Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 5 episode 13 Season Finale: “I Hope We Do Better There”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s The 100 season 5 episode 13, I realized that sometimes all it takes is a simple life with the person we love most in the world.  The days may seem routine, but they are never unfulfilling because each day is filled with hope and joy.  We may sometimes feel like we need to search for something more or bigger, but perhaps what we need most is right in front of us and has been all along.  Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Damocles – Part Two,” Madi attempts to lead her people to victory with the help of Echo, Bellamy, and a surprising ally.  Meanwhile, Clarke enlists the help of Diyoza to stop McCreary, Shaw is tortured in front of Raven, and Abby desperately tries to save Marcus’s life.  My top 5 moments from The 100 season 5 episode 13 Season Finale are:


“I’m saving the man that I love.”

War always has casualties and I was very worried about the fate of some of our beloved characters.  After John Murphy is injured, he tells the others to leave him behind since they only have nine minutes to get to the transport ship before the missile, Damocles, hits the valley.  Thanks a lot McCreary.  Emori is no longer hiding her feelings for John at this point, as she tells him, “There’s no way in hell I’m going to leave the man I love behind.”  Monty agrees to carry Murphy and they really wait until the last possible second to get to the ship, but luckily they are all OK for now.  Meanwhile, Abby also refuses to leave the love of her life behind.  Octavia confronts Abby and agrees to help her, as she gathers people to carry Marcus on a stretcher to the ship.  Octavia and Abby may never be able to fully forgive each other, but Octavia helps Abby in this crucial moment.  While we know that Marcus’s injuries are bad, we will have to wait to determine his fate after “Cryosleep.”


“It’s the kiss of death.”

Octavia and Diyoza are left out of the meeting to figure out how to save everyone and Diyoza breaks the ice by telling Octavia, “Cheer up.  I wasn’t invited either.”  Both of these women were strong leaders, but they each had their flaws.  Diyoza points out to Octavia that her “mistake was liking it.  Power.  It’s the kiss of death.”  Octavia doesn’t disagree and comes to the realization that the valley probably wouldn’t have worked out after all.  She says, “One Garden, two serpents…Eden never stood a chance,” and she is right.  While we never got the chance to see if they could all co-exist in the valley, war can destroy everything.  Perhaps the best thing that could have happened was for each of these leaders to step down.  We know that they are strong, capable, and fearless, but it looks like we are in for quite the change.


“Break the cycle.”

Madi is initially nervous about accepting the large responsibility of being the Commander, but she recognizes that it is something she cannot run away from.  When she first appears, someone cries out, “Heda is going to save us,” and surprisingly Octavia is the first person to bow down to her.  This moment is extremely important, as Octavia finally accepts that it is time to let go and pass the torch.  Her time is over and she puts her full trust and faith in Madi to lead her people to victory.  With Gaia’s help, Madi taps into the minds of the other Commanders to figure out what to do and comes up with a plan to save her people.  When the enemy surrenders, Madi initially wants to have them executed, but Bellamy steps in and explains, “You can be better than them.  You can be better than us.  The choice is yours Heda.”  Madi makes the courageous decision to break the cycle and understands the importance of saving them so that they can prove they deserve to be saved.  Bellamy’s wise words really resonate with Madi and it looks like she has a trusted adviser by her side.  Madi has a huge responsibility once everyone wakes up from Cryosleep; however, but luckily she has Bellamy and Clarke to help her.


“She called you on the radio everyday for six years.”

Madi reminds Bellamy that he needs to forgive Clarke, but Bellamy is still clearly upset about Clarke leaving him in the fighting pits and has every right to be.  Madi sheds some light on Clarke’s real feelings for Bellamy; however, and tells him about her talking to him on the radio everyday, which is a moment I have been waiting for all season.  When the ship is about to close, Clarke begs Bellamy to get on board before it’s too late, but Bellamy refuses to leave his friends behind, as Murphy and the others have still not arrived.  He tells her, “I can’t do that again,” clearly still feeling remorse about leaving Clarke behind after “Praimfaya.”  Once everyone gets on board safely with barely a second to spare, Clarke asks Bellamy why he is not mad at her and he says, “The commander ordered me not to be,” in a heartwarming moment.  While we know that Echo is still in the picture, Bellamy finally learns how Clarke feels about him, which is important.  Clarke is always trying to be brave and strong for everyone else and often locks away her own feelings and desires to do what is right, but her feelings for Bellamy are real and true.  I’m looking forward to seeing this explored more next season and I hope these two finally get the chance to be together because they deserve it.


“I hope we do better there…may we meet again.”

So one of the reasons why I love this show so much is because each season finale provides the audience with a twist you never see coming.  I remember being shocked every single season and season 5 was no different.  After everyone realizes that they must go into “Cryosleep” for ten years to survive, it seems like we are merely going to flash forward to the future.  However, I almost fell out of my chair when Monty and Harper’s teenage son, Jordan, wakes up Clarke and Bellamy.  Clarke and Bellamy ask “why is it just us” and learn that Monty and Harper stayed behind on the ship and didn’t go to sleep.  They left a video message for them, which walks them through everything they have done together over the years.  It has been 125 years and Clarke and Bellamy learn that earth is not survivable anymore.  Monty spent his entire life trying to find another way to save his friends and discovered another planet with two suns.  Monty explains that they chose this life and asks Clarke and Bellamy to take care of their boy.  He has the middle name “Jasper” and Monty told him all about his friends and Murphy is surprisingly his favorite, which lightens up the mood.  In Monty’s final moments, he has aged quite a bit and tragically explains that Harper passed away.  He holds on to a glimmer of hope that they can do better here and tells them “may we meet again.”  Monty finally got to live the simple life he always wanted to even though it may not have been exactly what he had in mind.  He enjoyed every single second with Harper and his child and put all of his energy into finding a “plan b” to save his friends.  Monty has always flown under the radar, but he is a true hero and has saved them all.  The end of the season finale shows Clarke and Bellamy looking out on the new planet, not knowing what to expect.  We don’t know anything about this planet and it looks like we are in for quite the adventure.  Stay tuned and I know that we will meet again!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The 100 in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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