Predictions for the “Cruel Summer” Season Finale: Who is Annabelle?

Happy Monday TV Fans! As we approach the season finale of Cruel Summer, there is quite a lot I want to see, but will we be able to answer all of our questions or will there be more of the mystery left to uncover?

**Please note spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up with this series.**

Cruel Summer has quickly become one of my favorite shows to premiere this year and even though the trippy time jumps may have your head spinning here and there, the mystery is a good one and I have had so many theories and questions about this particular show.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, the show throws you for a loop which reminds us that seeing things from each perspective is not always clear cut and sometimes there is a lot more to the truth. 

So, what can we expect from the season finale?

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Well, now that we have witnessed the events leading to Kate being locked up in the basement, we are going to be watching the trial between Kate and Jeanette. We know that Kate did have a relationship with Martin, but it did escalate into something truly horrific and my heart does go out to her.

We now understand how Jeanette’s necklace showed up at the house, but Kate seems still pretty convinced that Jeanette saw her and that wasn’t evident at all from the flashbacks we witnessed. 

The trial is probably going to have a lot of drama, but will we learn anything new?

I still have two major questions and I want some answers in the season finale.

Is Mallory hiding something?

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Everything in my gut tells me that Mallory has a secret. I’m not exactly sure what her part is in this all, but maybe she saw more on that videotape than she is letting on…

Mallory lied to Jeanette about the snow globe, but what else does she know and can she be trusted at all?

Let’s talk about Annabelle…

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The biggest question I have had has been around who Annabelle is. I have theories about it being another victim, part of Kate’s personality or part of Martin’s own issues, but I really hope that we finally get to explore the answer to this burning question because I think it has the potential to truly surprise the audience.

Don’t let us down!

Will there be another twist?

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The series has only been approved for one season, but that doesn’t mean that Freeform won’t decide to bring it back for a second one, but what would actually happen in the second season?

We would need another shocking twist to bring us back for more and the only thing that comes to mind is perhaps Martin isn’t actually dead after all? Maybe Jeanette did actually see her?

I also think that one of the parents knows a lot more than they are saying or maybe there was another witness.

Honestly I don’t know, but I really like this show and would be happy to see another season only if we have more to the mystery left to uncover.

Stay tuned!

If you haven’t watched Cruel Summer yet, you can catch up now on Freeform and Hulu!

Feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Cruel Summer in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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