Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Purge” season 2 episode 7: “You Cannot Trust Anyone”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching USA network’s The Purge season 2 episode 7 last night, Ben reminded us that “you’re always going to be afraid until you see it for yourself,” but I’m not sure that applies to every situation…

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  

In last night’s episode, “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” Kelen tries to make a run for it, but Ben has other plans for their romantic weekend away.  Meanwhile, Ryan and Esme clash over what to do next and Marcus and Michelle confront the neighborhood.

My top 5 moments from The Purge season 2 episode 7 are:


“Somebody tried to Purge me and now I feel like the bad guy.”

Marcus is clearly still in shock over this news, but now he’s ready to get to the bottom of things.  Michelle promises to stand by his side, so I guess these two are now ready to make amends.  I’m not sure if things will ever be perfect between Marcus and Michelle, but they do make a good tag team and Marcus is going to need all the support he can get at this point.


“We have to remain impartial.”

Vivian continues to have her doubts about Esme’s “treason” and begins questioning everything, but her boss reminds her that Esme cared a little too much and made things personal.  Vivian is smart enough to realize that she should keep her mouth shut here and comes up with a creative way to reach Esme.

She puts up flyers in a dead zone with Dr. Adams’s used car for sale to get Esme’s attention and it works, but Esme warns her to be careful.  Vivian seems ready and willing to help Esme fight against the NFFA, but she needs to watch out for their boss.

Something tells me he might already be on to Vivian…


“Pick up the knife and I’ll show you.”

Kelen is beyond freaked out after discovering the bloody God Purge mask in Ben’s bag.  She tries to play it cool and tells his mother she wants to head back to school early, but Ben agrees to take her, realizing that she most likely saw the mask.

Ben confronts Kelen about it and she admits that she saw the mask, but Ben seems interested in keeping Kelen safe, claiming that they have such a strong connection.  Kelen plays along at first, but after Ben finds the note she left in the bathroom about being kidnapped by The Campus Killer, all bets are off.

Ben tries to get Kelen to embrace the Purge by having her cut him with a knife, but Kelen decides to stab him in the leg and makes a run for it.  Poor Kelen is struck by a car and Ben takes her breath away…literally.  Ben is clearly devastated about Kelen’s death, but it doesn’t look like this has changed anything for him.

As we flash forward to two days before Purge Night, Ben is extremely pleased to see his mask on display to be sold to other potential Purgers.  I guess you’re in the big league now, Ben.

Ben is gearing up for the big night, but how will he do once he runs into people who are just as dangerous as him?


“We ain’t running!”

After crashing a meeting at the neighbor’s house, Marcus discovers that someone named Clint has the biggest issue with him.  Apparently, Clint’s wife was treated by Marcus and died after a complication.  Clint reminds Marcus that he had assured him that she would be fine and didn’t even have the courtesy to come and tell him the news himself.  He also explains that when he became his neighbor, he didn’t recognize him.

Marcus feels bad about what happened to Clint’s wife, but some things are out of his control as a doctor.  The rest of the neighborhood is on crazy Clint’s side and Michelle reminds Marcus that “you can’t reason with grief.”

Clint tells Marcus that he can leave for good or he will Purge him.

Marcus and Michelle try to leave with Marcus’s son, Darren, who has gotten himself into trouble with the NFFA after helping Esme, but they discover that he cannot leave the state now.

Everyone returns home and Marcus says that he is not running anymore, which means we will most likely get an epic showdown between him and Clint.

Don’t forget that the entire neighborhood is after you too…


“I have to set things right.”

Ryan and Esme continue to work together, as Esme helps him find out the identities of the Jackals.  Esme stays by Ryan’s side after his mother goes missing and I continued to get a lot of vibes between these two, but Ryan is upset with Esme after she explains that she was the one who tagged Tommy.

Esme explains that she needs to make things right and that the NFFA will continue to ruin lives until she does.  After originally telling Esme to go, Ryan has a change of heart and tells her to stay, realizing that they have the chance to truly set things right together.

When we flash forward to two days before Purge Night, Ryan and Esme are romantically together now so I guess these vibes finally led to a relationship!  Yay!

Now that they are together, will Ryan let his guard down?

Will both Ryan and Esme make it out alive?

We have only three episodes left this season, but I am super excited that they will take place on Purge Night, as it looks like a lot of this setup will now finally pay off!

Which characters will survive Purge Night?

I’m personally rooting for Esme and Marcus to survive, but we will have to see!

Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Purge below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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