Ranking the top 5 moments from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” season 14 episode 7: “The Gang Solves Global Warming”

Happy Friday TV fans!  After watching FXX network’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 14 episode 7, we learned that “when opinions meet facts, that’s when you get truth.”  Well maybe not, Mac, but we do learn how to beat the heat Sunny style!  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  

In Wednesday night’s episode, “The Gang Solves Global Warming,” there is a major heat wave in Philadelphia and the gang attempts to keep cool while also protecting the environment.  I’m not so sure about some of their methods, but they keep the laughs coming along with some great heat wave music!  My top 5 moments from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 14 episode 7 are:


“We’re actually helping our business and the environment.”

After hearing a warning on the news to keep the temperature at 76 degrees to conserve energy, the gang decides to keep the AC at Paddy’s Pub much cooler to attract more customers.  They actually bring in quite the crowd, but I’m not sure that they can say that this is also good for the environment.

Now that they have a lot of people inside, they will need to make sure they maintain the peace, but not everything goes according to plan when resources start running low…


“Since you want to walk the walk, why don’t you go get the ice?”

Dee is super excited to be sporting her Eco friendly shoes and is recording an Insta Story about “walking the walk.”  The gang is not sure who would ever watch this, but they tell Dee to head out to get some ice.

Dee is ready to record the journey with Charlie, which absolutely captured my attention, since Dee and Charlie episodes always make me laugh.  Let’s see how this goes…


“Global warming is the f*cking best!”

Frank and Dennis continue to lower the temperature at the bar, hoping to see some nips, but things get a little bit complicated when some of the workers from the fish factory show up.

After everyone starts dancing in their underwear, Frank is beyond thrilled and is not afraid to shout out his enthusiasm for global warming…

It’s getting hot in here for sure!


“I don’t want to wear trash on my head…”

This episode was absolutely hilarious and the Dee and Charlie moments were really outrageous.  Charlie continues to call out “cut” and “stop” while recording Dee’s Insta Story and their quest to go get ice is foiled several times, but they are not about to give up just yet.

After a failed attempt at a Ride Share, Dee is losing her patience, but Charlie is improvising his own Eco friendly fashion with a garbage bag and a pizza hat for shade. Charlie reminds Dee that they should just take the bus, as we get to witness Dee freaking out on the bus with the same bus rider from Season 4, Episode 6 (Mac & Charlie Die, Part 2)!

Here’s the original clip:

“I hate the bus!”

Once again, Sunny does an amazing job of bringing us some fun nostalgia without hitting us over the head with it. I loved this scene!


“God dammit, Charlie!”

At the end of the episode, Dee and Charlie finally show up and Dee is ready to show off her Insta Story, except Charlie literally just filmed Dee freaking out and yelling at people, which was the greatest thing ever.

Dee continues to yell, “Don’t say cut” at Charlie, which made the dynamic between these two even more hilarious.

This was probably my favorite episode of the new season so far and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

If you enjoyed some of the heat wave appropriate music in this episode, here are some of my highlights. Enjoy!

Glenn Frey – The Heat Is On (From “Beverly Hills Cop” Soundtrack)

Hot Blooded – Foreigner

Nelly – Hot In Herre (Official Music Video)

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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