Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 15 episode 17: “Unity”

Happy Saturday TV fans! After watching The CW’s Supernatural season 15 episode 17, I remembered that “we don’t give up on family.”

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.

In episode 17, “Unity,” Sam and Dean continue to view things differently on how to ultimately take down Chuck. Meanwhile, Castiel helps Sam discover the truth while Dean and Jack have a heart-to-heart chat.

My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 15 episode 17 are:


“You ever get tired of saying stuff like that?”

Sam and Dean are still having some issues when it comes to Jack’s involvement in their plan. Dean continues to remind Sam that this is the only way, but Sam is not going to stay quiet on this one.

Sam tells Dean that he is not going with them, but Dean loses his temper and reminds him that Jack is not part of their family. Of course Jack overhears, which was heartbreaking to see, but it looks like Jack is ready to continue with his sacrifice to help save the world anyway.


“True balance.”

Meanwhile, Amara agrees to Dean’s terms, reminding him that they will always help each other. Amara and Chuck meet up and she tries to get him to remember why he loved this world in the first place.

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Chuck initially seems pleased by his fans, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly. Amara is not discouraged; however, as she takes him to the bunker and ends up trapping him there.

She tells Chuck that she can hold him long enough, but we know that Chuck always has something else up his sleeve…


“I need to say thank you.”

After Dean and Jack track down Adam and Jack passes his test with flying colors, he has what they need to complete the ritual. Once Jack absorbs it, he will not be able to stop it so they better be ready to go…

Supernatural season 15 episode 17 1

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On the car ride back, Dean admits to his mistake from earlier and tells Jack that he wants to thank him for everything he is doing. He is giving him and Sam a real chance to have a normal life and I was glad that Dean finally let his wall down for just a moment to let Jack know this.

Whether Dean wants to admit it or not, Jack is their family, but maybe he doesn’t see it right now.

I think that’s all about to change…


“We have to stop it.”

Sam and Castiel work together, hoping that there is some other way so that they can save Jack. They know they need to contact Billie, but Sam can’t die to do so. Of course, they now remember that there is a key hidden in the bunker and after some investigating, they find it.

Supernatural season 15 episode 17 2

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I thought it was actually really cool when Sam opened up the door in the wall, which could almost be its own separate adventure for him and Castiel.

When Sam walks through, he encounters Meg…or The Empty posing as Meg. Sam learns that this is all a power play and that Billie wants to take Chuck’s place so that she can return things to where they belong. But this would mean that old friends would die, demons would go back to hell and so on.

Always good to see you Meg!


“You always have a choice.”

Jack and Dean arrive with perfect timing, but Sam tries to get him to stop and listen to reason. Dean tells him that he has to stop Chuck, but Sam delivers an extremely touching speech once again.

Dean finally comes to his senses, but they may be too late. Amara learns the truth about Dean’s intentions and agrees to let Chuck consume her…or join with him…not too clear on that. Basically it looks like Chuck has shattered the balance and now contains both of their entities.

He blows open the door and tells the brothers that this was his plan all along, proving to constantly be one step ahead of our favorite heroes.

Chuck tells Sam and Dean to have fun watching Jack die before he disappears, leaving Jack ready to explode…talk about a cliffhanger.

Only three episodes left!

Stay tuned SPN Family!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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