Spoiler-Free Review of “Swamp Thing” on DC Universe: The Swamp is Lovely, Dark, and Deep

**This is a spoiler-free review so feel free to read on!**

“I don’t like mysteries…I like solutions.”  Only CDC investigator, Abby Arcane, is about to find herself tangled in a mystery, one that lurks beneath the surface of the swamp waters, but is she up for the challenge?  It looks like she may not have a choice, discovering that returning home to Marais, Louisiana will be far from drama free.  If you are looking for your next favorite show, you may be in the right place, as the pilot episode delivers and stays true to the horror label that has been attached to it.

Swamp Thing is available to watch on DC Universe and season one features 10 episodes.  The pilot premiered on May 31st and the remaining episodes will air weekly on Fridays, leading up to the scheduled season finale on August 2nd.  The show stars Crystal Reed, Andy Bean, Derek Mears, Virginia Madsen, Henderson Wade, and Jennifer Beals.  We follow Abby Arcane, who returns home to investigate a deadly virus spreading in the swamps. She meets a biologist named Alec Holland, who is researching the virus on his own.  As Abby tries to find answers to explain the horror she is seeing before her eyes, she ends up coming face to face with a mysterious creature, but is he a friend or foe?

The Pros:

Swamp T 1
Image courtesy of DC Universe

An origin story that truly pulls you in.

Much like Gotham and Smallville, Swamp Thing has successfully pulled me into this world, revealing an origin story that is unique and riveting.  Whether you are familiar with the comics or not, this show can stand on its own, allowing us to truly explore and understand the character development here.  I’m a fan of comics in general, but I can’t say that I am an expert on Swamp Thing.  But you don’t really need to be because the show already has so much potential just from its pilot episode and the plot is captivating and intriguing without ever making you feel lost or too unfamiliar with the story.

This show is worthy of the horror genre.

While many shows dabble in the horror genre, this show deserves to keep that label.  The show is genuinely scary and there are already so many parts that will creep you out.  The opening scene is chilling and fantastic.  I was on the edge of my seat, watching the horror unfold before my eyes, which is not always easy to accomplish in just one episode.  The show has a fast paced tempo and it doesn’t seem like the character building or small town drama will get in the way of this.

Crystal Reed is your new crush.

Crystal Reed is absolutely fantastic as Abby so far.  Typically, it takes me about three episodes to get used to a show to determine if I truly want to give it my undivided attention or not.  With Swamp Thing, I have already been pulled into this world and part of that is because Abby’s character is so interesting.  She has many layers and a backstory that will need to be explored further, but there is something magnetic about her, which makes me want to go on this dark journey with her that much more.

The Cons:

Swamp thing 6
Image courtesy of DC Universe

The show is only on DC Universe.

Honestly, the only con I can come up with so far is that this show is exclusively airing on DC Universe.  I started a 7 day free trial so that I could check out the pilot, but since the episodes air weekly, I would need to commit to a subscription in order to keep watching and I have so many streaming subscriptions already.

Also, this show has the potential to be binge-watch worthy and I wish that all of the episodes were available to stream now so that I don’t forget about them.  Having said that, this show has started off in such a fantastic way and as long as the rest of the episodes can measure up to the pilot, it seems like it is worth the wait and the investment.  Don’t let us down, Swamp Thing!

So am I in or out? 

Swamp T 2
Image courtesy of DC Universe

I am in 100 percent!  This show has so much potential and I can’t wait to dive into the next episodes.  Swamp Thing perfectly blends horror, mystery, and romance all in one.  The characters are intriguing and the shots by the swamp are well done, creating a world that is so fantastically creepy.  I never felt bored by anything going on and I was on the edge of my seat during several moments.  Let’s just hope that the remaining episodes live up to this amazing pilot because I am ready to submerge myself completely into the swamp!

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Swamp Thing in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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“Riverdale” Review Season 2 Episode 5: Lollipop, lollipop…sweet or sour?

“Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli, lollipop.”  Not sure about the rest of you, but I had this song stuck in my head after watching yesterday’s episode of the CW’s Riverdale (season 2, episode 5).  Betty’s ringtone played over and over with this song while the black hood toyed with her, threatening her image of kindness and perfection.  I’m not sure if I was left with a sweet or sour taste in my mouth at the conclusion, however.  I have become a fan of Riverdale after binge-watching the first season on Netflix and have been really excited to see where the show is going after solving the first major mystery from season one.  Growing up, I loved reading the Archie comics and I enjoy how Riverdale has transformed into a saucier, more mysterious version of the comic series.  It has just the right balance of bubble gum pop with a hint of Gossip Girl nostalgia along with a Nancy Drew like quality.

Episode 5 had a vortex of story-lines going on, however; which split my attention a little too much.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode.  We had the mysterious black hood calling Betty and testing her left and right, threatening her sister’s life is she would not comply.  Who is the mysterious villain on the other end?  So far he or she has been outsmarting Betty with every move, convincing her to bring her mother’s secrets to life, spoiling her friendship with Veronica, and destroying her relationship with Jughead.  As I started to think about who the black hood might be, their motives seem focused completely on shattering Betty’s world, unleashing her own darkness in the process.  The black hood even leads her on a wild goose chase only for her to end up looking at her own reflection so that she would understand that they are very much alike.

While this story-line has my full attention, episode 5 also sprinkled in Jughead’s tests to become part of the Serpent gang, leading him to kiss Toni in the very same day Betty sent Archie to break up with him, which begs the question:  is the love between Jughead and Betty really that epic?  Will Betty and Archie get together instead?  They have been growing closer and closer trying to decipher the black hood’s clues, while Veronica has been distracted by her old lifestyle, desperately trying to win the approval of her father.  Speaking of Veronica, her old friend visiting only to bring havoc onto the small town of Riverdale and ultimately trying to attack Cheryl seemed forced.  While my heart goes out to Cheryl, was this necessary for the episode?  Was this only to set up a convenient bad guy for Betty to target, rather than the black hood going after her family?  Either way, the secrets and lies beneath the surface of Riverdale have not all reached the surface, so I will continue to watch to see them unravel.  Will you?


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl