Ranking the top 5 moments from “American Horror Story: 1984” season 9 episode 4: “It Feels So Good”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the FX network’s American Horror Story:  1984 season 9 episode 4 last night, I realized that “we’ve always got a say in what happens next,” but what if you really can’t explain what is going on?  What if there really is no rational explanation for it?  Are we still in control or are we helpless?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.

In last night’s episode, “True Killers,” we learn more about Montana’s connected past with the Night Stalker, along with their shared appreciation for Billy Idol.  Meanwhile, the two killers on the loose finally cross paths, but who will end up victorious?  My top 5 moments from the American Horror Story:  1984 season 9 episode 4 are:


“This is aerobics.  It’s serious!”

This show is really making me laugh out loud and I love it!  In the beginning of the episode, we get an important glimpse into Montana’s past and discover that she first met the Night Stalker when he stumbled into her aerobics class.

The Night Stalker seems to hit it off with Montana right away, but reacts when one of her students decides to go off on her for her music selection.  After the Night Stalker presents Montana with a bloody surprise, she seems more turned on than scared, revealing that perhaps she has had a darkness within her all along.


“Promise me she’ll suffer.”

We don’t have to wait too long to understand Montana’s motive for wanting Brooke dead, as we learn that her brother was the best man at Brooke’s wedding.  Montana blames Brooke for what happened and is looking for revenge, but she clearly wants to make Brooke’s pain last.  The Night Stalker seems to be on board with killing for his girl, but does he have an agenda of his own as well?


“You always hated the crust.”

While Mr. Jingles is off on his killing spree, Xavier attempts to get Birdy to safety, but when Mr. Jingles shows up, it appears they used to be friends and he remembers her from the camp prior to the massacre.  We learn that Mr. Jingles enjoys a PB&J sandwich, but once he spots Xavier, it’s clear that he also has a hunger for something else.

Poor Xavier almost gets cooked alive, but Birdy is able to save him in time.  Birdy asks Xavier to put her out of her misery and he reluctantly agrees, but once he sees the burns on his face, he realizes that his dream of being on the cover of TV Guide may be over…


“You shouldn’t have crashed this party.”

Brooke manages to escape, but ends up caught in a net, as Rita reveals her plan to her.  Brooke says, “F*ck your research,” but she really is in quite the jam now.  Montana finds her and realizes that she can finally have the Night Stalker kill her once and for all, but of course Mr. Jingles shows up with perfect timing and we get an impressive showdown between both killers, which ends with the Night Stalker getting a tree branch stabbed through his throat.

Brooke and Montana are able to get away and this certainly ruins Montana’s plan, but Rita witnesses something horrifying when she sees the Night Stalker’s body levitating in mid-air.  His eyes turn black and he is brought back to life, reminding us of the supernatural presence still lurking at Camp Redwood.

It’s one thing to have a harmless camp counselor marching around dead, but it’s quite another to have an undead serial killer on the grounds.  We’ll have to see how this plays out, but it is keeping things interesting for sure.


“You never had a chance…”

We certainly get a lot of plot twists thrown our way in episode 4, as we also finally learn what’s up with Margaret.  I suspected something was off with her from the start and so did many of you, but she finally steps into the light to face Mr. Jingles.  We get to see another flashback for Margaret and discover that Mr. Jingles had somewhat of a crush on her and wanted to protect her.

Margaret used this to her advantage and manipulated him, taking her own revenge out on her bullies at camp while framing her poor “Benji Bear.”  After being locked away in the asylum, Mr. Jingles started to truly believe that he was the killer, but Margaret reminds him now that she set the whole thing up.  She even cut off her own ear to sell it, but it looks like Margaret is ready to embrace her true self again.

After shooting Mr. Jingles and eliminating Trevor, Mr. Jingles manages to get away, but the real killer has now emerged.  We know that the campers will be arriving shortly, so what is Margaret’s end game here?  Is she looking to re-create another massacre?  How will the supernatural elements come into play?  Stay tuned!

American Horror Story:  1984 episode 4 Music Soundtrack Highlight:

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell (Official Music Video)

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on American Horror Story:  1984 below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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