Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 8 episode 11: Fiona Rescues Rusty!

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 8 episode 11 last night, it is refreshing to see the Gallagher family put the needs of others above their own.  While Fiona and Lip try out the whole rescuing a damsel in distress routine…or in Fiona’s case, a dog in distress; Ian turns a non-violent act into something extreme and Frank does what no one else can.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “A Gallagher Pedicure,” Debbie must make the important decision on whether or not to keep her toes, Fiona continues to fight against Rodney’s attempt to sue her, and Lip plays the role of the white knight to a tee.  Meanwhile, Frank learns his life’s hard work of 6 weeks amount to $3.42 a month in Social Security benefits, Liam wants to go “yachting,” and Svetlana learns the value of humbling herself.  My top 5 moments from Shameless season 8 episode 11 are:


Debbie Googles “do you need your toes?”

An important question for sure, but our poor Debbie’s welding accident has left her in quite the jam.  The doctor informs her that the surgery to repair her three damaged toes costs $50,000 which is somewhat out of her current budget.  The other option is to lose all three toes which would cost in the lower thousands, but Debbie decides to do it herself the old fashioned way.  After Liam passes out at the sight of her toes, Debbie tries to do the horrible deed herself but also faints.  Luckily for Debbie, Frank walks in and without a moment’s hesitation, cuts them off, commenting on how the burnt flesh “smells like steak.”  Glad it sparked his appetite, but it looks like the “Sexy Welding Girl” will need to switch to some boot apparel.


Svetlana tries to humble herself.

Kev and V are still invested in finding Svetlana a millionaire of her own.  Svetlana even writes down all of her skills on a napkin to prove her worth, after taking her friends out to a fancy hotel bar to find a man.  Kev is excited when he gets approached, but learns it is not for Svetlana, but for the “chocolate one.”  After explaining that V is his wife, the man offers to pay him $4000 for an hour with V, which even V is considering at this point.  After all they do have bills to pay.  Security explains that they have a strict “no prostitute policy,” and Svetlana comes to the epiphany that she needs to humble herself and go talk to the Russian “bottom feeder.”  After her rival spits on an expensive gown in front of her and tells her that she would rather throw it out than give it to her, Svetlana realizes that she is getting nowhere.  However, when the billionaire mistakes Svetlana for his bride to be in his old age, she realizes that all may not be lost after all.  At the end of the episode, Svetlana drags a body bag into the bar and tells Kev and V that she is not dead yet with a glowing smile of victory.  One should never underestimate Svetlana and I am rooting for her to finally obtain the “American Dream.”


Lip plays the white knight.

Lip absolutely needs a break from all of the hardship and drama in his life, but he invites it right back in when he allows Sierra and her son, Lucas to stay with him.  Sierra confides in Lip that her father is out of prison and tells him about all of the horrible things he did to their family, including dumping their mother’s lifeless body into a dumpster after beating her to death.  Sierra is beyond terrified and will not go back to her apartment until she knows that she is safe.  While it seems like Lip is replacing one addiction with another, he does come up with the brilliant plan to approach Sierra’s father, Norman, provoking him enough to launch an attack against Lip.  With the help of Eddie’s adorable niece catching the act on camera, Lip reports the attack and Sierra’s father is back in prison where he belongs.  Sierra is beyond grateful and rushes back into Lip’s loving arms, but will the drama stop here?  I’m hoping so, but Lip has not been able to escape it just yet.


Cassidy goes on a trip down memory lane with Carl.

After Carl’s rash decision to get married to his crazy girlfriend, Cassidy; she insists on knowing everything about him which includes visiting some dangerous places around the city.  When they come across a dead body, Cassidy explains that “she needs to see the face of death” so she can “story the shit out of it” on Snapchat.  She takes some interesting selfies in front of the dead body, including one of Cassidy comically pretending to choke herself out in front of death to give her followers the real experience.  After visiting the former corner that Carl sold crack at, they get shot at to the excitement of Cassidy.  Ultimately, Carl sacrifices going back to military school when Cassidy freaks out again at the thought of him leaving.  While it seems like he is throwing away his chance at stability and purpose, perhaps he will change his mind if Cassidy continues to go further past the deep end of insanity.


Fiona rescues Rusty.

After learning that Rodney and his family are suing Fiona for 6 million dollars, she weighs her options and learns that she is basically screwed.  Not only did she hire an unlicensed contractor with no insurance, she also only has liability coverage up to half a million dollars.  Fiona would have to give up the apartment building and her house and still be in debt for the rest of her life if Rodney goes through with the law suit.  Fiona tries desperately to get the family out of her apartment and is shocked when she finds out they even changed the lock.  Fiona tries to make a deal with Ronald’s wife and even offers for them to stay in the apartment rent free for a year, but is not getting anywhere.  Fiona’s main concern is for her dog, Rusty, however.  She demands that “there better be water in her dog’s bowl” and launches a plan with Irish Ford to save him.  After sealing the door shut and turning off the water, Fiona drills her way into the apartment and gets her dog, Rusty to safety.  Ronald’s daughter screams out for “Sparkles,” horrifying Fiona even further that they had the audacity to rename her dog.  Now that Rusty has reached safety, what’s next for Fiona?  Will she be able to convince them to drop the suit by going Gallagher on them?  Stay tuned to find out.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on Shameless below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


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