Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 13 episode 10 backdoor pilot: “Wayward Sisters”

Happy Friday TV fans! The weekend is almost here, but I find myself needing to discuss the backdoor pilot of “Wayward Sisters” via Supernatural before diving into any other shows.  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 13 episode 10 last night, I am pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly “Wayward Sisters” introduced itself to the world of Supernatural fans.  These are some “amazing women” and they have somehow managed to create a real connection and believable family in just under an hour.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, we are introduced to the “Wayward Sisters” and learn how they have all come together to fight the good fight to save the world…or at least Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Meanwhile, Sam and Dean take a time out in the “Bad Place,” leaving the demon fighting to the very capable Claire Novak, Sheriff Jody Mills, and the hilarious, Sheriff Donna, to put their sisterhood to the test and save the day.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 13 episode 10 are:


“D-Train” means business.

After the first twenty minutes or so of the backdoor pilot, I was getting a little antsy, waiting for that light and fluffy humor that Supernatural does so well to emerge.  Well I got what I asked for when Jody calls in back-up and Sheriff Donna shows up with the license plate “D-Train.”  While the girls are not really sure what to make of her, Donna does what she does best.  She jumps right in as if she was part of the family the entire time and brings the basics:  weapons galore and a wonderful sense of humor.  When the monsters from the “bad place” are surrounding them, Donna takes them out one by one as if she is Super Sheriff with a gun.  She quickly teaches Patience how to defend herself and adds a voice of reason when Jody is contemplating jumping through the open portal to protect her family.  Something tells me that Donna will continue to bring on the laughs and is the perfect addition to the “Wayward Sister” family.


“I think it just rang the dinner bell.”

While Sam and Dean take a break in the “Bad Place,” they refuse to sit by quietly on the sidelines.  After Dean enjoys some cooked lizard, they realize that they are about to become meals themselves for a very loud monster in the distance.  When they are attacked by the cloaked shadowy figure, a bell sounds and Sam and Dean brace themselves for the worst.  Even though the Winchesters play more of a supporting role here, the episode would not be complete without their commentary on being stranded.  While they seem more bored than worried for their lives, they still recognize the fact that they can’t find the door back to their world.  Maybe they had a plan…or maybe they knew they had left some great friends behind who would save the day.  Either way, we are happy to have Sam and Dean back in one piece.


Claire comes through…with a flame thrower.

“Wayward Sisters” seems to be focusing on Claire Novak as the main protagonist.  She is clearly bad-ass or “Biker Barbie,” but Claire needs to learn to think ahead.  Her plan of attack typically involves her busting through a door to get the bad-guys without really thinking about the consequences.  When Patience reveals her vision that Claire is going to die, she initially dismisses it.  Jody is constantly trying to intervene and prove how much she cares about her and Alex, but Claire thinks she is just keeping her from following through on her destiny.  Even though she needs to work on having a plan, she does certainly help out Jody and Donna when they are trapped in a car, surrounded by the monsters from the “bad place.”  She makes quite the fiery entrance with a flame thrower, proving that she is very capable of fighting her own battles.


Claire and Kaia go through the door to save Sam and Dean.

Jody comes to the realization that she can’t always be there to protect Claire and the other girls.  She learns to let go and allow Claire to prove that she can be the hero she so desperately wants to become.  In the beginning of the episode, Claire and Kaia instantly have a bond, comparing scars and revealing secrets about how abandoned and alone they feel sometimes.  Claire promises to protect Kaia who takes the jump with her, going through the open door to the “Bad Place.”  They quickly rescue Sam and Dean, but Patience’s vision takes a detour when Kaia jumps in front of Claire to protect her.  Kaia has made the ultimate sacrifice and Sam and Dean have to pry Claire away from her lifeless body to make it back safely.  Claire confides to Jody that she understands why she is the way she is now.  This teaches her a valuable lesson and gives her the motive to keep fighting the good fight…to protect the innocent and to avenge Kaia’s death.


“I saved Sam and Dean…WE saved Sam and Dean.”

Claire finally understands the importance of a team…or really more of a family.  She recognizes these “amazing women” surrounding her at the dinner table and truly sees the importance of sticking by the ones you love.  Claire says that her “family is her army,” and she is absolutely right.  Sam and Dean came together after they lost their father and recognize that their bond as brothers is the most important thing in the world.  They will always try to do good, supporting each other along the way.  Claire now also sees that this is the key to her destiny and that she is not alone in the fight.  She will stop the cloaked shadowy figure that ended Kaia’s life no matter what it takes.  The end of the episode gives us a surprise twist, however; revealing that the shadowy figure is Kaia, but what does this mean?  Does Kaia have a doppelganger?  Is this the real Kaia?  While we are not exactly sure just yet, it definitely leaves Supernatural fans wanting to see more of the “Wayward Sisters.”  Overall, the backdoor pilot did a good job of introducing fans to a familiar premise, a great music soundtrack, and some truly remarkable women that we can learn to root for just like the Winchester Brothers.  While we may not find out until May 2018 if we can expect a fall premiere of the spin-off series, I am hoping that we are able to give these ladies a chance to shine.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural  and “Wayward Sisters” below.  Happy viewing!


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  1. Loved Wayward Sisters! Claire & Kaia ship SWOON! 🙂 Donna is too funny for words. I hope it gets picked up!

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