“Wayward Sisters” Can the spin-off series of “Supernatural” be a success?

I was disappointed to not have my fix of Sam and Dean Winchester this week, as we are still waiting on new episodes of Supernatural to return.  However, I thought it would be a good time to introduce the Wayward Sisters and discuss whether or not this spin-off series can be a success.  Looking at spin-off series that have been popular such as Angel and The Originals to name a few, they have been able to capture the fan base of their original shows and carve out their own identity in the process.  Will the Wayward Sisters be able to achieve this?  This is no easy task, as many spin-off series have failed the test of time and have not had the same punch as the original series.  Supernatural:  Bloodlines did not make it and I have to admit I don’t even know if they aired an episode or not.  I didn’t even remember that they had already tried this to be honest.  So what do we know about Wayward Sisters?


The spin-off series will be premiering on the CW on January 18th and the cast includes fan-favorites Kim Rhodes as Jodi Mills and Kathryn Love Newton as Claire, the daughter of Jimmy Novak, Castiel’s vessel.  We will also see psychic, Patience and dream-walker, Kaia on the new series and Jodi’s other adopted daughter, AlexSheriff Donna will also be a part of the cast, giving fans a familiar set of faces to connect with and root for.  From my understanding, the show will feature the female cast trying to help Sam and Dean escape out of the world they are now trapped in.  Once the series gets through the task of saving the boys, they will be based primarily out of Siox Falls, South DakotaSo now that we all know the players involved, will you be watching the new spin-off?

I am absolutely going to give it a try out of pure loyalty for the Winchester family.  I think that the spin-off series has the potential to exceed expectations and become very popular.  There are many episodes of Supernatural where we get a glimpse into some of the characters that I mentioned above and I personally wanted to dive deeper into their story-lines.  For example, Patience and newcomer, Kaia are both very interesting and a breath of fresh air.  I initially was disappointed that we probably wouldn’t learn too much about them until I realized they would be part of the spin-off series.  Jodi is one of my favorite recurring characters and this will give her a chance to truly shine and do what she does best, bring together a family even when they feel like they were initially alone in the world.  Jodi already has the mamma bear vibe down and has proven previously how much she cares for her adopted daughters, Claire and Alex.  Sheriff Donna will also bring some laughs for sure to lighten up the series from becoming too focused on the drama.  Part of what makes Supernatural so great is that it has the perfect blend of comedy and drama, so this show should try to emulate this as much as possible if it wants to keep up.


The family bond between the Winchester brothers is another reason why the show has been so successful and lasted for 13 years and counting.  Jodi clearly cares about creating a family of misfits to give them a sense of purpose and belonging, which means that they have a good chance of creating their own undeniable bond in the process.  Also, the cast will be all females, which brings me back to the wonderful days of shows like Charmed.  In a world of demons, wizards, and police detectives snooping around at every corner, the sisters of Charmed were able to come together as a powerful force and still make time for some female bonding as well.  I am hoping to get some of that back with Wayward SistersSo I will absolutely give the spin-off series the chance it deserves.  Will you be tuning in for the premiere? 

I hope you enjoyed and please feel to post your thoughts and comments on Wayward Sisters and Supernatural below.  Happy viewing!


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2 thoughts on ““Wayward Sisters” Can the spin-off series of “Supernatural” be a success?”

  1. Supernatural was done so well and has been so engaging for fans for years, I bet a lot of people will be tuning in to see what it’s all about. Because how can you NOT be a Winchester fan and want to see what else happens in that universe!? I had no idea they tried to do another spin off at one point and am surprised it didn’t go through! I have to wonder why 🤔

    1. Yes I agree for sure! I think the spinoff came out at the same time as “The Originals” and was too different from the “Supernatural” series. It was supposed to take place in Chicago and have a similar premise but nothing else was that recognizable for “Supernatural” fans.

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