Ranking the top 5 moments from “Ash vs Evil Dead” season 3 episode 8: “Ghost Beaters Never Leave a Man Behind”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 episode 8 last night, I felt a familiar shudder, bringing back old nightmares from the 2009 film “Drag Me to Hell,” which happens to be directed by the wonderful, Sam Raimi.  I wonder if he was on the same page here too because I was just as equally frightened by the demon in the rift, refusing to let any soul escape unclaimed.  Too bad Ash is not playing by its rules.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Rifting Apart,” Ash and Pablo work together to open the rift, Brandy runs into an old friend, and Kaya brings Ruby something or someone that can potentially change their destiny.  My top 5 moments from Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 episode 8 are:


“Just like old times.”

Ash refuses to sit around and feel sorry for himself after his daughter is stabbed in front of him.  Pablo and him decide to work together to make things right.  Ash lets Pablo know that “to save those two I would submit to a prostate exam,” which proves he means business.  After all, he was just reunited with his daughter and Kelly is like family as well.  Pablo and Ash steal Brandy’s body from the coroner, as they need to make sure she is intact when her spirit comes back through the rift.  Only, perhaps they should have checked the body bag next to her as well.  When they get to the cellar, Pablo and Ash look at each other, expecting the other one to have a plan.  After all, Pablo is “Cuervo Especial,” according to Ash.  After politely reminding him that he is “El Brujo Especial,” Pablo thinks that Ash will need to stab himself with the Kandarian dagger in order to get to Brandy and Kelly.  Seems like it makes sense, but Ash can’t do it.  The two decide to work together to stab Ash on the count of 3, only Ash throws in 2 and a half, which throws off the count.  “Was that 3?”  Ash wakes up in the rift and is off to find Brandy, depending on Pablo to be there to open the rift once they are ready.


Kaya brings Ruby a present.

Even though we don’t see Ruby for most of the episode, we know that she is off plotting somewhere.  Kaya decides to take matters into her own hands and captures Zoe, one of the Knights of Sumeria.  When Ruby discovers that she can speak Latin, she is more than pleased, as she realizes that Zoe may be the key to their victory.  She ominously tells her that “you’re going to help us re-write our destiny.”  Of course that only leaves us with more questions, but we will need to stay tuned to find out.


Pablo vs a deadite.

After one of the deceased high school students wakes up in the body bag next to Brandy’s, she is not about to let an opportunity go by without attacking Pablo.  Pablo needs to be at the rift to help open it for Ash, but gets distracted when he has to defend himself in the hardware store.  After strategically using his surroundings to his advantage, Pablo is able to defeat the deadite who was mocking his new title.  In victory, he reminds her and everyone who is watching that “It’s Brujo Especial…bitch!” 


“Save Kelly and your daughter Ash Williams.”

Brandy is frightened when she wakes up in the rift and is running from the beyond creepy demon.  After witnessing one of her classmates dragged beneath the surface, she is rescued by a familiar face.  Dalton shows up and the two run toward the abandoned “Cinema,” where they meet up with Kelly.  While they are unsure about what to do next, they are not going to go down without a fight.  After Ash arrives, the mission is to get to the opening of the rift, but this will not be so easy.  Dalton is aware of the stakes and distracts the demon so that Ash can get Kelly and Brandy to their destination.  Dalton tells Ash that he only asks that he tell Ruby that he’ll be waiting for her in hell.  He passionately kisses Kelly and rushes off to carry out his mission.  After successfully distracting the monster, Dalton sacrifices himself and is brutally dragged to hell, but his good deed gave Ash the time he needed to turn his “idea of a plan” into an actual plan.


“Ghost beaters never leave a man behind.”

Ash explains that he is not about to let evil mess with his family.  After Dalton’s sacrifice, Ash, Brandy, and Kelly take cover in Ash’s car.  Kelly explains that nothing works in the rift, but Ash is able to get “baby” started.  After all, “Evil is not the boss of us.  Buckle up!”  The other souls stuck in the rift are more than pleased to see Ash run over the demon, as the three head to their destination.  Pablo is able to open the rift in the nick of time, but only Brandy and Ash can go through.  Something is preventing Kelly from passing through, which we know is Kaya occupying her body.  The rift closes, but Ash refuses to leave her behind.  At least Brandy and Ash are alive and well, but the threat is not even close to being over.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Ash vs Evil Dead below.  Happy viewing!


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