Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Passage” season 1 episode 5: “I Feel Like Something Terrible is Going to Happen”

Happy Tuesday TV fans!  After watching Fox’s The Passage season 1 episode 5, I realized that “secrets can make you lonely.”  They eat away at you and pull at your inner conscience, refusing to retract their claws.  They will consume you if you let them, but so will the vampire in the cell next door.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “How You Gonna Outrun the End of the World?” we learn more about Dr. Lear’s past and Fanning’s connection to his wife, Elizabeth.  Meanwhile, Dr. Sykes tries to do what is right, Shauna continues to haunt Clark’s mind, Lila gets into trouble, and Amy displays some new abilities.  My top 5 moments from The Passage season 1 episode 5 are:


“We’re getting out of here soon and I’m taking you with me.”

During the episode, Dr. Sykes tells Clark that she knows that he made the conscious decision to save Shauna and asks him if she is still in his head.  Clark lies to her and says no, but Shauna is never too far away, as she continues to taunt and tease Clark.  She clearly has a fascination with Clark and promises to take him with her, but is she simply using him or is there more to it?  Either way, it doesn’t look like Shauna is going to stop appearing in Clark’s mind, but why is he hiding it from others?  Does he think it makes him weak or a target?  Does a part of him truly want to lose himself with Shauna and embrace the darkness?


“Are you reading my mind?”

Amy begins to show some telepathic abilities, as Brad notices that Amy is reading his mind.  Dr. Sykes reminds Amy that “there’s a light” in her, revealing that Amy’s goodness may be enough to balance her new abilities.  Could this be the key?  Amy’s powers are advancing, but she seems to be holding on to her humanity more than Carter, who was clearly tortured by the vampires in his head.  Carter had a guilty conscience, but Amy is an innocent, so could that make the difference?  Shauna offered false promises of family to Amy, but Brad reminds Amy that he’s not going anywhere and that he is her family, which is beyond touching.  Amy is clearly frightened that she could be transforming into something else, but Brad keeps her staying positive, as they plan a way to escape together.


“No one here wants any part of that.”

Dr. Sykes begins to learn that Project Noah is not just about saving lives, as she comes to the discovery that they plan on weaponizing Amy.  Dr. Sykes listens to her own conscience and realizes that she needs to help Amy and Brad escape.  Dr. Sykes wants to shut the project down, but it looks like she doesn’t have any support from Clark or anyone else right now.  Her best shot is to somehow recruit Dr. Lear, but it looks like Project Noah is run by people who have another agenda.  Even though Dr. Sykes may not be able to stop it, she can do what she can to protect Amy, which proves that she is a good person and she has the potential to make a difference.


“We moved on.  Clearly you never did.”

Dr. Lear is quarantined during the episode, which had me feeling some Lost nostalgia, especially when the alarm sounded.  Dr. Lear is worried about turning into a vampire and even uses this word, which surprises Dr. Sykes.  Dr. Lear is warned not to look at Fanning, but he can’t help thinking of their connected past while he is down here.  We learn that Dr. Fanning was hopelessly in love with Dr. Lear’s wife, Elizabeth, and they shared a brief encounter together.  Dr. Fanning attempts to manipulate Dr. Lear’s mind with these secrets, but Dr. Lear says that he already knew about it and that they moved past it together, recognizing that their marriage is strong and important.  Unfortunately, Dr. Fanning doesn’t stop here, as he taps into the janitor’s mind and he ends up paying Elizabeth a visit and injecting the serum into her.  Jonas learns that he is not infected, but he tries to make it to Elizabeth, fearing that she may be in trouble.  Elizabeth’s mind seems to be restored, as she fully remembers Jonas, but Fanning is already in her mind.  Will Dr. Lear be able to save his wife or is she already claimed by Fanning?  Either way, this fully motivates Dr. Lear to try and find some kind of cure before the rest of the world is impacted.


“You just did that.”

Didn’t anyone ever teach Dr. Pet that you don’t say things like “what’s the worst that can happen in 30 seconds?”  I mean, we’re dealing with unstable vampires here.  Anyway, Dr. Pet starts some experiments on Winston, as he tries to telepathically connect to his mind, hoping that he can control the vampires.  It initially seems to be working, but Winston later turns the tables on Dr. Pet and tells him to run.  Dr. Pet is viciously killed by Winston in front of Dr. Lear’s cell, as he makes a break for it.  Amy and Brad are also on the run at the same time and Brad tries to protect Amy from Winston.  Amy begins screaming in reaction, which impacts and hurts Winston.  Brad is just as surprised as Amy, but they realize that they have to get out of there right away.  Amy’s abilities are growing at a fast rate and it seems like her powers are different than the other subjects.  What else will Amy be able to do?  I honestly can’t wait to find out!

Overall, I thought this was a terrific episode.  The connected past between Lear and Fanning reveals that they are going to face off sooner or later.  I just wish we had a little bit more time to devote to Lila and Lacey.  Lila is potentially abducted at the end of the episode, but I wish we had a few more minutes in each episode so that we can fully understand what is going on here, but I’m sure we will get more information soon.  Either way, this show continues to captivate my full attention.  There is a struggle of power going on between light and dark, but it’s only a matter of time before one tips the scale.  Are you on Team Fanning or Team Amy Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on The Passage in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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