Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Mick” season 2 episode 19: “The Dance”

Happy Wednesday!  After watching Fox’s The Mick season 2 episode 19 last night, I think we have all learned a valuable lesson that “lying is complicated,” but we should never keep things from family.  Well…unless it involves stealing evidence from a police car or participating in Amateur night at a strip club.  Everything else is clearly off limits, however.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Dance,” Mickey is shocked when she finds out that Ben has been lying to her.  Meanwhile, Chip begins knocking out his competition so that he can become the “Formal Prince,” Sabrina asks Jimmy to teach her how to dance and Alba learns how to effectively use the word, “proverbial.”  My top 5 moments from The Mick season 2 episode 19 are:


Mickey refuses to respect the authority of the police.

While Mickey is waiting in the principal’s office, a police officer walks in with a backpack full of evidence.  She tells the principal that he better be a stripper, but he quickly explains that he is there for another student matter.  Ben is very excited to meet the police officer, however; and even asks Mickey if he can go in his car to play with the siren.  Mickey allows it but reminds him that he’ll be getting “bacon grease all over his hands” in the process.  After Mickey leaves the school, it seems like she may have had a change of heart when she tells the police offer that she’s “got something for him.”  Only it’s a Granny Smith apple to put in his mouth and she tells him she’ll be back in a while to flip him over.



Mickey is beyond upset when she discovers that Ben has been lying to her and she confides in Alba about it.  She begins explaining the situation and comparing it to “proverbial coke” and Alba thinks that she literally has coke with her and asks if proverbial means that it’s “primo.”  She later tries to work the word into her vocabulary when they bake Ben a cake and she tells him that it is “proverbial.”


Chip wants to be crowned the “Formal Prince” at the school dance.

Chip reveals his master plan that he is picking off his competition one by one so that no one will be left in the running to take the crown away from him.  While it’s clear that his priorities may be slightly skewed, one can only admire how far Chip is willing to go.  He explains that winning the crown will lead to him ending up with his crush, Madison and that “she’ll be trapped with him all night.”  Mickey says, “Don’t say trapped,” and Chip seamlessly changes it up by saying that she “won’t be able to escape.”  Chip is clearly working on losing that creepy vibe for sure and even seems to make a friend in the process after screeching like a girl when he gets hit by a ball.  When he tells Emily about his plan, she takes his advice with the princess race and they ultimately are crowned prince and princess.  Another one of Chip’s plans back-fired, but at least he gets a crown for all of his trouble.


Jimmy teaches Sabrina how to dance.

Mickey walks in on Sabrina’s attempt to dance in front of the mirror and is beyond amused.  After taking a break from laughing so hard, she explains that Jimmy’s mom was a choreographer for the Ice Capades and that he can really help her learn to dance if it’s that important to her.  Sabrina takes her advice and seeks out Jimmy’s help.  Before saying yes, Jimmy says, “Let’s talk facts…why?”  Sabrina finally caves in and explains that she wants to do something that no one sees coming and take the power back.  Jimmy discreetly hands Sabrina a piece of napkin with a location and a time written on it and warns her not to be late.  After making her wait outside for half the day to test her commitment, he is ready to get to work and tells her, “I guess we better stop bitching and start dancing.”  They begin intense training sessions that actually seem to be working.  Jimmy explains that the key is to “bring her soul to the surface” and to turn “embers” into a “brush fire.”  Well it seems like the internal fire is blazing because pretty soon Sabrina is twirling and shimmying like a pro and even learns how to work a chair into her routine if necessary.  Jimmy feels that he has made a difference but quickly realizes that Sabrina learned how to dance to go to Amateur Night at a strip club.  Jimmy rushes in to prevent her from making a huge mistake and even punches the manager, Chip’s real father, in the process to be heroic.  Once he hears that the grand prize is $2500, Jimmy quickly changes his tune and Sabrina splits the cash with him to thank him.  It looks like the only thing left to do is to lie to Mickey and have some ice cream to celebrate.  Only the ice cream part is canceled when Jimmy can’t get his car to start.


“Lying is complicated.”

After Mickey finds the stolen golden apple in Ben’s room, she realizes that he has lied to her and she is beyond upset.  She tries to rationalize that there must be some explanation and decides to try and give Ben the chance to come clean.  After he fails several tests, Mickey and Alba step it up a notch when they burst into Ben’s room and tell him that the cops are on their way to arrest him and bring him to a jail in Mexico.  Ben screams out in horror, “Please don’t make me go I don’t want to be Mexican!”  Mickey and Alba reveal that this was all a trick to get him to tell the truth.  Ben tells him about everything he has done wrong that day and it seems like he has learned a valuable lesson about lying.  However, when he shows Mickey that he stole the backpack out of the police car which has evidence and a loaded gun, Mickey throws this advice out the window and screams, “I said lie!”  Mickey and Alba panic about what to do next and Mickey shoots herself in the leg accidentally causing an even bigger moment of mayhem.  It doesn’t seem like the situation can get any worse until Chip accidentally takes the stolen bag to the dance.  Mickey goes after him and is not about to turn away empty handed.  She even tackles Chip to the floor and bites his ankle so that he will let go of the bag.  When the principal shows up to find out what all of the fuss is about, Ben saves the day and comes clean by giving him back the golden apple and telling him that he kept the truth from everyone.  Ben’s confession proves to the principal that he is trying to be good and make amends.  At the end of the day, Mickey explains that they shouldn’t hide anything from each other.  However, then each family member proceeds to lie to one another at the kitchen table about what they did the night before.  After all, “lying is complicated.”

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Mick below. Happy viewing!


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