“Dancing with the Stars” winners revealed: Your vote mattered! Spoilers ahead.

Happy Winning Wednesday TV Fans!  I am in the spirit of winning after last night’s finale of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  A few weeks back, I predicted the top 3 and I am very excited that I got that correct, just a little out of order. 🙂 But that’s what is so great about this show.  You may think you know who the winner is or you may think the judges and audience is going in another direction, but it’s anyone’s game really.

For the first time in a while, I was truly invested in who won and I even found myself scrounging up my ABC account so that I could cast my 5 votes.  Through several efforts at remembering my password and going through about a million confirmation emails, I was on and ready to vote!  What was really great about last night’s show, is that they allowed the viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones to case votes after the traditional 24 hour fusion dance which I thought was another way to get the audience and voter really involved in the process.  In years past, they just combined the judges’ scores into the overall vote, which made the voter feel not as important in my opinion.  We only got 5 minutes to vote during the last commercial break and I found myself refreshing the DWTS voting page like an insane person, but it added to the suspense and fun of the show.  This was a great idea.

Although my personal favorites, Frankie and Witney did not win, they ended up in third place and provided the audience with entertainment and magic.  Judge, Len Goodman got it right when he said that although Frankie “may not have been the judges’ champion, he was the people’s champion.”  I’ve stated previously that Frankie was not the best dancer by far, however; he improved so much and displayed so much heart and joy when he danced, which is what the show is all about.  I am very excited to know that Frankie will also be going on tour with Jordan and the DWTS dancers which makes me want to reserve my tickets now!

Lindsey and Mark came up short in 2nd place, but I was inspired by her package, which I typically find myself fast-forwarding through.  They even showed a previous clip when America’s Got Talent told her the act was too different and passed on her.  This inspired her to not give up and to continue to pursue her talent and dreams which did pay off in the end.  Talk about an inspiration for everyone watching.  Lindsey’s fluidity and graceful abilities didn’t earn her the mirror ball, but I was impressed with her performances and her humility.

So our winners are…Jordan and Lindsay!  I had mentioned a few weeks back that Jordan was the best celebrity dancer on the show and perhaps one of the best dancers of all time.  Although his technique and high performance level did not really transform for me like the other celebs, his connection with his partner, Lindsay did grow and I think that is one of the main reasons why he won.  He spoke about how much she has helped him with his own performance, not even just with dance, but in everything he does as a creator and artist and I thought that was really wonderful to hear.  I am a big fan of Lindsay ever since she debuted on So You Think You Can Dance and was thrilled for her to win the coveted mirror ball trophy.  Congrats Jordan and Lindsay!  I am sad to take a break from the show, but am looking forward to see who the contestants will be in the spring.

Do you agree with the winners?  Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below.  Happy viewing!


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