My performance of the week ending 4/25/20 on TV goes to…

Jodie Comer as Villanelle on BBC America’s Killing Eve.

Villanelle is back and better than ever! 

I don’t know about you, but I have been counting the days until Villanelle’s return. Jodie Comer is perfection and I was so excited to see her channel that dark Villanelle humor in season 3, episode 2. Send in the clowns!

Please note some spoilers are ahead.

From her killer fashion to her eccentric characters, Jodie Comer pours her heart and soul into this role and Villanelle is the most unique and interesting character on television. It’s no surprise that Comer won the Emmy award last year and she should just get this award automatically because she brings such a fresh and unique take to the role.

Killing Eve BBC America 3 2 3
Images courtesy of BBC America

It’s not easy playing a female assassin and somehow Jodie Comer makes you actually root for Villanelle. Sure, she is committing some pretty violent and brutal crimes along the way, but she’s also trying to find her own path and identity, which gives her character so many layers.

Previously, we have seen glimmers of Villanelle’s humanity shining through, but her love/obsession with Eve took up most of her time. Villanelle is finally trying to branch out and discover something that makes her happy, even exploring management, which is no easy task.

Killing Eve BBC America 3 2
Images courtesy of BBC America

However, now that she has discovered that Eve is alive, that obsession may return, but I’m confident that Villanelle will continue to surprise and shock us. The dynamic between these two is always fantastic, but Villanelle has grown into such a fantastic character on her own and I’m really hoping that we can finally devote some more time to her actual development.

Killing Eve BBC America 3 2 2
Images courtesy of BBC America

What happened in her childhood? How did she first become an assassin?

I have endless questions and I’m really hoping that we can explore some more layers behind Villanelle while enjoying some outrageous and hilarious moments with her.

What’s next for Villanelle? Well, she now has to deal with Eve being alive while trying out her new role for The Twelve. A life/work balance can be difficult to manage, but when you throw killing in there as well, all bets are off. I’m looking forward to more hilarious moments from Villanelle and the teaser for the stuffed animal scene looks like it can be a lot of fun.

As Villanelle reminded Felix, she’s kind of a big deal in this business, but anybody can fight…“it takes a special kind of person to kill.” Villanelle is definitely a special kind of person, but let’s hope that we can find out what really makes her tick and allow her to shine even more for us.

Either way, I am so beyond excited that Jomie Comer is back in this role and I can’t wait to see what she does next! You can never really guess with her…

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  1. Yes! No more obsession- or at least not personal at this point. I honestly think unless the show is working to an end the personal mess between them played out!

  2. I just finished season 1. About to watch the second season. I was blown away with the writing and acting. Sandra Oh took her talent to the next level. I’m curious if they can continue with the momentum from the first season. Not an easy thing to do.

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