Ranking the top 5 moments from “Killing Eve” season 2 episode 8: “You’re Mine”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching BBC America’s Killing Eve season 2 episode 8 season finale on AMC, I realized that what comes around, goes around.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “You’re Mine,” armed guards from The Twelve show up and threaten Eve’s operation, which puts her life in immediate danger.  Meanwhile, Aaron wants Villanelle to work for him and Raymond comes back looking for revenge.  My top 5 moments from the Killing Eve season 2 episode 8 season finale are:


“Gentleman is a very common word.”

In the beginning of the episode, Eve hears a noise outside and is shocked when she discovers that Hugo has been shot.  Villanelle uses the safe word, “gentleman,” and Eve rushes over to her to save the day, leaving a note behind to help poor Hugo, who is left bleeding in the hallway.  When Eve arrives, she discovers that Villanelle appears to be fine and is sitting down for breakfast with Aaron.  Aaron recognizes Eve and Villanelle reveals her Russian accent, which is what truly surprises Aaron.  Villanelle went through some of Aaron’s homemade movies, which are quite disturbing, and he offers her the chance to work for him, telling her that she will never be bored again. 

Villanelle seems tempted by the offer and asks Aaron if he wants her to kill Eve and further asks if he would like to watch.  Of course our girl Villanelle does not disappoint, as she decides to slit Aaron’s throat instead and says, “Then watch this,” while turning him around to face his reflection.  Life or death with Villanelle is never boring, but Eve thinks that they have blown the mission now and realizes that they are in great danger.  She asks Villanelle why she used the safe word and Villanelle hilariously reminds her that “gentleman” is a very common word after all.


“This is not uncomfortable.  This is a setup.”

After convincing Villanelle to come with her, Eve rushes back to the place where she was staying, but Hugo’s body is gone and it looks like the room has been completely cleaned out, as all of the recordings have vanished as well.  Carolyn knocks on the door and Eve suddenly understands that she wanted Aaron dead all along.  Eve feels like a pawn, but Carolyn reminds her that “it was never going to be bloodless.”  Aaron’s data weapon was extremely dangerous and Carolyn did not want to take any chances, but she now leaves Eve with a very important choice, reminding her that she can’t play both sides.

Eve decides to leave and tells Carolyn that she plans on letting Kenny know about everything, but Carolyn turns the tables on Eve and reveals that Kenny was part of the cleanup operation.  It now makes sense why Kenny tried to tell Eve not to go to Rome in the first place.  It looks like Eve is on her own, but can she trust Villanelle to truly have her back now?


“What is it about her?”

After Carolyn confronts Eve, Villanelle gets her own visit from Konstantin, who tells her that he is there to save her.  Villanelle tells him that she will not leave Eve behind and Konstantin asks, “What is it about her?”  Villanelle explains that they are the same and they both end up choosing each other after discovering that they were played.  Villanelle reminds Konstantin that she will find him and his family and we know that she is not a fan of being double crossed.  Look out, Konstantin!


“You’re such a drama queen!”

When Villanelle goes looking for Eve, she finds Raymond waiting for her instead with an ax and she tells him, “You are the worst!”  Villanelle’s fight with Raymond is entertaining enough, but Raymond actually manages to get her into a choke hold and Eve nervously picks up the ax to help save Villanelle.  Villanelle tells her to do it over and over again and Eve finally strikes him with the ax in the shoulder.

Villanelle continues to struggle and tells Eve that she needs to hit him in the head.  After battling her inner conscience, Eve finally follows through, as Villanelle watches with pleasure, realizing that she has now truly brought Eve over to the dark side with her.  Will this connect them even more or will it drive a wedge between them?  We’re about to find out…


“You’re mine!”

After fleeing from the scene, Villanelle tells Eve that they can go to Alaska together and have a normal life.  She tells her that it is going to be amazing, but Eve suddenly realizes that Villanelle had a gun with her the entire time.  She asks Villanelle why she didn’t use the gun on Raymond and now understands that Villanelle wanted her to kill him.  Villanelle tells Eve, “I wanted you to know how it feels,” but Eve begins to walk away from her, not wanting to have any part of this Bonnie and Clyde adventure anymore.  Eve claims that she is no longer afraid because now she is like Villanelle and tries to pull away after the two almost share a kiss.

Eve successfully pulls away and Villanelle tries to tell her that she loves her, but Eve reminds her that she doesn’t understand what love is.  Our girl Villanelle always gets what she wants and tells Eve, “You’re mine,” right before shooting the gun.  We cut to Eve’s body on the ground and it looks like Villanelle has just turned the tables on her.  After all, Eve did stab her pretty brutally in the season one finale, so it only seems fair that Villanelle gets her chance to even the score in the season two finale.  What does this mean for season three?  Will Eve be OK?  Is Villanelle finally done with her?  So many questions and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!  Stay tuned for season three!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Killing Eve in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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3 thoughts on “Ranking the top 5 moments from “Killing Eve” season 2 episode 8: “You’re Mine””

  1. Finally caught up!

    I just don’t like Eve she’s way to blinded. She wrote a note and left Hugo to die probably to go save someone whom she knows is imminently capable of taking care of herself and absolutely blew the rest of the mission. Carolyn honestly should have come down a hell of a lot harder on Eve even if it all was part of some master plan.

    Especially considering the whole Niko mess. I hope he’s had enough of her and he probably knows too much for Carolyn and the governments taste that they were letting her run around.

    I enjoyed this season but not as much as the first one. Really torn on the ending 🙂

    1. Yeah I actually couldn’t stand Eve this season. I really liked her in season one but I felt like she was almost trying too hard to be bad. That being said, I loved seeing more with Villanelle and her own character development. Niko needs to just say goodbye already. I get that he loves her, but she treats him so badly! Will be interesting to see what they do with season 3 after that cliffhanger though! I get what you mean about the ending for sure! 🙂

  2. Villanelle is definitely the star for me. Her monologue about her boredom was one of the best parts of the season.
    She’s got nothing left now since Constantin walked away too so I’m expecting a bloodbath in season three!

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