Spoiler-Free Review of “Hypnotic” (2023) in Theaters: Trippy, Mind-Bending Thriller

*This is a spoiler-free review so feel free to read on!*

“Take me back there…what do you see?”

Hypnotic released in theaters on May 12th 2023. The sci-fi thriller film (directed and written by Robert Rodriguez) stars Ben Affleck, Alice Braga, William Fichtner, and JD Pardo. It runs for an hour and thirty minutes.

After his daughter is kidnapped, a detective finds himself tangled in a series of reality-bending crimes that may be connected to his family as he seeks out help from a psychic to make sense of it all.

Here is the trailer:

Hypnotic leads the audience down a trippy rabbit hole, but reveals plenty of twists along the way, making it an interesting ride. Is it worthy of YOUR next watch? Let’s find out…

The Pros:

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A mystery that pulls you in.

I was intrigued by the trailer for this film and even more so when it actually began. If you enjoy getting fragments and puzzles pieces along the way, you’re in for an insane ride here. I never felt bored throughout the movie. Everything worked together seamlessly, making this a unique and immersive watch. 

Insane twists!

I could not figure this movie out and that was a very good thing! The twists were fantastic and really blew my mind. This is one of those films where I’d like to go back and re-watch it just to see if I can figure it all out from the breadcrumbs left in the earlier acts. If you appreciate well-thought out reveals, you’ll really enjoy this film from start to finish. 

The Cons:

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Far-fetched and outrageous at times…

If you’re not into sci-fi thrillers that deal with altering reality and mind-bending experiences, this probably isn’t your cup of tea. Expect things to be really ridiculous at times. As long as you throw all rationality out the window, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your watch, however.

I also had a few unanswered questions by the time I got to the end.

So am I in or out?

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I’m in!!!

Hypnotic is an unpredictable, well-paced, and absorbing watch!

If you enjoy sci-fi thrillers, there’s plenty to enjoy here…even if it is a bit outrageous at times. 

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Hypnotic in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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