Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 9 mid-season finale: Is the Black Hood truly revealed?

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 9 last night, I am left wondering if the mystery of the Black Hood’s identity has actually been solved?  While it all adds up and makes sense, there was something almost anticlimactic about the reveal.  The end of the episode suggests that Betty’s not entirely sure it’s all over either.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, Betty and Archie once again take matters into their own hands to track down Mr. Svenson and deal with the Black Hood’s threats.  Meanwhile, Veronica makes a bold decision and Cheryl refuses to give up on the fancy Christmas tradition she has become accustomed to.  The group participates in secret Santa and more than just gifts are exchanged, as unresolved feelings re-surface.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 9 are:


The group participates in Secret Santa.

Even though there is a killer running loose, that doesn’t stop our Riverdale favorites from participating in some Christmas traditions.  However, gift giving becomes slightly complicated when recent exes are involved.  For example, Veronica receives a “couple’s massage” gift certificate and Betty obtains the “Swiss Family Robinson” album that she and Archie used to sing to as children.  Later, Veronica and Betty present their gifts to their exes, revealing how much they still care.  As if this couldn’t get any more confusing, the Black Hood decides to get in on the Secret Santa action and leaves Betty a gift-wrapped finger.  I guess it’s the thought that counts.


No Serpent stands alone.

What is the first law?  “No Serpent stands alone!” Jughead refuses to let his father deal with the consequences of his actions and enlists the help of his fellow Serpents to go after Penny and drive her out of Riverdale.  This might backfire, however; as Penny doesn’t seem like the type to give up so easily.  Jughead means business when he takes out a knife to get his pound of flesh…literally.  While it’s nice to see Jughead boost morale and try and help out his father, it seems like he keeps involving himself deeper and deeper, jeopardizing his own future in the process.  Time will tell if Penny attempts to take revenge on him but all signs point to yes.


Cheryl saves Christmas.

When Cheryl’s mother explains they will need to cut back around the holidays because they are broke, Cheryl refuses to accept this.  She marches off to purchase the grandest Christmas tree and decorates her house with glitz and glamour galore.  She demands that her mother figure out a way to make ends meet, refusing to apologize for her actions.  Nana Rose comically adds in to Cheryl’s mother that “she should have drowned them at birth like a basket of kittens.”  Later in the episode, Cheryl walks in on her mother kissing a stranger with a Santa hat.  Is this a new boyfriend or has her mother lowered herself to a new profession?


Veronica is no longer Daddy’s little girl.

Veronica desperately wants to help Archie and Fred.  When she learns that Fred is facing a medical bill of 86,000 dollars she asks her family for help but is turned down.  Much like Cheryl, Veronica refuses to back down.  She breaks into her father’s office and finds out that he owns Pop’s diner.  As if her actions weren’t bad enough, she then uses her mother’s black amex card to pay off Fred’s bill.  When her parents later confront her about this, she proves that she is ready to grow up quickly and learn all there is to know about the Lodge family business.  Veronica has some ground rules which include keeping the charge to help Fred and staying away from doing anything illegal.  Veronica liked the way it felt to sit in her father’s chair and is ready to play boss.  But can she handle it?


The Black Hood is revealed.

Betty and Archie are not giving up until they discover the truth and they do just that in this mid-season finale.  When Mr. Svenson hasn’t shown up to work, Betty and Archie head over to his house, but all they find is a lonely bowl of soup left on the front porch.  They visit the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to find out more about Mr. Svenson’s involvement and learn what his sin is.  After his family was brutally murdered, he took a group of people to punish the culprit, only to kill an innocent man by mistake.  Betty and Archie discover that Nana Rose Blossom was around for this and that Betty’s grandfather was involved as well.  They are horrified to learn that the innocent man was buried alive, bringing them that much closer to discovering the sin that the Black Hood wants them to.  Before they go any further, Archie confesses “I need you with me” to Betty and they share a kiss.  This seems like a fleeting moment in the midst of all of this chaos and danger, but what if it’s not?  Cheryl has witnessed the kiss and later Veronica tells Archie that she does love him as a mysterious photographer captures their embrace on camera, which has fans wondering when this will all unravel.  Will Betty and Veronica’s friendship be able to survive this? Who will Archie ultimately choose?

Archie and Betty’s feelings are forced to be put on hold, however; when they dig up the coffin in Pickens Park.  They find that it’s empty, but the Black Hood shows up and forces Archie inside.  Betty turns the tables on him and Archie makes a bold decision to shoot him, killing him instantly.  Sheriff Keller shows up just in the nick of time which seems suspicious, but Betty and Archie are happy to have some back-up.  Mr. Svenson is revealed as the Black Hood, down one finger and his life.  It seems like the mystery has been solved, but the gang is later sitting in the diner trying to find the words to uncover the why to no avail.  At the end of the episode, Betty is unable to burn her black hood, which shows that her own darkness is still lurking inside her and that this isn’t over just yet.  Is Mr. Svenson the only Black Hood killer or was this a set up?  We will have to wait for new episodes to find out, but I’m not closing the book on the Black Hood mystery just yet.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale below.  Happy viewing!


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