Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” Season 5 Episode 8: “Lock & Key”

Happy Thursday TV fans! After watching The CW’s Riverdale season 5 episode 8, I learned that the “more things change, the more they stay EXACTLY the same.”

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In episode, “Chapter Eighty-Four: Lock & Key,” Cheryl decides to throw a key party to throw a little chaos at the drama brewing between the group. Meanwhile, Kev and Fangs contemplate the future of their relationship, Veronica wants a change, and Betty and Alice get a disturbing phone call.

My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 5 episode 8 are:


“I lost a lot of time.”

The extreme weirdness continues with Jughead’s plot as he begins to hallucinate. He thinks he is seeing the alien specimen lurking around, but is it all in his head?

Jughead even joins a support group to talk about it, but he decides to walk away from it when things get to be too much.

Just like I predicted, Tabitha clearly likes Jughead and even suggests that they go out on a normal date, but Jughead is too much in his head to even really hear her and decides to get drunk instead.

Tabitha actually may be the right choice for Jughead, but he has to get his addiction under control before he screws up this opportunity for good.

Or I guess some alien will take him away and probe him…


“What in the actual….”

Yep. You took the words right out of my mouth, Cheryl. Another theory of mine came true when we learned that Toni is actually the surrogate for Kev and Fangs. Cheryl is floored by the news, but Toni tries to tell her that she still cares about her deeply.

Cheryl’s stubbornness shines through; however, as she decides to throw a key party instead to shake things up. Everyone has to pick someone’s key in a bowl and have at it with their wildest dreams and fantasies.

Riverdale season 5 episode 8 Cheryl

Images courtesy of The CW

Parties don’t go so well at Cheryl’s house so I already could see the chaos swirling around everyone. Cheryl and Toni do end up picking one another, but Toni is upset by Cheryl’s behavior. Cheryl tries to surprise her with a nursery at Thornhill, but Toni reminds her that she doesn’t want her and her baby to stay locked away from everything and apologizes for leading her on.

Even though the Choni fan in me is rooting for these two to get together, things take time and it looks like Cheryl will be busy with Minerva. If Minerva looks familiar, it’s because she played Agatha on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina so I’m always happy to see a familiar face pop up in the Archie universe.


“A window of light in the dark.”

Even though the beginning of the episode presented us with some hot and steamy scenes between Barchie, these two are having mixed feelings once again. Archie tells Betty that he does still have lingering feelings for Veronica (really?) and Betty tells him that she needs to focus on Polly’s disappearance and she doesn’t want to bring Archie into her darkness.

It’s clear that these two will still remain friends, but I can’t say that I’m not disappointed. I don’t think we were given enough time to actually explore this relationship after seven years and now it seems like we’re right back where we started again…


“I will be fighting fire with fire.”

Veronica wants a change and she starts by having her entire apartment redone to really spark this change. But the real change Veronica is looking for is within her marriage. After Chadwick forces them to leave the party early, Veronica asks for a divorce because she is also not over Archie and these two are back together again?

Riverdale season 5 episode 8 Archie

Images courtesy of The CW

I’m sure the Varchie fan is excited for this, but I honestly thought this felt extremely rushed and out of place. Whether Archie has feelings for Veronica or not, he was just with Betty and I appreciate that he told Veronica about that, which shows that he has matured in some ways.

But on the other hand, Veronica is still married. She didn’t get divorced overnight and I have a feeling that Chadwick is going to team up with Hiram somehow to bring forth more drama and destruction.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you Varchie…


“She’s alive.”

Betty continues to deal with nightmares surrounding TBK, but we still have some time before we explore that plot fully. Meanwhile, Alice tells Betty that she received a call from Polly, but Betty is not so sure.

Riverdale season 5 episode 8 Betty

Images courtesy of The CW

Later in the episode, Betty actually picks up the call and Polly asks for their help, claiming she is on the side of the Lost Highway. Betty and Alice rush out to help her (with no back-up). This is when FP would really come in handy…

Only they don’t find Polly, but the phone booth she was in is broken and filled with blood.

We know that Polly was alive, but is this really it for her or is there still a chance that Betty can catch this roadside killer before it’s too late?

I’m ready to find out and next week’s episode looks fantastic already. We need a Betty-centric episode now!

Stay tuned, Riverdale fans!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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  1. The whole key party thing was weird even for this show. I agree that some love related plot points are progressing well, while others feel rushed and a bit status quo.

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