an accident and calls Mickey to rescue him.

Mickey is enjoying her sleep and is interrupted when Ben calls her in a panic to let her know that he has had an accident.  She initially mistakes this for a car accident, but then Ben explains that he wet the bed and doesn’t know what to do.  Alba was eagerly listening in at the door, which concerns Mickey about her boundary issues, but doesn’t have time to argue about this now since she needs all hands on deck.  Mickey, Jimmy, and Alba rush over to Troy’s house so they can help him.  Alba wants to know “what is our mission objective,” which seems like a valid question.  Mickey assumes the mission will be easy enough:  throw the dry pajamas and sheets up to the window and Ben can toss the dirty ones down.  Mickey gets the saturated fabric in her face twice, however; but she keeps her composure.  After all Ben is “lucky he’s cute because he is useless,” according to his Aunt.  It seems like the mission objective is complete, until they realize that Ben has peed through the entire mattress.  It looks like Jimmy will need to take a turn at saving the day.


Jimmy’s mission.

After they realize that the last mattress is toast, Jimmy accepts his mission and promises to get a mattress to replace it.  Mickey asks where he is going to find a mattress that late and Jimmy replies with “I didn’t say it would be new.”  He stealthily sneaks into a motel and even takes a break to enjoy some well-deserved snacks and TV.  Mickey and Alba run into their own dilemma during this time, however; and are now stuck on top of Troy’s roof while Ben accidentally locks the windows inside.


“Will you be the Maggie to my Jake?”

It’s clear that Chip has been spying on his sister, Sabrina and her friends for a while which is a little creepy.  Especially when he complains about them not getting naked and his friend points out “dude, that’s your sister.”  However, Chip is in luck when he overhears that Sabrina is in need of a fake ID to get into a club.  He is excited to help out his sister and to use this as leverage so that they can elevate their relationship from brother and sister to….best friends of course.  Sabrina seems hesitant at first to say yes explaining that “we can’t be seen in public with you.”  She eventually agrees but tries to outsmart Chip and his friend by updating their wardrobe and then leaving them behind.  Chip anticipated this, however; and left her with a Harriet Tubman ID to her horror and explains that they will need to take them along as originally agreed upon if they want the real IDs.  It seems like everything is going according to plan when Sabrina and her friends easily get into the club.  However, when Chip steps up to the bouncer, they are “at capacity.”  Chip tries to get the bouncer to see reason and even his friend gets in because his ID still says Jaden Smith.  Poor Chip is left alone and even his driver abandons him.


“100 percent saturation…not a chance.”

When Alba and Mickey are stuck on the roof awaiting Jimmy’s appearance with the new mattress, Mickey comes up with a plan for them to jump off the roof and land on the mattress.  When her plan is a success with her only getting some minor injuries, Jimmy arrives and hits her with the car, which then causes the mattress he just obtained to be ruined as well.  Luckily Mickey is ok, but now they are down two mattresses and Alba is still stuck on the roof.  They have only one choice now to protect Ben’s reputation: “100 percent saturation.”  Mickey lets Ben do what he does best, as he climbs into bed with each of the boys and wets the bed so that they can wake up to become “pee brothers.”  While it was a close call, Ben is in the clear for now and is even invited to the next upcoming sleepover.  Mickey and Jimmy are relieved but it seems like they are forgetting something very important…Alba is still on the roof sleeping.  It looks like they will need another mission objective after this one.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Mick below. Happy viewing!


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