“SMILF” Season 1 episode 5 ranking the top 5 moments: “Panda is Larry’s Constant”

Greetings TV Fans!  Lately, I have been binge-watching Showtime’s SMILF and I have to say that I am absolutely obsessed.  The critics say it is “raw and funny” and they are absolutely right.  The main character, Bridgette, has just the right blend of Weeds’ Nancy Botwin and Orange is the New Black’s Piper Chapman’s personality along with her own set of quirkiness.  She is learning how to be a single mother with each new day and challenge, while still trying to chase her dreams in the process.  If you have not gotten a chance to check this show out, I highly recommend it.  After watching SMILF season 1 episode 5, I have my own desire to play the day out in different parts.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In episode 5, the show opens up with “Part 1” revealing that it is father’s day.  The day plays out differently each time with 4 different parts throughout the episode.  Each part starts off with Larry’s father knocking on the door displaying his #1 Dad apparel, to be interrupted by Larry not being able to find his beloved panda stuffed animal.  The distractions get more and more extreme, involving different characters, leading up to part 4, which is actually heart-warming and truly perfect. My top 5 moments from SMILF season 1 episode 5 are:


Bridgette beats up the fire alarm.  In part one, Bridgette has a premonition type flash of where the panda could be, revealing that she left it over at Ally’s house.  She runs over there to enter a sea of chaos and distraction, as the family is trying to prepare everything for father’s day.  When the fire alarm goes off, Bridgette is determined to lend some assistance, as she proceeds to punch it repeatedly to be quiet.  While I’m not sure we should try this method at home, it is clear that she is channeling her own frustration over finding panda.  But she is not about to give up just yet.


Bridgette decides to do shrooms which “could make her a better parent.”  In Part two of the episode, Bridgette has a similar premonition flash that panda was left behind in Eliza’s room.  While she searches frantically, the two decide that doing shrooms is the best solution to remedy the situation.  Bridgette is convinced that this will absolutely help her clear her mind to find panda, only it leads to some very confusing hallucinations along the way, including Larry speaking to her in a grown man’s voice and Eliza suffocating in her excess sea of clothing.


Bridgette gets propositioned for a “sleep over.”  In part one after she beats up the incessant fire alarm, Bridgette is listening to Ally go on and on about “Mr. Daddy” and what to do for him for father’s day.  While it is initially revealed as background chatter, Bridgette’s attention is woken up suddenly when she is asked if she would like to have a sleep over.  Bridgette’s confusion about what this actually means leading up to a scenario where she would get pregnant again and what the trust fund would look like make this moment even more hilarious.  Unfortunately, this does not lead to the discovery of panda.


The panda is Larry’s “constant.”  Bridgette’s desperate need to find panda for Larry demonstrates how much she truly cares for his son.  She mirrors his own frantic cries, throwing everything around in a frenzy to try and locate Larry’s beloved panda.  At one point, she is speaking to her mom on the phone and screams out that she needs to find panda “or Larry is going to die!”  While Bridgette has been hanging on by a thread to make ends meet, her unconditional love for Larry never fails which makes her search for panda empathetic.  Larry deals with a lot of moving around; going from his mother’s house to his father’s and even to his grandma’s and the panda is the only thing that stays the same.  Bridgette is clearly also holding on to this constant for Larry, wanting to be able to provide him with stability and continuous love.


Panda is found along with Bridgette embracing father’s day.  Part 4 starts off the same way, with Larry’s father, Rafi at the door.  Rather than slamming the door in his face, Bridgette and Larry leave with Rafi to go celebrate the day at Tutu’s house, Bridgette’s mother.  Panda is discovered at the house and all is right with the world again.  This leaves us with a true family moment.  Even though everyone has their differences, they come together because Larry is the constant, creating an undeniable bond of happiness.  Plus, it helps that panda is there keep the peace.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on SMILF below.  Happy viewing!


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