Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Mick” season 2 episode 12: “The City.”

Happy Wednesday!  After watching Fox’s The Mick season 2 episode 12 last night, I’m left with the familiar quote that “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”  Although for Mickey, her idea of winning at a “break up” seems beyond competitive.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The City,” Mickey, Alba, and the kids take a trip to Manhattan so that Chip can meet his real dad.  Meanwhile, Mickey gets an unexpected request to identify the body of an old friend, and Ben and Alba are on a mission to track down Hamilton tickets.  My top 5 moments from The Mick season 2 episode 12 are:


Mickey attempts to flee from the police.

In the beginning of the episode, Mickey answers the door and sees the cops standing before her.  Without a moment’s hesitation, Mickey makes a run for it, refusing to stick around to find out what she may or may not be in trouble for.  Unfortunately for Mickey, the stairs come out of nowhere and get in her way, causing her to comically trip and fall.


Mickey is asked to identify Jimmy’s body.

To Mickey’s surprise, the police request that Mickey come down to the morgue to identify Jimmy.  While I knew the writers explained that the break-up was very real, I was shocked that these two might be separated forever.  After seeing Jimmy’s wallet, Mickey takes a deep breath and is ready for them to unveil Jimmy’s body.  Luckily it is not Jimmy, even though Alba is convinced they are one in the same.  Mickey insists that they check his “ass” explaining that Jimmy has a burnt ass and that will absolutely shed some light on the confusion over the identity of the body.  Once it is determined that it is definitely not Jimmy, Ben requests that they take the man’s ashes so he can spread them out in the city, only he ends up consuming them, mistaking them for candy at the Hamilton show.


Chip tracks down his real father…at a strip club.

After his failed attempt with Mr. Buckley, Chip is hesitant about meeting his dad.  After some initial confusion and shock over the revelation, Chip’s dad seems actually happy about meeting his son.  While he is initially upset that his bouncers let in both Chip and Sabrina since they are underage, he then insists on taking Chip for a tour around the establishment, which ends with him seeing his office/bedroom.  Chip’s father confides in his son that he does have dreams and tells him that he wants to open up his own Strip Club in Florida one day.  While not the sharpest tool in the shed, it seems like Chip’s dad actually shares something with his son….including an inhaler for when he can’t breathe after screaming at a stripper to get out of his office.  While the reunion doesn’t lead to anything permanent, considering how his dad gets arrested at the end of the episode, perhaps Chip has now found the answers he was looking for.


Jimmy is back and has stolen Ben’s identity.

After Mickey is quite relieved that the body wasn’t Jimmy, they decide to visit the Pemberton penthouse and are confused when they find Jimmy dressed in a suit and eating shrimp galore.  To Mickey’s shock, Jimmy reveals that he has stolen the identity of young Ben so that he can get a job and impress his new bosses in the finance world.  While this seems too good to be true, Mickey has her suspicions about what is really going on.  After she witnesses Jimmy in action, she explains that it seems like he is more of a secretary, rather than a sales man and tries to push him down the fast track to promotion.  This plan back-fires, however; when she is convinced that they are pulling off a “boiler room” type of situation, scamming their clients out of money.  This leads to her calling the IRS and a bowl of Manhattan clam chowder pouring all over Jimmy, now burning his nuts to match with his already burnt ass.  While Mickey had good intentions, she shatters Jimmy’s new life and dreams.


“You won the break-up.”

Since Mickey bumped into Jimmy again, she has been obsessed with “winning the break-up.”  It seems like Jimmy has the perfect life without her and she is not about to lose at anything.  After the incident with the clam chowder, Mickey finally lets her walls down and tells Jimmy that he “won the break-up.”  She admits she made mistakes and is the reason why everything is not going well in his life.  Jimmy refuses to let her walk away and explains that he is the one who lost because he lost her.  Mickey asks Jimmy to come home and he agrees.  However, when he leans in for an epic and romantic kiss, Mickey turns this down because he smells like clams.  Either way, I was very excited to see them get back together, as there has been a void since Jimmy has left.  Welcome back Jimmy!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on The Mick below. Happy viewing!


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