Ranking the top 5 moments from “Younger” season 5 episode 2: “Maybe I can Slide into your DMs.”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching TV Land’s Younger season 5 episode 2 last night, I learned that sometimes pretending can become a full time job and take a heavy toll on us.  Whether it means displaying a fake smile or a disingenuous upbeat tone to our voice, sooner or later it catches up to us and all we want to do is scream something real.  While sometimes it’s appropriate to pretend in many situations, it’s important that we never compromise who we are and what we stand for in the process.   Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “A Titanic Problem,” Charles tries to deal with the new information he has obtained about Liza, but is having a hard time with it.  Meanwhile, Josh returns from Ireland, Lauren launches her new business idea, and Liza comes up with an idea to help Millennial.  My top 5 moments from Younger season 5 episode 2 are:


“We’re not great.  We’re Heller Good.”

The outrageous and outspoken Lauren is back in episode 2, played by Molly Kate Bernard, and she is ready to launch her new PR firm.  Everyone seems excited to see her video promoting it and it starts out harmless enough, but ends with a cheetah with Lauren’s face on it.  Kelsey hesitantly asks her if she’s sure she wants to say she’s not great, but Lauren is extremely excited about inserting her name into “Heller Good.”  Lauren is known for being a bit eccentric and over-the-top and it’s great to see her focus her energy on creating her new business venture, but I’m looking forward to seeing her grow as a character and get a noteworthy story-line. 


“Reese Witherspoon’s Pick.”

In the beginning of the episode, we get some exciting news that Pauline’s book, “Marriage Vacation” is now being included in Reese Witherspoon’s book club.  Liza and Kelsey are ecstatic and they get to sit down with someone from her team to discuss details.  While Empirical Press is in trouble after the scandal with Edward L.L. Moore, this is the right kind of publicity that will really shift Millennial into the spotlight.  Well deserved ladies!


“Maybe I can slide into your DMs.  Did I say that right?”

After Josh returns, Liza casually mentions that she didn’t hear from him and he explains that he sent her a DM.  Liza is hilariously confused by the meaning of this and Kelsey and Josh break it down for her.  Liza tries to work it into the conversation later at work, but mistakenly says she is “slipping” into DMs.  Kelsey explains the correct lingo and then also tells her that it sounds like she may be looking to initiate something romantic when she says that.  As if this wasn’t already hilarious enough, Diana tries to work the phrase into her vocabulary to ensure she is hip and says to Lauren, “Maybe I can slide into your DMs,” with confidence.  Once Lauren walks away, she frantically asks if she said it right, which keeps the laughs coming.


“Everything’s going to be OK.”

When Josh returns from Ireland, it initially seems like everything is fine and that he is just waiting for Claire to arrive.  However, he later confides to Liza that she is not coming back.  Josh breaks down crying on Liza’s shoulder and asks, “What the hell’s wrong with me?”  Liza consoles Josh and is there for him completely as a friend, but we know that romantic sparks are never really extinguished between these two.  I have always been Team Josh even though I do often find myself shipping Liza and Charles too, but Josh’s feelings toward Liza are so real and epic.  That being said, Josh has a lot of growing up to do, as he wears his emotions on his sleeve and often makes impetuous decisions that lead to disastrous results.  He is in his 20’s and mistakes are going to happen, but will he finally see what’s been right in front of him all this time?  Liza may have lied to Josh, but her feelings have always been genuine and the chemistry between these two is undeniable.  But will these two finally get a chance to have a real relationship without all of the drama mixed in?


“I am not good at pretending.”

Charles has no idea how to process the information he has been given about Liza.  We see him looking through the newspaper clippings of her marriage and old photos and then witness the confusion written all over his face when he glances down at Liza’s funky outfit at work.  After speaking with his friend who is a lawyer, he is given the advice that he needs to keep on pretending that she is 27 because another work scandal could be catastrophic.  Charles continues to bottle up his feelings and tries to avoid Liza as much as possible.  When Liza pitches the incubator deal, he initially says he has to think about it because his mind is cluttered with way too much baggage at the moment.  At the end of the episode, Charles is finally direct with Pauline and tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore.  While these words harshly cut right to the point, Charles is overwhelmed by how much he has to pretend and he can’t handle pretending with Pauline too.  Charles’s feelings for Liza clearly complicate this situation even further, but will he be able to accept her knowing that she has lied to him over and over?  Even though he has been advised to keep pretending, will Charles ultimately confront Liza?  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Younger below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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