Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 8 episode 10: Fiona buys a chair

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 10 last night, I am left contemplating the Golden Rule, which says that you should “treat others the way you want to be treated.”  In other words, you need to be nice to others and do the right thing if you want the same in return.  However, what happens when you live by the Golden Rule and even go out of your way to do the right thing…only to get stomped on in return and sued for six million dollars?  Poor Fiona.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Church of Gay Jesus,” Fiona is enjoying living on her own and attempts to pay it forward to a family in need.  Kev and V decide to coach Svetlana on how to find a rich husband, Debbie takes a night-time welding job which sounds “sketchy,” and Lip tries to deal with his grief.  Meanwhile, Ian embraces his new calling with open arms while Frank and Liam attempt to turn it into a new business scheme.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 10 are:


Lip attempts to deal with his grief.

When Lip decides to go check in on Professor Youens in jail, he is in for a horrible shock when he learns that he died that past week.  All of Lip’s emotions that had been bottled up for so long come rushing to the surface as he desperately tries to deal with his grief.  When Lip goes to Professor Youens’s home, he runs into his daughter there who tells him she’s got it handled.  Part of Lip’s diversion from drinking has involved his constant distractions to help those around him.  He returns home and tries to come up with the words to a truly representative eulogy and even crosses out the word “professor” and replaces it with “friend.”  As Lip listens to tons of students get up and tell similar stories about how Professor Youens was like a father to them or believed in them when no one else would, Lip crumples up the eulogy and walks out.  He releases all of his anger and takes it out on the motorcycle he has been working so hard on, unable to control the swirl of emotions rushing around inside him.  Later in the episode, Professor Youens’s daughter gives him an unfinished recommendation letter she found about Lip, revealing that he was “amazed by his mind.”  She offers to give the letter to Lip, thinking it may provide him with some sense of comfort, but Lip is still too angry to take it.  It seems like nothing is going right for Lip these days, but he still holds on to his sobriety in the face of everything he has had to deal with, becoming someone truly worthy of that recommendation letter.


“Hot Gay Jesus.”

Ian’s growing popularity has the Gallagher family stunned, as more and more followers come to the house just to hear Ian speak.  Fiona refers to it as a cult, but Cassidy reveals that he is more like a “Hot Gay Jesus,” sparking a business scheme in Frank’s unemployed head.  Frank and Liam begin selling tee-shirts to make a profit off of the “prophet” otherwise known as Ian.  Ian is unsure what to make of so many people coming out to hear him speak.  At the end of the episode, Fiona accompanies him to the church where seas of people are anxiously waiting for him.  Ian embraces his destiny and speaks out, realizing that he is making a difference.


Cassidy and Carl get married.

After Carl’s promise ring was misinterpreted as an engagement ring, his girlfriend, Cassidy, enthusiastically accepts.  She provides the Gallagher family with engagement presents and explains that she will be “the best effin wife,” cooking Carl dinner every night with an interesting dessert menu.  While it seems harmless at first, Cassidy then shows off her present for Carl, which is a vile of her own blood for him to carry around.  Channeling her inner Angelina Jolie, Cassidy insists that they carry each other’s blood around to be closer to one another.  When their wedding is delayed by a day, Carl begins to have second thoughts and his family members warn him that Cassidy is kind of “psycho.”  He reveals his doubts to her, hoping that their love can be enough for now.  However, Cassidy takes this to the extreme, refusing to not get what she wants.  Carl walks in to his love, Cassidy, hanging on a noose and rushes to her side.  While she explains it was more of a test for Carl, she reveals that all she wants is to get married.  Carl agrees and the two tie a very different kind of knot…fake ids and all.  Will Carl be able to have the first successful marriage of the Gallagher family?  Time will tell.


Kev and V try to coach Svetlana on how to secure a rich husband.

After setting up an online profile for Svetlana, Kev and V are horrified by her actions on her first date, which involve an outfit mostly covered in fish-net and ending in a punch in the face.  Kev and V try to “coach” Svetlana on “etiquette” and how to behave on a date, suggesting smiling as an easy first step.  “What is the point of smiling?” Svetlana asks, not falling for the bait.  Kev and V realize that their best hope of finding Svetlana a rich husband is to have her wear a microphone and earpiece so Kev can talk her through what to say.  Svetlana seems reluctant at first, but Kev reminds her that “this is spy shit.  It’s in your DNA!”  After the code words fail and Kev realizes he forgot to test the microphone, he is still confident that his words of wisdom will help Svetlana.  However, Svetlana takes off her ear piece and goes back to what she knows best…grabbing the man’s “goods” and seeing where this will take them.


Fiona buys a chair…and then gets sued.

Fiona is finally living on her own and even purchases a chair, revealing to Irish Ford that this is the first time she bought something she didn’t actually need.  When she notices the injured roofer and his wife and kids living out of a car, she wants to help them.  She secures a spot for them in a family shelter, but there is a two-day waiting period.  Fiona generously agrees to let the family stay in her apartment, while they wait, showing a lot of compassion and goodness.  Irish Ford and her grow closer and take their relationship to the next level, as he reveals that he has asked around about her and knows that she is a good person.  When Fiona returns to her apartment, she finds more family members squandering there and a stain on her brand new chair.  Fiona is starting to have second thoughts about her decision but takes a deep breath and reminds herself that they will be in the shelter soon.  At the end of the episode, Fiona is served and she discovers that the injured roofer is now suing her for six million dollars.  Fiona is beyond angry and realizes that doing the right thing doesn’t always guarantee that those you are helping will have the same good intentions.  It’s clear this man messed with the wrong Gallagher, but we will have to wait and see what Fiona does next.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Happy viewing!


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