“Shameless” Ranking the top 5 moments from Season 8 episode 5: 50/50

Happy Monday TV fans!  As you pour that second cup of coffee, get ready for another dose of the Gallagher family antics. After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 5 last night, I feel the need to provide Debbie with some serious parenting tips.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Fiona learns the valuable lesson of saying please and apologizing in an unconventional way, Carl tries to think of ways to earn money so he can go back to military school, and Ian is ready to make a huge investment.  Meanwhile, Lip is contemplating what matters most in life while Kev embraces his southern identity.  Svetlana teaches us basic math skills while Frank helps others see the problems with standardized testing.   My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 5 are:


Kev embraces his southern roots.  “Shift change!” Kev yells, as he enters the bar dressed liked a cowboy, informing the Russian population that they must leave and make room for his fellow Americans .  This of course leaves the bar practically empty while he is informed that there is a difference between being southern and western.  V had it right when she said that her husband is transforming into a “Kentucky fried red-neck.”  Kev even insists on practicing his common southern phrases and using them in everyday conversation to V’s dismay.  Kev may be back in Chicago, but he is not leaving his new found identity behind just yet.


Carl’s detox program for junkies is a success.  In the beginning of the episode, Carl has the junky he caught in last week’s episode tied up in his basement as he leaves him no choice but to get clean reluctantly so that he can be free and a more productive member of society.  As if this isn’t funny enough, at the end of the episode the former junky bursts into the Gallagher home and brings in his friend or girlfriend who also needs help from Carl.  He explains that no other rehab was able to help except for Carl’s method and he has brought lots and lots of cash for the results.  Maybe Carl has another calling besides the military.  Either way he has now successfully made enough money to return to school while making a difference in the lives of others…one junky at a time.


Frank convinces the parents to look further into the cultural interpretation of multiple choice and the dangers of standardized testing.  When he learns that Liam has failed his exam, Frank doesn’t take this at face value.  Rather, he goes through the questions and shares some concerns of his own.  For example, “how would Liam know what a foyer is?”  There is a fill in the blank question about glue and Liam crosses out the choices to write in “sniffing” which Frank explains is not necessarily wrong in that context.  While it may seem that Frank is just making excuses, he really inspires the other parents to get involved and to take measures against the testing to ensure that each child’s success is measured fairly.


Lip contemplates what life is really all about.  It’s been really great to see Lip stay sober and it is clear his sponsor has had a part in this and has truly helped him.  While Lip is continuing his affair with his co-worker, he is later seen gazing over at Sierra and wanting to hold his sponsor’s baby demonstrating his own desire to truly connect with someone and start a family.  While this may be a big epiphany for Lip or perhaps something that was there all along, it gets put on pause when his sponsor cannot handle the stress of being a new dad and winds up at the corner bar.  Lip tries with every effort to help him, but he doesn’t want it and speeds off drunk to Lip’s disappointment.  Will this set Lip back or motivate him to continue to stay strong?


Svetlana is back and is ready to teach us basic math.  It is great to see Svetlana back in the bar, but she is immediately ready for business and explains to V that profit should be 50/50 even though there are three parties involved.  V is not about to give up so easy, but Svetlana explains that she does the majority of the work and even shows her numbers that prove she makes the majority of the money during her shift.  When V is still not ready to budge, Svetlana decides to get her to sign the contract with her terms another way…with sex of course.  V is no match for Svetlana at this point and ultimately signs the contract.  Kev’s shock about what happened combined with detailed questions is hilarious as Svetlana proudly walks out of the house holding the contract.  50/50 wins after all.  It’s great to have you back Svetlana!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Happy viewing!


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