My performance of the week ending 9/21/19 on TV goes to…

Emma Roberts as Brooke on FX Network’s American Horror Story:  1984.  So I was initially disappointed when I found out that both Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters would not be appearing in the ninth season of AHS, but after watching the premiere, I am confident that Emma Roberts can lead the way to another fantastic season. 

I have always been a huge fan of hers and I am really excited that she is finally getting a chance to step out of the supporting role and into the lead.  I loved her in Scream 4, she had me laughing hysterically in Scream Queens (please bring us that revival soon) and one of my favorite characters on television is Madison Montgomery from AHS:  Coven/Apocalypse

Madison Montgomery Gif.gif

There are some big shoes to fill here, but I am already so invested in Brooke’s character and I believe that she has Final Girl potential…even though she may not be making the best decisions, but this is supposed to be channeling an 80’s slasher movie vibe after all.  Please not some spoilers are ahead if you are not up-to-date on the series.

Brooke is already being targeted by the Night Stalker (AHS Hotel connection) and Mr. Jingles, but her camp counselor friends think that she needs to let loose and leave some of these hallucinations behind.  Brooke desperately tries to get them to believe her, but I have a feeling that the bodies will need to start piling up before anyone will really listen to her.

We also see Brooke looking at an engagement ring in her jewelry box, which means we will probably get bits and pieces of her past sprinkled into the mix, but is there any connection here to either of the two killers?

I know that some fans were disappointed that we already learned about the killer’s identity in the season premiere, but that just means that there are some unexpected twists and turns heading our way and I wonder if perhaps Brooke isn’t as innocent as she may appear to be?  It seems like a lot of the characters may have something to hide, but that just makes the show that much more entertaining, as we get to fill in the pieces together while the mystery unfolds.

What’s next for Brooke?  We’ll have to wait and see, but I want to know more about her past and I want to find out why the killers seem to be targeting her specifically.  Emma Roberts can play any character to perfection and I can’t wait to find out if she is my true Final Girl or if she is a villain in disguise.  After all, she did surprise us all in Scream 4 so you never know!

Either way, I am already impressed with Emma Roberts and I am confident that she will continue to capture our undivided attention.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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