Ranking the top 5 moments from “Once Upon a Time” season 7 episode 14: “The Girl in the Tower”

After watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 14 last night, the words of Lewis Carroll seem more than appropriate, reminding us that all the best people are mad and I completely agree.  One can really sympathize with Tilly/Alice who feels invisible in the world around her, desperately trying to find someone to connect to.  Whether it be to Nook or an unconventional silent friend, Tilly/Alice is hanging on by a thread and desperately needs someone to believe in her.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Girl in the Tower,” we learn how Alice is able to break free from the tower with the help of a giant troll and we see the first time that she meets Robin.  Meanwhile, Rogers/Nook puts everything on the line to help Tilly, Ivy/Drizella takes off to find her sister, Regina and Lucy put “operation hyacinth” into motion, and Zelena tries to find out what her sister is hiding.  My top 5 moments from Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 14 are:


Ivy/Drizella goes to find Ana.

While it appears that Ivy/Drizella is finally trying to do the right thing, no one said that this would be an easy task.  Ivy/Drizella is learning that and realizes she needs to go and find her sister, Anastasia on her own and continue to make amends.  She confides to Henry that she wishes she had met him before and maybe she would have made better choices as a result.  While Ivy/Drizella cannot go back and change the path she took, it’s not too late for her to break off into a new one that could lead her to good.  However, after seeing the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like she may not be ready to help Regina, so is this goodness short-lived?


“Nobin” and “Tower Girl.”

While we know that there is a romance between Alice and Robin at some point in time, we get a glimpse into their very own “meet cute.”  Robin points an arrow at Alice, who is spying on her father, Nook from afar.  After Robin reveals the reasoning behind Nook’s new nickname, Alice playfully suggests that they call her “Nobin.”  “Yea don’t call me that,” Robin says, clearly not a fan of her new nickname.  In return, she calls Alice “Tower Girl,” and the two head off to find the troll that is destroying villages.  Alice tries to defend the troll and explains that he is her friend, but Robin is determined to prove that she can live up to the legend of her father.


“Sometimes you just have to look up and face your problems.”

After getting captured, Robin escapes to go kill the troll and Alice follows quickly behind, proving that she can improvise with a hairpin as well.  Just as Robin is about to take the shot, Alice intervenes to protect her friend.  Robin turns on the men she came there with and explains that she would “rather be a troll lover than fight beside a bully like you.”  Robin makes the right call and chooses friendship over pride.  The famous “yellow bug” car makes a cameo appearance as well, bringing fans back to the days of Emma Swan.  Robin and Alice try and stop the troll and Alice realizes that she created him during her loneliness.  She is able to successfully turn him back into a statue, now understanding what true freedom means.  Robin has now returned to Hyperion Heights in present day and she meets Tilly who is in desperate need of some advice.  Robin tells her that “sometimes you just have to look up and face your problems,” before revealing that she is reading “Alice in Wonderland,” which is her favorite book.  Tilly takes her advice literally and realizes that the troll statue has a camera hidden in his eye, providing her with the alibi she needed to prove her innocence.


Rogers/Nook tries to help Tilly/Alice.

After last week’s episode, it seemed like Nook would never be able to see the blaring clue right in front of him that Tilly/Alice is his daughter.  While he still has not realized this, Rogers/Nook finally makes the right decision and tries to help Tilly.  He hides her out at Henry’s apartment and tells her, “I believe you now.”  Even after Tilly discovers that no one in the town remembers her and the pieces of hair show up in her backpack, Rogers/Nook does not abandon her.  He continues to help her and at the end of the episode, he asks Tilly to stay with him, which is beyond heart-warming.


Step 1 of “Operation Hyacinth.”

While Lucy doesn’t seem thrilled about the idea of “walky-talkies,” she is ready to go to work and help Regina find out what Doctor Facilier is doing in town.  Initially, Regina keeps this from Zelena, however; and takes Doctor Facilier on a decoy date while Lucy breaks in to see what she can find.  Zelena interrupts the date and asks her sister why she is lying to her.  Regina explains what is going on and tries to warn Lucy who is able to get out in just the nick of time, but not before finding the tarot cards revealing the death card.  Doctor Facilier proves that he is not easily fooled and drops by Regina’s place with Lucy’s hat.  He tells her that he is here for The Dark One’s dagger and shows Regina her own fortune cards, revealing that love is still a possibility for her.  But at what cost?  Regina finally tells Zelena everything, including about her feelings for Doctor Facilier.  When Robin comes in to see her mother, Zelena hates that they have to lie to her and Regina tells her, “welcome to the club sis.”  While Regina was able to get some important information out of Doctor Facilier, is he being completely truthful with her?  Will Regina tell Rumpel what is going on?  Stay tuned to find out!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Once Upon a Time below.  Happy viewing!


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