Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 2 episode 10 mid-season premiere: Dangerous Liaisons

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 2 episode 10 last night, I am so beyond thrilled that one of my favorite shows on television is back with new episodes.  The episode did a great job of tying up some of the loose ends and unanswered questions from the mid-season finale.  Worlds collided and new characters and agendas were introduced, proving that the drama is nowhere near over for RiverdalePlease note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Twenty-Three:  The Blackboard Jungle,” Veronica happily embraces her new productive role within the Lodge family business.  Archie is approached by an FBI agent and Cheryl learns that her mother is happy being a “woman of the night.”  Meanwhile, South Side High is officially closed; bringing everyone together for a happy reunion at Riverdale High, but Jughead is not ready to conform just yet.  Betty decides to track down her last chance at family after a disappointing visit from Polly, which could be the most dangerous decision of all.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 2 episode 10 are:


South Side & Riverdale High Schools collide.

In the beginning of the episode, it is revealed that the mayor is shutting down South Side High School because of dangerous fumes from a meth lab in the basement along with other issues involving drug trafficking.  Where will Jughead and the Serpents go to school?  You guessed it…Riverdale High School.  While some students don’t seem to care very much about the change, others take a stand on both sides, refusing to share their space with their enemies.  While this decision to bring all the students together created its own sense of drama and chaos, the real question still remains as to what the Lodge family has to gain from this?  Mr. and Mrs. Lodge clearly desire the land underneath South Side High School but why?  Are they making a play to take over the entire town?  Who will get stepped on in the process?


Cheryl crashes the Welcoming Committee.

Veronica eagerly steps up to lead the Welcoming Committee, hoping to make a good impression on her parents and the entire student body.  She even convinces Archie to help with it as well to keep the peace.  Everything seems to be going well until Cheryl and some other angry students storm in, refusing to welcome the South Side students with open arms.  Veronica comically refers to Cheryl as “Facist Barbie,” but Cheryl is unaffected by this, labeling the South Side students as “ragamuffins.”  She tells Archie that he is on the wrong side and even attempts to black-mail him, revealing that she witnessed the secret kiss he shared with Betty.  Cheryl proves once again to be the classic mean girl we adore, refusing to sit by on the sidelines.


“A Serpent never sheds his skin.”

You would think that Jughead would be excited to return to Riverdale High School.  Even though he and Betty broke up, all of his friends are there and it’s not like he has been gone that long.  When the Serpents cross paths with Cheryl and the jocks, Jughead is beyond frustrated.  After a student paints graffiti on the school emblem, the principal makes the quick and rash decision to ban the Serpent jackets from school.  Toni and some of the others are fine with the decision, happy to have new computer labs and a legitimate chance at a good education, but Jughead becomes more and more angry, refusing to comply.  After he refuses to take off his jacket, he gets in a fight and is suspended.  Jughead eventually comes around and decides to form a club so that they can still get together on campus, without revealing that they are a gang.  He explains that it will be their “safe haven” and that they will be “lying low in the tall grass.”  What exactly is Jughead planning?  Has he gotten in too deep with the Serpents?


Betty finds her brother.

Betty is surprised to find Polly in her bedroom, picking up a few things and nonchalantly sharing the news that she had the twins already.  When Polly goes back to the farm without even staying to say hello to their parents, Betty is feeling hurt and abandoned by her sister, causing her to put her Nancy Drew skills to the test once more.  Betty is not good at sitting still, always diving into a new mystery to solve, refusing to take a minute to actually deal with her feelings.  She tracks down the address of her brother, Charles Smith and lets her parents know that she wants to go and meet him.  While Betty’s father wants no part of this, Mrs. Cooper visits Betty later that night and confides to her that she does want to meet her son.  When they walk through the seedy motel to find him, Mrs. Cooper latches onto Betty’s arm, as if the infestation and filth will seep through their bubble of perfection.  After meeting Charles or “Chic” as he likes to be called, Betty and Mrs. Cooper are horrified by his lifestyle and surroundings, feeling somewhat responsible for his current conditions.  After Betty returns to check in on Chic, she finds him being attacked and stabbed.  Betty saves the day with Pepper Spray, proving once again that she is not one to mess with.  After taking Chic home, the Cooper family helps stitch him up and gives him a place to stay, but did they just “let another monster in?”  Clearly there is something not right with Chic, especially after we see him standing over Betty’s bed in a beyond creepy way.  Archie is not so sure they got the right bad guy…so is it possible that Chic is the real Black Hood?  I’m thinking yes, but we will have to wait and see what this new character has in store for Riverdale.


Archie begins spying for the FBI.

At the end of the mid-season finale, Archie was clearly being watched, as someone took secret photos of him.  We now learn that this was Agent Adams who works for the FBI and is seeking Archie’s help to be the inside man spying on the Lodge family.  While Archie is hesitant about this at first, he soon realizes the importance of protecting his father and his girlfriend, Veronica.  His first mission is to find out what really happened to Nick St. Clair, as the FBI has reason to believe that Mr. Lodge is responsible for his “accident” and is heavily involved in “organized crime.”  After Archie learns that Nick also tried to attack Veronica, he is beyond angry.  Archie proves to be the white knight coming to the rescue of both Veronica and Cheryl, paying Nick a surprise visit to get the check that Cheryl deserved.  Archie lets his emotions get in the way, however; punching and attacking the already injured Nick several times before leaving.  Archie is warned about this and realizes that he cannot let his emotions get in the way again if he is going to be successful with his mission.  He now feels ready to do what needs to be done:  to take down the Lodge family and assist the FBI.  Archie even comes clean with Veronica and tells her about the kiss he shared with Betty, truly wanting a fresh and honest start with his girlfriend and reminding himself that he will do anything to protect her…even if means bringing down her own family in the process.  Is Archie in over his head?  Most likely, but I’m rooting for him just the same.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale below.  Happy viewing!


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